Strategies In Sales & Marketing Assignment

Topic For Marketing Assignment: Strategies In Sales & Marketing: A Case Study Of William Blue Resort


While working over this, the researcher will be showing the criteria where William Blue Resort is making it effective sales and marketing assignment strategies. The practical case study help of the resort is analysis to understand the factors that is essential for the business to make effective marketing strategies in its business. Cateora et al. (2013) opined that sales and marketing strategies of the business development is the most important factors and the sections that need to be strong for better development of the business sin this competitive market. Kerin et al. (2013) concluded that if the marketing technique is adopted by the business is effective manner then the organisation will able to attracts its customers and gradually increase their sales. In this following assignment, the researcher to show and explain will narrate four tasks and understand the importance of marketing and sales marketing assignment strategies in the development of the William Blue Resort. Interior and external environment of the resorts will explain with the several of marketing strategies and tactics adopted by the business. White (2013) suggested that for the development of the business advertisement is the basis tool that helps in attracting and spreading the facilities of the business to ultimate customers.

Task 1: Marketing Environment Analysis

Define Internal Business Environments: The situation where the behaviour of the employees is changed towards their duty, task and organisation due to some influencing factors is internal business environment (Al-Obaidi and Gabrielsson, 2012). The internal environment of the William Blue Resort is very effective. As in William Blue Resort, many of the sections are there where employees can work accordingly to their skills and talents. Borman et al. (2011) suggested that if the segregation of the task and job is the ability of the employees then there is no such issues will take place that can affect over the leadership, organisational culture and the mission statement of the organisation. For avoiding these factors, William Blue Resort segregates its works by checking the skills and talents of the employees.

Elements of Internal Business Environments: Chevalier and Mayzlin (2011) opined that there are five different elements of the internal business environment which every organisation need to meet with. William Blue Resort is having effective organisational structure and the culture that is helping in making effective control over the employees. The valuation of the assets must be effective as compare to the liabilities (George and Bettenhausen, 2010). William Blue Resort is also making the effective analysis of its opportunities, weakness, threats and marketing assignment strengths. By evaluating these factors Resorts is able to understand the factors that are helpful in the development of the business and can easily avoid the parameter where it can lose the market share. Understanding of the organisational goals and objective is effective because without knowing business cannot able to achieve its target. Malshe and Sohi (2009) For this purpose, William Blue Resort gives proper training and development to its employees for better serving its customers.

Features of Internal Business Environments: Pappas et al. (2010) suggested that if the internal business environment will be effective then the organization would be able to make an effective move its strategies that will help in increasing in the sales of business. However, it is the policy and term of William Blue Resort to make direct influence of employees by giving proper training and the development classes that help in improvement of the employees’ skills and talents. By giving proper development to employees, William Blue Resort is able to understand the ability of its works and accordingly segregates its duties. Zeithaml et al. (2013) opined that the main feature of internal business environment to encourage the employees and increase their potentiality.

Define External Business Environments:  Piercy et al. (2013) suggested the factors that are acting, as the agent in the development of the business and its impact in the industry is external business environment. Kyriakopoulos and Moorman (2012) concluded that external environment is also term as operating environment that shows the market condition and the policies where organisation needs to run its organisation. William Blue Resort is running its business in economic condition, as the extra amount that a visitor needs to visit in the resort is very nominal and reasonable for the particular services. In spite of this, William Blue Resort is maintaining all the national and local rules and regulation in its business activities. As the viewpoint of Mohr and Nevin (2011), it can be concluded that the external environment creates both risk and opportunities. If William Blue Resort need to competitive in this competitive market, then it should take the arena where it will face risk in the development of business. Like doing more investment create an opportunity where business and marketing assignment can expand easily however sometimes it may occur due to some loopholes all the prediction of the business fails and organisation faces lose.

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Elements of External Business Environments: The basic elements where William Blue Resort needs to understand the importance of its elements that help in achievement of the organisational goals that are customers, economy, government, competition and public opinion. Doyle et al. (2012) suggested that organisation could make easily influence its customers by making of effective marketing strategies. In case of William Blue Resort, the relationship of the organisation and the clients are healthy and effective in resort as the service line of the business is very good. The cost is very effective under the regulation of the Government and help in maintaining the economy balance in the society. to bet the competitive organisations, William Blue Resort make its price structure very lower near to the negligible as compare to the services that customers get against the money. In this way, William Blue Resort is able to developed effective marketing planning for the competition market in the respect of public opinion.

Features of External Business Environments: The basic features of the external business environment are to make effective control over the factors that are having the ability to make harm in the expansion of the firm (, 2014).

For avoiding the external factors that can destroy the planning of business, organisations are using PESTLE Analysis that helps in identifying those areas. William Blue Resort frequently do PESTLE Analysis of the it’s working criteria that helps in understanding the demand of the political, legal, environment, social, technology and economy. By analysing these sections in marketing assignment, William Blue Resort adopts those policies who are able to satisfy the requirements of these six elements.

While concluding to the internal and the external business environment it has found that internal business environment, is easily controlled by the William Blue Resort but external business environment are not controlled easily. They can be minimised by use of Porter’s 5 force and PESTLE Analysis of the industry.

Link between internal and External Business Environment: Boyle et al. (2010) it has found that external business environment is divided into two segmentation that are macro environment and other is microenvironment. William Blue Resort needs to understand the factors that come under different business environment criteria. Ayal and Zif (2009) opined that if the organisation is able to segregate the factors under the suitable heads then it could easily minimise and control their impact in business operations. The segregation of the factors under macro environment, microenvironment and internal environment is as followed:

Marketing Assignment

Figure 1: The Marketing Environment

By analysing the figure, it can be concluded that for the development of the business it is necessary for William Blue Resort to understand the elements that is essential for the business to make an effective business environment.

Task 2: SWOT Analysis in Marketing Assignment

Internal Business Environment: – SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is planning method used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats involved in a business organisation. Appropriate identification of the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats helps to prepare an effective strategy plan. In order to evaluate the internal environment of William Blue Resort, a SWOT analysis has been conducted.


William Blue Resort provides its luxury services at affordable prices. The organisation encourages the employees to be creative and innovation to offer competitive service. The location of William Blue Resort is one of the major marketing assignment strengths of the organisation. The resort is situated at an idyllic location. William Blue Resort provides special and excellent service for family holidays, weddings, product launches and conferences. The organisation changes the décor, general atmosphere and menu in order to meet the changing needs of the customers. William Blue Resort provides effective training and development to the employees in order to maximise their performance. The organisation successfully complies with the government legislation.

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For being, a new company William Blue Resort lacks required brand recognition. As a new company, it faces tough competition from the existing market leaders in the hospitality industry. The complex organisational structure is one of the main weaknesses of the company. In such an organisation, the relationship between the employees and the management cannot be an intimate one. As the organisational behaviour offers service at affordable cost, the overall cost cannot be increased. Therefore, the marketing assignment organisation is facing challenges to implementing effective Information Technology and Communication (ICT).


Since William Blue Resort is doing well to attract customers, it has high potential to expand the business in new geographical locations. The market in the hospitality industry is continuously growing. In this era of globalisation, the lifestyle of people is changing rapidly. Nowadays, they are spending more in holidays and wedding ceremonies. Hospitality organisations like William Blue Resort will be getting more opportunities to cater their service to more customers.


Business organisations face threats from the external environment. These threats can hamper the business activities, if the organisations are not aware about the potential threats and adopt effective strategies to overcome the possible threats (Efflandt, 2009). Since hospitality industry is a growing industry, there is a high chance of entering new companies in this industry. In addition to this, unfavourable government legislation also poses a potential threat for William Blue Resort. The rate of fluctuation in the marketing assignment prices is high due to the high level of competition. This is also a potential threat for William Blue Resort. Moreover, as the organisation continually changes its staff; it may face trouble in acquiring capable employees in future.

Develop Marketing Strategies:

Considering the external and internal environment, various marketing strategies can be developed for William Blue Resort. Various theories related with marketing strategy can provide the organisation with suitable strategic options. In order to develop a suitable marketing strategy for William Blue Resort, the strategic tool of Ansoff’s Matrix can be used here. Ansoff’s matrix deals with four strategic options such as market penetration, product development, market development and diversification.

Marketing Assignment

Figure 2: Ansoff’s matrix

Market Penetration—in accordance to the Ansoff’s Matrix, new business can penetrate the existing market with their existing products. In order to increase the sales volume, a new business organisation can consider their promotional and advertising strategies. The current advertising and promotional marketing assignment strategies of William Blue Resort can be improved too so that a significant number of people become aware of the brand. As there are many organisations in the industry that provide same kind of service to the customers, it is very important to make people aware of the competitive advantages and distinct features of the service. In this way, William Blue Resort can further penetrate the existing market with their existing services.

Product Development—when an existing market is well penetrated with the existing products, a company can introduce new products and services to retain the current customers and attract new ones. In accordance with Baldauf et al. (2011), every product as a specific product life cycle, when the product completes the cycle, there is hardly any scope to develop the product further (Beatty et al. 2012). At that point of time, it becomes essential for the company to develop new products. William Blue Resort is a new organisation. It started its journey in 2013; people are yet to take the benefits of its existing services. Therefore, product development is not a feasible option for the organisation.

Market development—market development can be a future strategy for William Blue Resort. After getting success in the existing market, it can consider of expanding the business in various other geographical locations of the country. This strategy is not recommended at this point of time. However, in future, the organisation can expand its business with its existing market.

Diversification—diversification of the services will be required when the company will enter the international market. This is the riskiest strategy of Ansoff’s Matrix and is not recommended for William Blue Resort.

Task 3: Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Marketing Plan of William Blue Resort: For the effective business marketing, William Blue Resort is doing email marketing are sending offers to the customers with special offers and discounts. Baldauf et al. (2011) suggested that by sending an email to the customers, the organisation is able to make direct relation with those customers. In spite of this for satisfying the demand of customers, it is not required for William Blue Resort to keep the cost of its services high. However, in the viewpoint of Xu et al. (2013) it has found that if a customer is satisfied it comes back with new customers. In this way sales of the William Blue Resort is increasing day by day, which has the capacity to meet the expenses of the company.

William Blue Resort has a website were on regular bases updating is done to give the latest information to it visitors. Jean et al. (2013) by regular updates of website organisation is able to attracts the customers and influence their perceptions. Lamb et al. (2013) stated giving wide range of the products is also a marketing assignment plan that make easy for the company to serve better its customers. While arguing on this Beatty et al. (2012) brand philosophy is increased if business is having huge range to products. If ranges are high then organisation can serve its customers in better form. William Blue Resort serves to its customers by services like tennis, biking, cocktail, diving, padi courses, kayaking and rafting, massage and boating adventures. By giving huge range of products are helping William Blue Resort to serve all kind of customers easily and satisfy them. In spite of this, William Blue Resort also provide few of the activities that are free of cost such as volleyball, catch ball, scrabble and many more for making effective impact of their marketing in customers’ mind.

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Implement and monitor activities in William Blue Resort: For effective monitoring activities over the operation of the resorts, William Blue Resort can fix camera in its resorts. This will help organisation to make effective control over the activities of its staffs and customers. For better controlling over the activities of the staffs and customers it would be effective if Golf Caddies car were introduce in the business. As it will helps security guards to make effective control on in every corner of the resorts. By the use of these cars in resorts, William Blue Resort would also be able to serve better in the Golf garden and satisfy its customers easily.

Ongoing Evaluation in William Blue Resort:

William Blue Resort provides many attractive facilities to the customers. The interiors of the resort are attractive enough to attract the customers. Oversized day beds, large coffee tables, comfortable sofas and poufs are arranged throughout the hotel. The clients can enjoy the views of islands, gardens and beaches while lounging. The people who visit the hotel will experience open hospitality, excellent food, beverage, and relaxed sophistication. In addition to these facilities, the hotel offers to the guests extensive activities such as beach soccer, deep sea fishing, tennis, volleyball, white water rafting etc. Gardens, beach and pools can be seen from all the food and beverage areas. This enhances the eating and drinking experiences of the guests. Various restaurants, bistro, nightclub and bars offers the most excellent food and beverage experience of the customers. A media centre has been developed for the guests in-house. This media house allows the guests to use computers with high-speed internet, printers and faxes. Even, the guests can avail secretarial services.


After completion, the researcher is able to understand the factors where marketing and sales strategies are different from the company. In spite of this is has also found that William Blue Resort are established not for profit bases for satisfying the needs of the customers in mass bases. However, it has found that for effective sales in business William Blue Resort need to make a strategy that helps in better marketing assignment plan.