Business Ethics Assignment – Work Effectively With Diversified Work Culture

  1. Selected cultural group – Jewish Cultural Group

Business Ethics Assignment Topic that Australian Jews is the community of people who are a permanent resident of Australia. As per the census of 2011, there are 97,335 Australians who identified as Jewish. In the Australian histor, Jewish culture is connected from the year 1788, when the first Jews come to the Australian country. Among total Australian population, around 0.3% population are identified as Jews. Majority of the Jews people are refugees who had come to Australia during World War II.

Business Ethics Assignment

  1. Difference of this culture from dominated Anglo culture –

Jewish culture is monotheistic, i.e., based on the beliefs of powerful god. Jewish doctrine is based on the beliefs of Hebrew Bible. This has provided the foundation of Judaism. Jews has refused to convert their faith into  Business Ethics Assignment some others. Values of Jewish reflected dominance trust of Conservative Judaism (Henrich, 2004). On the other hand, believes in Anglo Dominant is continuously changing. It contains values and believes that are continuously overwhelmed by the dominance of Western and Southern conservative republicans. Habits of Jewish comprise well productive, spiritual inherent in their every aspect, and interdependency in their organisational behaviour assignment. On the other hand, Anglo-American culture is anxious to doing any things and their uncertainty avoidance index is high compared to the Jewish culture.

  1. List of cultural stereotypes –
  • People belonging from Jewish community are very arrogant in nature
  • They strictly avoid alcohol
  • Good with money
  • These people love to argue
  • Politically active

One of the major problems with the stereotypes reflected by the nature of Jewish is they love to have money. Stereotypes in Jewish is a poster for money and misappropriate amount of wealth not only make the community false, but also make them very dangerous. Arrogant Jewish people say only what they like, but do not reflect any interest to listen what other community is thinking or saying.

  1. Support gained from wider community –

At first, the Church of England has tried to provide reputation to the Jewish community in the Australian country. In the year 1827-1828, the condition of Jewish in Australia has improved considerably (Parkinson et al. 2005). Census report of Australia in the year 1841 has shown that around 65.3% population in the Australian country are Jewish. Settlement of this community is controlled by the church until the year 1940.

In the year 1930, under the leadership of Ada Phillips has established Temple Beth Israel in order to establish Jewish culture according to Business Ethics Assignment. Australian country has strongly disagree with the concept of multiculturalism and thereby before World War II, Catholic Church completely align Australian society with Jewish community. Australian government highly welcomed Jewish community in their country.

  1. Some potential Conflicts –

Jewish community in Australia is one of the most important communities. Every year this community donate huge amount of money for the education and cultural program in Israel. Still the prime minister of Israel has never bothered to visit in this country. Further, the community does not get enough support, involvement action and collaboration from the government in order to enrich of the life of the community (Vahed and Waetjen, 2010). In the presence of Muslim and Christians as well as their initiating activities create problem for Jewish community in terms of humanism and equality.

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