The University graduate attributes identify social responsibility, communication, and teamwork as the skills that make up the core employability attribute of citizenship


The graduates of the university gather the knowledge in the study environment. But, in these days the graduates are also developing their skill to deserve the core employability. The course of the university provides the opportunity to increase theirspecific attributes that are consists in their subject. The graduates will be aware to their social responsibility, communication skills and team work skills that make up the core employability attribute of citizenship. It is argued that, the student will add to the productive capacity of the economy and they will aspire to make meaningful and helpful contributions to the citizenship.In this essay, a development and importance is representing. So, a nurse should be more communicative having with social responsibilities and team working skill also (Potter, 2011 p. 77).

Graduate attributes:

Graduates attributes is very crucial to the students. Essentially, graduate attributes are related with the qualities, team working skills and understanding the university community. It helps to develop the graduates during their time with the institution. These qualities are also helpful to prepare the graduates for core employability.

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Figure 1: Graduate attitudes in nursing practice

Social responsibility for nursing graduate:

The nursing graduates learn about their role in nursing field. The nurses in Australia retain their professionalism in their social practice and social outlook also (Curtis et al. 2010 p. 1633).Social responsibility in nursing is the principle that guides to provide community based services. It helps to create the environments that meet the diverse physical, emotional, spiritual factors (Chinyio & Olomolaiye, 2010, p. 98). The nurses are able to take independent action that will benefit the patient and organization also. They have a social responsibility in the discipline and implications for global health. The concept of social responsibility is explicated and its relevance for nursing is examined, grounded (Schlick et al. 2013 p. 77). Nursing sector is very much important sector, as it deals with the lives of the patients (Potter, 2011 p. 79). Hence, the nurse has lot of responsibilities to take care and cure the patients. In these days, people are become more dependable to the nurse. So, the role of the nurse became more crucial. Nursing is not merely involved with patients only; it also needs taking care of the patients ideally. Rather, it also provides a better world to the patients and their family also. The social responsibilities is central to nursing practice and primary health care and incorporates issues, such as patient advocacy, health inequalities, health for all, equity and access to health care, respect for human rights, multiculturalism, racism, privilege, and care for vulnerable and marginalized individuals, families and communities(Curtis et al. 2010 p. 1635).

Patientadvocacy is the vital part to the nursing. A nurse will be fully responsible to provide all kind of support. In all, the encouragement of the patient also. Health inequalities areanother part for nursing. The nurses will not provide any kind of partiality to the patient. The nurses have to understand the approach “Health for all.” They will more active to the patients. Any kind of laziness or ignorance behavior might get proved to be harmful for the patients. Respect for human rights is very crucial part. Everyone has the right to take a better service form a nurse, as the nurse are self-committed to serve the patient properly during the training period. Racismis not applicable for a nurse. The nurses are supposed to take care of the patients while addressing their issues and problems in detail. However, racism, ethical dilemmas are some social crises that are faced in the nursing scenarios. Hence, the nurse should follow all the adhered principles while curing the patients.

Australian nurses are very much responsible to provide the best treatment. Historically, they have a good beneficial client cantered care relationship with their patients which must be treasured and maintained. The patients can fell quite weak in acute care wards when undergoing surgery or recovering from a major illness (O’Cathain, 2009 p. 6). At that time, the Nursing & Medical Assignment Help are fully responsible to console the patient. Basically, a nurse should provide the politeness, patience, energetic and much responsible for duty. The nurses can deserve those from the institution where they trained.

However, it is observed at times, the nurses might fail to understand or follow their duty diligently. The issues and barriers crop up when a nurse fails to address the patient’s problems in a proper manner. The patients are often not in the stage to express themselves properly hence, they need more care and attention, as and when needed. A faster recovery of the patient is the efficient result of care taken by the nurse during the cure and treatment stage. This is argued that many health care institutions not only in Australia but around the world, are more prone to business and profit-making and thus quality of service and care as needed while nursing people are getting minimized. Moreover, thus social scenario is creating an unrest state where negligence of nurse and Nursing & Medical Assignment Help practices are arising.

Communication skill for nursing graduate:

A nurse is can develop in the organization with the help of proper communication skills. That why the nurse is trained in the institute to communicate properly. The communication of a nurse should be more polite and also with a humble and caring behavior. Taking care and curing the patient is not the main goal of nursing, rather nurses should be more communicative to understand the problem and feelings of the patients (Beresford, 2009 p. 495). The nurses need an effective communication skill for dealing with patients and handling the situations. Some of steps involved with the communication skill are increased recovery rates, a sense of safety and protection; improved level of patients’ satisfaction and greater faithfulness to treatment options. Beside this, successful communication also serves to reassure relatives that their loved ones are receiving the necessary treatment. Basically, it is assumed that the communication skill of the nurse is needed only to the patients, but the real scenario is much different.  Practice of nursing utilizes constant communication between the nurse and the patient, the patient’s family, the nurse’s co-workers, supervisors, and many others (English & Chalon, 2011 p. 33).

Nurse and patient communication is a wide factor. The nurse must have the ability to understand the trouble, desire, need of the patient (Morrissey& Callaghan, 2011 p. 127). If the nurse is poor in communication skill, the patient cannot recover in a proper way. Some patients are unable t o speak then, the nurse will understand the problem after looking the body language of the patient (Bach & Ellis, 2011 p. 77). As a result, the communication process in nursing is becoming much complicated. Sometimes, there exists the possibility of sending or receiving the incorrect messages. Successful communication has the three major mechanisms such as, a sender, a receiver and a message.

In nursing profession, the nurses have a great deal of information to send to others in a short period of time. But, the nurses need to know those factors which could control how the message is interpreted. Then the nurses much consider the settings that they used before. The communication with the patient’s family is also important. In his way, a nurse provides the assurance to the family member of the patient (Phoenix & Gravlin, 2009 p. 144).  In need, the nurse also can ask the family member to provide some additional information. Communication with co-worker is an important task to a nurse. The nurse will provide all information to the co-workers and also receive the information. So, it is very crucial to provide all information about the patient will be perfect. Any kind of misguide of a nurse can be destructive for the patient.

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Figure 2: Nursing Communication Skills

However, the communication skill of a nurse is more necessary to cure the patients. But, some nurses are verbally weak to communicate properly. In this situation, the nurses treat the patients in a wrong way, as the nurses are unable to understand the trouble of the patient. Sometime, the nurses are unable to provide the actual requirement of the patients to the doctor. Consequently, the trouble arises broadly. The wrong treatment might lead patients to instant death and prolong illness as well. Many organizations are complying with the poor communicative nurses, as their salary is not much better either. So, these kinds of nurses are troublesome for the patients. So, communication is the crucial part of nursing to cure the patient in a proper way.

Teamwork for nursing graduate:

The nursing graduates are involved in team work in their institution period. The importance of team work in Australia nursing is a decisive factor. Principally, teamwork in a health care institution helps in supporting the patients in right way (Caccia-Bava, 2009 p. 459). Hence, the healthcare organizations are following the team work facilities to serve the patients in a better technique. In health care, professionals’ behavior is changing and the patient care is becoming a team work based rather on managed by individuals only (Bach& Ellis, 2011 p. 79). The increasing trends in specialization are helping to increase team work. Every member works together to provide the care to the patient. Then the improvement of the patient is to the goal to everyone related with the patient. As a result, an atmosphere is built to cure the patient in a speedy and effective manner. Basically, team work has been shown to improve the safety of health care, improve the environment and health care is provided in a perfect way. Nursing depends on the terms to carry out its missions and objectives. When nurses work on effective teams, they are more productive and less stressed (Geiger & Salas-Lopez, 2010 p. 229). They deliver the higher quality of care to satisfy the patient. In these days, it is recognized that the team work is essential for patient’s safety.

Team work always asks the positive approach for the patients (Boomer & Mccormack, 2010 p. 641). The physicians, therapists and nurses are encouraged for the team work. Basically, the physician orders for necessary intervention, and the nurse or the therapist is responsible for carrying it out (Bartholomew, 2011 p. 32). The physical therapist, speech therapist and respiratory therapists all perform patients care (O’Cathain, 2009 p. 5). Any changes of the patient’sstatus should be shared between team members. The respiratory therapist effectively works while attending physician, and when the therapist communicates with the patient’s assigned nurse. The respiratory therapist can make appropriate recommendation for ventilation setting and for weaning. The Nursing & Medical Assignment Help provides an appropriate care for patients. In certain cases, when the physician is needed, the nurse takes care for the stated requirements. Moreover, the team work comes as a new pathfinder to nursing. Just some years ago, the nursing profession was involved with hazards and the patients also faced various kinds of troubles. But the team working of the nursing is now providing the better service to the patients and nurses are also satisfies with their job role (Phoenix &Gravlin, 2009 p. 147). Basically, the cooperation helps to grow up the team work in nursing.

Poor teamwork is harmful in Nursing & Medical Assignment Help practice(Taylor, 2011 p. 239). The job of new nurse might be particularly weak in feeling the increased amounts of stress, isolated, and dissatisfied with their job due to poor teamwork with other nurses and other healthcare professionals (Phoenix & Gravlin, 2009 p. 144). Subsequently new nurses may leave their first job or the profession shortly after starting, adversely affecting the quality and safety of care and the financial stability of the hiring institution.


Caring health is the most important task in these days. The nurses are providing their working capability. But, this capability has born from the institutions where they are learnt. So the institution is the first place where a nurse can learn and develop. The social responsibility, communication skills and team working skills would be acted as a development tool for the organization. The capability of team work helps to highlight a nurse as core employability. The core employability reflects the good citizenship. So, it is argued that, a dutiful nurse should be responsible, communicative and capable enough to be an efficient team member.

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