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Every marketing organization’s Marketing Plan is for organisational improvement and for that reason the organisation seek the opportunity from where the organisational behavior can generate more revenue. This is illuminated regarding LUTS program (Look Up in the Sky- educational program) and its consequence. According to Jan (2013), the organisational management has decided to provide learning program based on Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) as there are very few people are aware regarding the providing service of the RFDS although it has started in 1928. Moreover, the report says that only 5% school students are aware regarding this service. In this case study the management LUTS program provides service in all schools of Queensland. The educational resources organisation LUTS program provides design to provide service on this program because there is a great opportunity as most of the people of the case study the management LUTS program provides service in all schools of Queensland. The educational resources organisation LUTS program provides design to provide service on this program because there is a great opportunity as most of the people of the Queensland are not aware related to this service (User, 2014).

Marketing Plan

Marketing team:

The marketing team consist of the employees of the LUTS program generally registered teacher who is working for primary school students. In order to promote the product the marketing team of LUTS program seeks schools in Queensland in order to getting sponsorship right to do the business in the corporate Law area (Buchbinder & Shanks, 2012).

Product overview:

LUTS program or Look Up in the Sky- the educational program is the education program or education resources designed by the registered teachers who are basically work for primary students. Those teachers inured to design student handbook, teacher handbook, and provides service towards the students through some fun activities (Healey & Marchese, 2012). The LUTS programmer and the marketing assignment team provide service on seven general factors such as literacy, numeracy, critical and creative thinking, ethical behaviour, information and communication technology, personal and social competence, intercultural understanding (User, 2014). Apart from that, the organisational management of this organisation also provides service through online mode.

Industry analysis:

Market summary:

The main customers of the program are students. It is impossible to provide this service to individual students. Thus, the client RFDS and the marketing organisation LUTS program has make target to the schools where the organisational behavior is able to provide many students in a time. The client wants to provide service only in Queensland so analysis the main city of Queensland such as Toowoomba, Brisbane the marketing team has made this report to provide educational service regarding RFDS. As opined by Bentley et al. (2014), Toowoomba is main educational centre of Queensland and numerous number of public, private/religious schools are there. As per report, there are 16 primary state schools, 14 private primary schools, 5 secondary state high schools, and 12 private/religious secondary state high schools present in Toowoomba (Appendix 1). Apart from Toowoomba, Brisbane also possesses many primary and private/religious schools. As the LUTS educational resources program provides service to the schools so the organisation has excellent opportunity for marketing their program.

Market features:

The client has chosen Queensland State in Australia. Toowoomba is the main education centre of the Queensland and Brisbane is the capital of the Queensland. Thus, the marketing organisation and the team are focusing mainly these two cities to facilitate the LUTS program. In order to develop knowledge in extra curriculum activity the Australian government provides Quality Curriculum and assessment (QCAA) program to all schools belong to Queensland. Under this program the school authority, deliver several services for improvement knowledge regarding the outer part of education (Bosdriesz et al. 2012). As the client, RFDS provides service related to human benefits so it is important to aware regarding this service.

Macro environment (PESTLE):

Conducting business and implementing marketing plan the organisation always should analysis the macro environment through PESTLE analysis. Berninger, Williams & Brooks, (2011) suggested that making awareness regarding RFDS among the students is important for students as well as the clients and business organisation. In the course of the LUTS program the students will able to inform about RFDS and with conversation, the people also come to know regarding this service. Being non-profit making organisation RFDS provides service for remote area where care service is very poor so the social people will get the benefit. Moreover providing service the LUTS programmer also gets the monetary benefit. The LUTS educational program can promote their organisation through designing teacher handout and student handout and earn capital for business growth.

Political factor:

The research referred by Kohpaiboon (2006) stated that the political environment for conducting the business in Australia is very much stable. Thus, present situation, Australia is one of the important markets, as this possesses growing economy, multi-lingual workforce and competitive cost base. Conducting business the organisation has to follow Consumer and Competition ACT 2010 (CCA). Apart from that, the organisation compels the Trade Practices Act and as per the act the organisation able to avoid negative publicity, fines and civil damage suit. The organisation LUTS program-providing organisation maintains all the rules and regulation. LUTS organisation provides service based on RFDS helps the social people so the Australian government has not imposed any extra rules on this organisation.

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Economical factors:

Australia is a developed country. As viewpoint of L”ansiluoto & Eklund (2008) in present situation the rate of current gross domestic product is higher than the UK, Germany, and France. Apart from that there is very less amount of risk present in Australian economy. Brisbane is the capital of the Queensland is one of the most expensive places where maximum people are earning in high rate. Moreover, high level of employment, rising exchange rate and low rate of inflation has made the Queensland an important business place in Australia. Thus, in Queensland the students and the teacher can afford the cost of extracurricular activity.

Social factor:

Although Queensland possess all type of social people such as working class, middle class and the upper class, but all the people are educated. Therefore, those people are able to spend the monetary value for extracurricular activity (Yan & Jinlian, 2006). In this situation, the marketing organisation LUTS learning program can promote their program and able to making awareness regarding RFDS among the students.

Technological factor:

Australia is developed country so it possesses stable economy. In this situation espousing modern technology, the organisation can reduce inventory cost and able to provide service towards the customers efficiently and with efficacy. In this context, the LUTS learning program provide service through physically in the school for student and the organisation provides service through online mode to reach numerous customer fast. Moreover, with the help of new technology the organisation has designed service in funny games and through presentation and template provides service (Nurlia, Hamzah & others, 2012).

Legal factor:

Business activity is directly connected with the law as conducting business; the organisation has to follow some laws. The law related to Equal opportunity, legal changes are imposed in all types of organisation. For this study, the organisation LUTS learning program has to follow several rules and regulation as the organisation will provide service for the students (Galloway et al. 2008). Thus, the organisational marketing team has to be very careful.

Environmental factor:

As the organisation LUTS learning program provides service based on learning program so it does not have any bad affect on the environment.

Competitor analysis:

There are several organisations such as active school travel program, Active and health program, Beach and water safety program, Energy education trailer and many more provides learning program like LUTS learning program. Apart from that, many other organisations also provides learning education program in order to making awareness regarding the provided service (Referred to appendix 2). Those organisations also provide service in primary school level in effective way. Moreover, the organisation Active and Health Program provides service towards the student regarding the human health by designing presentation so that the students get interest to learn it. Beach and water safety program organisation provides service towards the student by designing several funny games with the purpose of attracting the students (Lee, Feiock & Lee, 2012).

SWOT analysis:

The LUTS learning program organisation provides service for promoting the benefit and making awareness about RFDS or royal flying doctor service and its consequence (, 2014).


Ø  Provides service related to health

Ø  Well respected work

Ø  The organisation provides service from 1928 till now efficiently as non-profit making organisation


Ø  Unconsciousness related to RFDS among the people of Queensland

Ø  Care service organisations are available


Ø  The Australian government has imposed the rules of implementing extracurricular activity


Ø  Too many competitors

Ø  Many topic has added in extracurricular activity

Ø  Threats for sponsorship as this is non-profit making organisation

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Marketing research and information:

As earlier mention that Toowoomba and Assignment help Brisbane are the main city of the Queensland and the client RFDS and the marketing organisation LUTS educational program targeting on those two cities. Between those two cities, Toowoomba is the main educational centre in Queensland. Total 47 primary and secondary schools are there in Toowoomba and many schools are there in Brisbane as it is the capital of Queensland. In this way, the Queensland possesses a numerous number of primary and secondary schools so the educational market is big (, 2014). As the Australia is developed country so approximately all the public and private schools have an internet connection. Thus providing different educational program is effective (, 2014).

Marketing strategy:

Although this case study help is explaining, the services regarding educational program still the LUTS learning program should make effective marketing strategy after analysing the set objectives and target markets. Luther (2011) stated that formulating the effective strategy when the LUTS learning programme will provide service then only the organisation can make a strong position in the market.

Marketing objectives (SMART):

Although the LUTS marketing organisation is providing service in order to generate capital but in this study, the main objectives belong to RFDS. In the course of RFDS system, the organisation provides service with 174 pilots, 61 aircraft, 162 doctors and 196 nurses every day for Australian people still the most of the natives are unconscious regarding this services (, 2014). Thus, the organisation has made SMART objectives those are mention below:

  • Establish healthy lifestyle through increasing community awareness
  • After identifying the issues, the communal people should inform the people of RFDS
  • The organisational management of RFDS wants to enhance the level of participation in healthy activities

Target markets:

In order to provide service related to health care, the RFDS organisation has taken help of LUTS organisation that is generally provide educational base service under the extracurricular program. In this study, the marketing organisation has targeted the schools of the Queensland mainly in Toowoomba and Brisbane. The organisation is providing service to the students regarding RFDS. The research referred by Wood (2010) states that although the LTUS learning program provides service towards the students main target market is the teacher of the schools as the teachers are the authorized person to provide the services.


The RFID is non-profit making organisation and with this the organisation provides high quality of products and service. Providing health related service with free of cost the organisation is doing respected charity. This concept helps the organisation to enhance brand value along with making a strong position in Marketing Plan. The LUTS learning program when promotes the service related to the RFDS then automatically the organisation also able to make a good position in the Marketing Plan (Badawy, Morgan & Turner, 2008). Moreover, the LUTS learning program has designed the providing service effectively as the organisation is providing service free of cost and distributes handout for teachers and students. Effective interacting with the students also helps to make good position in the market (Chicco, 2010).

Marketing Mix:


Under extracurricular activity rules imposed by the Australian government, several learning programs are designed for the school students. LUTS learning program is the educational resource provides services related to literacy, numeracy, critical and creative thinking, ethical behaviour, information and communication technology, personal and social competence, intercultural understanding. In this study, the organisation LUTS learning program provides service among the school students related to the RFDS services (The Ararat Advertiser, 2014).


The organisational management of LUTS learning program has to design the service program effectively. According to Rossello-Busquet & Soler (2012), with the purpose of providing effective service with the Marketing Plan team at first target the schools where the service can provide. After that targeting the teacher and students, provide service towards them. Facilitate effective service the organisation provides online service and distributes hand out towards the students and the teachers.


As the teachers are the main target customers of the LUTS program so implementing effective promotion strategy, the organisational management is targeting the teachers. With this, purpose the LUTS learning program promotes their organisation through websites and through distributing handouts design for students and the teachers respectively. Apart from that, the organisation has designed websites by providing some questionnaires so that by hitting the websites the customers give responses to the organisation (Ahmad, 2007).


As the LUTS learning program is learning based marketing organisations so its main motive is generating capital. However, the organisation is providing service for the students under extracurricular activity so the organisation should design the pricing strategy very effectively. As the Marketing Plan of an organisation is providing plan for promoting their organisation so the organisation LUTS can promote in another way such as the organisation is providing service for charity so the organisation is providing service with relatively low price (Yan & Jinlian, 2006). Moreover, the organisation LUTS program needs lots of sponsorship and for that reason the organisation can design the pricing strategy in such a way so all the target teacher attracted by the services and allow to the organisation for providing service.

Financial features in Marketing Plan:

Actual budgets as provided by client:

Sales Budgeting

Particulars 2012 ($ millions) 2013 ($ millions) 2015 ($ millions) 2016 ($ millions)
Health Clinics 7.0 8.0 9.5 10.5
Patients transporting costs   2.0 3.5 4.6 5.0
Aircrafts 10 14 16 18
(-)Cost of sales
Hospital and health funding 1.1 1.6 2.0 2.2
Roma patient transfer facility  Investments 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5
Total Sales 16.7 22.6 26.7 29.8


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As per the sales budgeting, it has been analysed that the sales volume of the Royal flying doctor’s services is increasing with the 3% to 6% in every consecutive year. As per the analysis and evaluation, it has been stated in 2013 the total sales of the company stated $ 16.7 million that certainly increased by $ 22.6 million in the following year of 20014. It has been analysed that the company can generate sales growth of $ 29.8 million at the end of 4th year of its business. The analysis of sales forecasting also provided information that the growth of Royal flying doctors services assessed to make frequent growth in the domestic as well as international market place.

Balance Sheet

Particulars 2012 ($ millions) 2013 ($ millions) 2014 ($ millions) 2015 ($ millions)
Current Assets 6.6 7.7 8.0 9.5
Noncurrent assets
Properties, land and building 64.4 64.5 65.0 65.5
Total Current Assets 71.0 72.2 73 75
Current liabilities 6.4 8.8 10.5 12.0
Noncurrent liabilities 7.11 9.5 10.5 12.5
Total Liabilities 13.51 18.3 21 24.5

The Marketing Plan balance sheet of the company evaluates that total assets of the company in 2013 estimated to be $ 71.0 million in comparison to liabilities valued $ 13.51 million,. In the following year of 2014, the company estimates to make assets valued $ 72 million in comparison to $ 21 million. It evaluates that company liquidity is string in relation to cover its short-term obligations in successful and relevant manner.  In the end of 2015, the total assets of royal flying doctor services valued to be $ 65.5 million in comparison to liabilities to be estimated value $ 24.5 millions

Sponsorship targets:

The sponsorship targets are one of the major ways to evaluate the proper and potential sponsor to make an investment in the company to increase its business activity. Thus, the company need to evaluate a process to created appropriate sponsorship in relations to increase flying doctor services, school presentations. As per Luther (2011), sponsor targets can be analysed by making a proper listing of relevant sponsors, communicating with every sponsor listed, evaluating sponsors suing sponsor compatibility matrix and making a final deal with the sponsors to be interested in increasing the market position of the company.

Evaluation and control:

After designing the marketing plan, the organisational management evaluates the plan and strategy in order to get success and identify the consequence. In order to evaluate the effectiveness regarding the organisational educational service the organisation should design some activities through websites. Analysis the hit of websites the organisation can understand and evaluate the effectiveness of the organisation LUTS learning program (Jan, 2013). In addition, the organisation has taken feedback from the target customers such as teachers and students regarding the effectiveness of the provided service and taken some suggestion for improving the quality of providing service. The research referred by Bentley et al. (2014) stated that, the organisation should make the marketing plan based on key performance indicator. In this case, the organisation can indicate the product KPI as the organisation provides service for non-profit making organisation and service is related to health. In order to control the plan and the strategy the organisational management of the LUTS program implement all the accumulated strategy from the target people after reviewing those.

Contingency plan:

The organisational management as making the business plan for LUTS educational program so the organisation has designed an extra plan. If the websites strategy and the accumulated feedback strategy is not working then the organisation also can send the email towards the targeting customers means the teachers. Moreover, the organisational management can design some activities and give some reward to the participants. In this way, the LUTS organisation can make their marketing plan effective (Chicco, 2010).

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This Marketing Plan is illuminated regarding the marketing strategy of LUTS organisation that is basically provides learning programme towards the students targeting the teachers as teachers are the main authorized persons for guiding and teaching the students in the schools. In this situation, the organisation compels to focus several factors. Analysing the industry and the competitor organisational str4ategy the organisation should design the marketing plan. Moreover, internal and external analyses are also important in case of formulating the marketing plan. In the course of PESTLE analysis, the organisation can aware regarding all the external factors those have huge impact on the organisational business activity. Analysing all the environmental analysis the organisation LUTS learning program will make the business plan. In order to get success the organisational management should evaluate the plan and make a contingency plan.

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