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Contrast their business models and comment in Information Technology Assignment and their strengths and weaknesses in today’s marketplace. Google, Apple, and Microsoft are struggling for internet experience over mobile computing. Each of three is projecting the e-commerce marketplace and the major part is mobile Smartphone, tablet and different electronic products. In the field of PC desktops, Microsoft is dominating but the other two firms determined to prevent over Microsoft. Therefore, to increase the e-commerce business each firms generating a large amount Information Technology Assignment of cash on their business model. In the field of smart phones, Google and Apple are enemies as well as in the field of pc desktops they are friends. Therefore, each firm wants to dominate in smart phone market. Microsoft is trying to break the search field with Bing and Amazon. Today mobile phones with the Internet, hardware devices and software applications with advanced functionality are rapidly gaining over PCs. No person wants PCs anymore when they can do all works with phones along with listening music and watching videos. However, the main battlefield for both Google and Apple is mobile computing. Likewise, the three way of the struggle between Microsoft, Apple, and Google leads to growing a new form including IBM of the mainframe market and Cisco System of the internet market. However, who will “win”, it is still too early to tell (Stauffacher, 2005).

Information Technology Assignment

Q.1: Business models of Google, Apple, and Microsoft, as they were about 5 years ago – 2009-10.

Business Model of Apple:  Apple has very strong hardware base, based on creation. Therefore, they are playing the role in this battlefield based on hardware that is facilitating over mobile computing. One of the main major revenue parts is Apple tablet and mobile smart phones. For example, some application like as some Apple supported games is unique to the brand of the device. In this Information Technology Assignment, Even it stopped Google application or say Google to work in Apple brands. So, they are launching more and more Apple supported application and making capitalise on their loyal customer and create their Apple scenario (Indjikian and Siegel, 2005).

Business Model of Microsoft: As Microsoft has its own operating system, they announced hardware development for mobile computing. In addition, this way Microsoft entered in the field of smart phones and starts challenging both Google and Apple. Microsoft changes the hardware and software part, so starts changing the market infrastructure too. Thus, it creates problems for both Google and Apple as they have to change and they have to include some extra feature. This creates a large competition facing in the field of mobile computing. Windows phone contrary with other windows version. It is optimized by user interface with touch screens in mobile internet, computing Microsoft is facing the business level of competition (Hilbert, 2009).

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Business Model of Google: Google is dominating in search and advertising field. Google is the main believer in the internet nowadays. Google is costless. The best emerging device for Google is chrome based. Google and Microsoft are not friendly with hardware parts as Apple is. The best thing about Google is, it has generated inbuilt advertisement on Information Technology Assignment. This is the main source of revenue of Google. Google is spreading the visibility to user and providing huge services, by ads they are creating more opportunities by exploring the data. That is the main reason consumers understand the monopoly of the Google. The business policy of Google is straightforward and target oriented. Whenever Google added any new features, it appears on the costume search immediately. The integration of Information Technology Assignment into other websites is easy in Google (, 2014).

Q.2: Research for disruptive technologies or trends of three large companies and their current business models:

As the business model of the three companies are very different. Based on features and characteristics the current business model is also differentiating these companies in the battlefield. As we know, Apple is consumer-based company. They first give the preference to their customer. This is some kind of consumer status build up, it means they are focusing on their design and user experience. Apple is interring in mobile computing by watering over advertising, and creating a challenge to Google. The operating system used by Apple having some features in itself. . Apple has several advantages as Apple has its own Apple’s iOS. They are using Mac OS and iOS. iOS is nothing but, it is just a application store, which is Apple controllable and HTML5 supported (Light, 2010).

This Information Technology Assignment Mentioned that The Microsoft is offering 10% of the searching facility with Bing and rest is with Google still. Microsoft is focusing their business on technology and they are doing it well. Microsoft is a well-established company so they are focusing on the ecosystem around the things. Apart from that, Google is focusing their business on information. They focus on the user now a day; they focused on millions of users. Google is a cloud-based infrastructure; one can say that Google is best known for its cloud computing. For this empowerment, Google is now a cloud-computing leader.

Based on enterprise perceptions we can compare the current business of all the three companies. Apple and Google focus on their consumer whereas Microsoft focuses on their enterprise. On the price basis, Google is free of cost; Microsoft is in budget whereas Apple is expensive. Devices supported for Apple is iPad; Microsoft is TBD based and for Google is Chrome-based devices (, 2014).

Q.3: The mobile platform offerings of Google, Apple, and Microsoft

While moving, we can do the entire internet stuff, which are only possible, buy mobile computing. The three firms Google, Apple, and Microsoft can do these stuffs, as these are the future of internet technology. These firms can do mobile computing only when they make an effective approach on mobile computing.

Mobile computing offering of Google: Google provides “Android” mobile in field of mobile computing. The latest Android software version is 4.4 Kit Kat. In the latest Android software the features are:

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It is beautiful and Immersive, and while listening to music on the device a beautiful screen album and movie art will appear when the device get locked. In the version while getting a call, your phone will look for matches on the Google map if the call is not in your contacts. While reading book, and the game playing and the movie watching-all will come in a center immersive mode, which hides everything except the one you want to see. It is supported by faster multitasking, means even you can print any data, photos, documents if it is connected with printer supported with Google cloud print, HP e-Printers, and other printers as well. There is also a facility of cloud computing using Google derive (Miles et al. 2005).

Mobile computing offering of Apple: iOS 7 is the latest operating Apple software used for mobile computing. In apple iOS 7 there is feature of passbook application, you can use iPhone as credit cards too. There is an up gradation facility, on which apple map up graded very easily. With i-Cloud, any one can share photos, videos, and messages after creating a shared stream. Multitasking of smart phones always plays an important role, so iOS 7 gives an extra smartness like when you use your favorite apps. At that the smart phone check that apps on everyday at that point of time. Sending emails, documents or photos to someone who is far is fine, but if that person is near then this stuff takes too many steps. There is a facility airdrop, through which you can share by just taping and to whom it would be share. It is different from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, because there is no need of setup required (Jagun et al. 2008).

Mobile computing offering of Microsoft: Now being the vast competition over mobile computing Microsoft also introduces a new tablet named as “Surface Tablet”. The operating software in mobiles is windows or windows phone having the operating system windows 8 (Katz, 2007). The specification of windows mobile over normal android or iOS mobile is far better. It contains dual core chip support, multiple resolution screen support, advance map technology and mobile banking as well (Jonassen, 2006).

The search engine has many positive features than other two firms. Google can fight alone although both of them have chartered territories. Google is well established and one can say it is user oriented and user free. Google provides lots of advertisement as Bing, Amazon and many others. Advertisement is field of revenue of for Google. That is why Google is user friendly. In addition, Google entered in the field of mobile computing market, Google apps store and biggest is the business model of Google. We cannot operate any software product without hardware part. Android operating system is growing very quickly now a day (Swan et al. 2005).

Q.4: Whether the mobile wireless technologies are disruptive or not?

Now a day’s, mobile and tablet gain a tremendous increment in the field of mobile internet technology. This leads to economic gain also. Mobile technology is a versatile gadget that allows World Wide Web access. Today the powerful smart phones have ultra-high resolution screens. They have extra different type of sensors. Youngster are using mobile computing on a very large number, mobile gadget are influencing education field also. Online teaching methods, customize tests are enhancing the performance of the student as well (Donner, 2006). In the society, mobile technology or mobile computing gave many services to the citizens. Tax payment, reservations, online banking, and online shopping, all these stuffs done by mobile internet technology. There is a survey that 90% of the transaction is still cash based. This is the annual report; the survey also says that this is changing rapidly. In last 4-5 years the sales of smart phones and tablet increases rapidly that of the desktops. Today only due to mobile computing 30% of users are using mobile gadget. The time will come when majority will be only mobile or tablet devices. In the health sector, it plays a deep impact. A case study says that health administration treated the ill person with the help of remote monitoring devices. By the improvement of mobile internet, computing it decreases the expenditure too. Therefore, the development of the software part as well as the development of the application all the companies becomes the leader of the market, whether it is Microsoft, Apple, Google or any other company like IBM. Due to the competition for the leadership, mobile computing market is increasing rapidly. One report says, due to competition of mobile marketing a number of mobile applications and software is coming supported by latest versions. The major source of entertainment viewed due to applications and app stores (Avgerou et al. 2008).

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Now the disruptive Information Technology Assignment over the internet of the thing has three basic steps. Capturing data that is almost depend upon the information-desired complexity. The second one is the meaningful path of the data. In addition, the last is the action on that information which received (Plomp, 2009).   However, there is scarcity of wireless frequencies, which is unused; this is the main difficulty of mobile computing. This is main reason some mobile telecommunication marketing are investing billions money. They are providing the frequencies and different range of bandwidth. At the end, Microsoft, Google and Apple all the three are growing rapidly. In coming decades, they cover more and more.


The services used by the customer are from only one product. They should not lose their standard according to the company monopoly. This decreases the competition on the market too and they serve the best product to their customer. If there will not any competition, there will be customer satisfaction. The company itself will grow in the right way. No other interruption of the other company will take place between the three. Still it is not possible to say who will dominate over the internet and in the field of mobile competition and who will be the leader of the market.

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