Health Assessment Program To Identify The Accidental Health Problems

Introduction: Health Assessment Program To Identify The Accidental Health Problems

Nursing Case Studies try to show the real-time problem of the human being and according to this try to identify problems and need to solve. According to Chan et al. (2014), this Nursing Case Studies generally used systems of situational based learning. This health assessment program considers the optimistic and unenthusiastic impact of the policy on Nursing Case Studies. This study helps to identify the accidental health problems for the support to the improvement of this. This helps to help for making it for deciding the level. This process helps to assess the health impact of strategy more usually.

Nursing Case Studies

Patient Background: The patient is forty-four year old. Patient has presented to ED complaining of excruciating, increasing pain in right big toe for last two days. This problem hurts the patient so much when the patient tries to sleep. Patient using pillow for sleeping, in this case toe appears red and swollen. The MO prescribes some medicine that patients need to take daily and for further investigation , they decide to admit the patient. The patient Annie has a female partner and the patient have 3 years old son.

1.1. Understanding the path physiology and the pharmacological principles of the diagnoses for the medications in Nursing Case Studies

Physiologies of the body systems are involved in various diagnose. This function describes the various system of human resource assignment help. Normal body always maintains the overall internal environment. Systems are founding three major bodies. That is homeostasis, respiratory and gas exchange system. The cardiovascular system delivers blood and nutrient to the whole body. There has needed to take of this that each system is functioning well or not (Committee et al. 2009). This function of body system describes the structure and function of the cardiovascular system of the whole body.

1.1.1. Normal Pathophysiology related with the diagnoses:

According to (Vincent, 2010), the variation from normal Big red toe is a condition of the patient and for that if there proper diagnosis not given to the patient then it can be a big problem and for that, reason patient cannot walk for lifetime. However, the history is not valuable for diagnostic this condition, this system must be done by some laboratory testing. This big toe problem has considered deformity by lateral divergence of the big toe; this problem is creating by some enlargement of bone (Bal et al. 2012). Pathophysiology related diagnoses helps to solve the problem. For that reason, the treatment of therapy is good for removing this problem.

1.1.2. Reason of medication

It was related with the patient’s problems. For that reason, need to understand the problem of patient. The healthcare industry increases the demand for developing the patient classification system.  For evolving with this need, patients receive the DRG system that had to expand in scope. The purpose of medication helps to solve the problem and help to relax the patient for their related problem. Drug has related with diagnostic and that is help for treatment of diagnosis and investigation as per Nursing Case Studies. This diagnostic system should used as an addition to not for any alternative (Gemert et al. 2010).

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Understanding the result of medication for pathophysiology diagnose. In this case, experience one only prescribed the problem and that helps to make relax the patient. Clinical experience and a recent study of any chronic disease are important to prescribing for medication (Kotsirilos et al. 2014). The effect of medication helps to remove the disease.  This problem effect of medication for pathophysiology diagnoses ( 2014).

1.2. Reason for choosing

According to this, the patient Annie has facing the problem of a big toe.  By choosing this topic helps to analyze the problem and according to that need to check the whole problem of the patient. This study helps to analyze the problem and understanding of the problem this helps to give the proper solution accordingly (Felip et al. 2011).

1.3. Evaluation framework

Gordon’s function is the process where nurses help the patient for a nursing process for providing a more comprehensive assessment of nursing for the patient (Nyendak et al. 2014). Gordon functional theory is:

1.3.1. Majjorie Gordon (1987)

This purpose helps to direct the nursing database. This system helps to make the collection of data and after collecting the data, they provide this to the nurse for following the function why big toe problem is creating (Snyderman, 2014).

1.3.2. Health awareness and management

The health function helps to read the whole data collection. This data collection focuses on the patient’s related problem, for that reason, this problem is creating and then the perceived level of health-related work mentioned in this Nursing Case Studies. The evaluation of this health problem is, sometimes some wrong habits patient have like smoking (Gemert et al. 2010).

1.3.3. Metabolism and Nutrition

The other health measurement that is focused on the patient food and fluid consumption related need of metabolism. The local supplies of nutrition have needed in this case. This actual problem creates the so many problems according to that big toe problem is created (Felip et al. 2011). This is the main reason for that patient need to take care of their home.

System Elimination is focused on the collection of data and that has related with an internal problem. In this case need to focus on for what the problem has arisen, why the patient generally feel the problem of the big toe (Kotsirilos et al. 2014). According to this problem, nursing needs to pay attention on this problem.

1.3.4. Movement and put into effect

The daily activities help to force the expenditure of energy. This is patient-related activity. In this case, the patient needs to do regulars exercise and activities for better improvement. This exercise is the good medication system that helps to relax from the disease (Gemert et al. 2010).

1.3.5. Perception and Cognitive

The health assessment has focused on the ability for other function of sensory (Nyendak et al. 2014). Data collection of this big toe problem and for solving this problem this is required. Big toe problem is a neurologic problem and that has collected for aid in the process. Sensor related problem can identify and that can evaluate further.

1.3.6. Snooze and reset of measurement

In this case, doctors need to check that patient is taking rest or not. This is the neurological problem, so in this case, patient need to sleep properly (Chan et al. 2014). The patient needs to take proper rest and relaxation on health that helps to solve their problem.

1.3.7. Self-awareness and self- thought

The measurement system, the patient needs to focus on persons attitude towards self and that has also related with the patient identifies.  This is the review problem; in this case, need to response the threats of patient and self-awareness need to be identifying (Kotsirilos et al. 2014).

1.3.8. Roles and relationship measurement

This assessment focuses on patient’s roles and relationship with the others. In this case, need to focus on that which of area patient needs to take care of relaxes from the disease (Snyderman, 2014). This important system needs to take care.

1.3.9. Sexuality and reproduction

The procedure where the need to check that the patient satisfaction and dissatisfaction focus on this pattern or not (Gemert et al. 2010).

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1.3.10. Coping and stress acceptance

The appraisal system focuses on the patient’s stress and awareness. This system evaluates the symptoms of patients and notes down their symptoms. The system of stress tolerance is to copy the problem for evaluation (Snyderman, 2014).

1.3.11. Values and belief

The assessment focuses on the patient’s value and belief (Felip et al. 2011). This process helps to know the patient goals for a further problem. This helps to motivate the patient to their future goal.

1.4. Discuss the focus of care

According to this study, the patient needs to take care of the problem of a foot.  The patient needs to take the proper surgery that helps to out of this problem.  The human foot has a complex structure and that structure has composed of 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 ligaments (Nyendak et al. 2014). This foot function allows a broad range of the group. For this big toe related problem, a patient needs to care on the foot and according to that patient can take regular therapy massage treatment that helps patient for relaxing. The big toe is the big problem in a modern generation.

Therefore, according to that the patient need proper treatment for this and need to walk properly on daily basis. This foot pain can happen by so many things, so according to that need to take care of this problem. Insole and assess is the best treatment of footwear. For continuous problem need to take cortisone injection or can take surgery. The patient who has suffered the plantar fasciitis for that reason they do not need take any injection or surgery for this (Gemert et al. 2010). This is not helpful for patient health.

Conceptual Mapping:

Nursing Case Studies

 Figure 1: Conceptual Mapping

(Source: Created by author)


The health assessment is the most common problem in today’s generation. For health, assessment needs to take care of the daily routine and exercise. According to this study, found that big toe is the most common problem, so according to that need to take care of daily activities, food, and the other thing. These results help to develop the health assessment tools. By this study, the results found that the needs assessment help confirms the problem way of the project.

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