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Question 1 For Health Care Assignment Help:  Manual handling that I will prefer to do in my workplace on daily basis –

  1. The knowledge and skills to utilise and implement strategies as directed to improve workplace organisation in Health Care Assignment Help All employers must carry out a risk assessment for lifting as lifting depends on several objects (Authority, 2012). Lifting guideline will be different for man and women. No women will be allowed to lift anything, which is heavier more than 16 kg and men’s maximum limits will be limited to 25kg.
  2. Provide risk assessment instruction for handling manual handling task
  3. Arrange training and development program for the reverent employees for reducing risk injuries in the work place
  4. Avoid manual handling task as much possible

Question 2: Ways to reduce injuries when performing manual handling practices –

  1. Working in a fixed posture for a prolonged period can increase the chance of injuries. If it not necessary to carry out task according to the same way, I will allow flexible work practice.
  2. A poorly designed workplace can increase the risk management of injuries (Milam-Perez, 2003). Thus, I will change the workplace design to reduce risk that are involved in the workspace, for example, use ergonomic furniture and all chairs are at the optimal heights to limit bending.
  3. More effort will be given to manipulate and change badly designed furniture and equipment.
  4. More use of mechanical aids, for example, forklifts, conveyor belts etc. in order to reduce risk management in the workplace.

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Question 3:

  1. G. make sure no chemical is leaking
  2. Use of chemical with lower flashpoint
  3. Prevent entry of chemical into body by inhalation
  4. Avoid direct exposure to chemicals and follow safe practices using protective clothing and other equipment.


 Question 4:

MSDS: MSDS helps to provide detail knowledge on the chemical product that is used in the workplace. It contains detail information potential hazards of the material and direct how to use the chemical product safely and what needs to do in an emergency.

Signage: It is essential to identify the medical problem in more accurately. It measures the magnitude of illness and evaluates blood pressure.

Emergency manual: It helps anesthesiologists to know best practices for any critical events.

Standards: Standard is used to write over the file location while SSD is only writing the technology with the technical operation and all zeros are accounting somewhere else.

PPE: PPE defines all equipment, for example, eye protection, safety footwear, high visibility clothing that are essential to reduce risks, that are involved in the health and safety activities of employees (Milam-Perez, 2003).

On job training: On the job, training is essential to understand the application of theoretical knowledge into practical sense.

Question 5: Assess the risk: Anybody might slip due to the water leakage and have a fatal injury.

What action you must take to prevent an injury occurring: the immediate action will be to give instructions to the supervisor/ employees to clean the area properly. Announcement can be made so that the employees remain aware of the leakage areas and avoid going there

Report the risk: the risk must be reported to the ‘Facilities Department’ in order control the leakage with some repair services to control further leakage

Control or eliminate the risk: the defective mechanical cleaner must either be repaired completely so that no leakage occurs in future or else it has to be replaced with a new one.

Question 6:

Health Care Assignment Help

Using this 3 X sign (as above), the employees who prefer smoking will be warned about the ‘non smoking zone’. There are few areas in the organisation where smoking can be hazardous due to fire.

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Question 7:

Lifting a box from the floor

  1. Tighten abnormal muscles
  2. Get a good grapes on the box with two hands

Carrying a box

  1. Organize manual handling task with both hands
  2. Twisting, turning and bending of the back should be avoided

Reaching to get sterile stock from a shelf above your shoulders

  1. Give focus on lower stress activities, for example, walking, swimming etc.
  2. Physocolical Therapy

Question 8:

Return to work (RTW) program: The RTW program involves some number of procedure that helps to improve work place injuries and back to the work in managed way. It based on the philosophy that employees can perform in most effective way as part of their recovery process. Preventing workplace injuries is most effective way to protect injuries.

Question 9:

Using Safe Work Practices – Proper commitment and accountability among all department.

Question 10:

Emergency Procedure: Fire

In case of fire emergency, put a fire alarm so that everybody get aware of it. Take all fire alarms quickly and announce everybody to leave the building immediately. Instead of investing the reason behind the accident, make a call to the fire bridge and wait outside for the fire rescue service.

Question 11:

Health Care Assignment Help

Figure depicted in the right hand side is the right way for passing the loads as lesion to the manual practices teach that, never bend back to pick some object and hold the object closer to the body.

Question 12:

Question 13:

Yes, this is the right way of lifting items.

Question 14:

  1. Fire extinguisher is used for electrical fire is CO2 Fire Extinguishers.
  2. Fire extinguisher is used for wood and/or paper fire is Water Fire Extinguishers.
  3. RACE:

R- Rescue people immediately from the danger of fire (Jackson and Sinclair, 2012).

  • Put a alarm on the campus location and active pull station alarm box

C- Confine the fire by closing all doors and windows

E- Extinguish the fire with a fire extinguisher

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Question 15:

Causes of manual handling injuries:

Lifting and transferring patients is one of the major reasons behind the cause of back injuries in the health sector. Load of the patients is most of the time is unpredictable and handling this task is physically demanding. Employees have to perform this task under unfavourable condition and unpredictable nature. Patients are varying in terms of physical abilities, size, level of cooperation and cognitive function. Thus, patients handling task often cited as the cause for back injuries.