MBA404 Consumer Behaviour And Marketing Psychology Assignment.

Assessment Description : MBA404 Consumer Behaviour And Marketing Psychology

In this individual assignment, you will be given an opportunity to critically analyse and understand the driving forces of perception, attitudes, motivation, group and individual differences, culture, family and lifestyle that influence consumer behavior and consequently consumers. purchasing decisions. Based an the analysis you conducted in Assessment 1, you are required to create a survey via Survey Monkey —a free online instrument. The sample size must include a minimum of 15 participants who recently purchased the Amen FMCG product that you analysed in Assessment 1. The survey must comprise of 10 questions. You are then required to provide a 6-page summary, analysis and discussion of the key findings from your data collection. This discussion must be aligned to YOUR chosen product and consumer behavior literature should be integrated in. this discussion to support analysis.

Please note that it is essential to seek “real” and valid participan% who legitimately purchased the chosen FMCG product. You will need to use theories and concepts related to consumer behaviour discussed in weeks 5 to 8.

More specifically,

  1. Set a goal
  2. Design a questionnaire based an the following aspects:
  • Perception
  • Attitudes
  • Motivation
  • Group and individual differences
  • Culture Family and lifestyle
  • Select parkipants
  • Gather data
  • Analyse data
  • Write a 6-page summary analysis
  • AMA graphical evidence of the survey results as an appendix (not included in the 6 pages)

Far those sudentsts who have limited experience in using Survey Monkey as a survey and data collection tool, it is recommended to New the following online tutorials or visit our Academic Success Centre far further guidance and support.
Survey Monkey: Haw to Get Started

Assessment Format : MBA404 Consumer Behavior And Marketing Psychology Assignment

Your analysis should follow a professional report structure.

Sample Survey Analysis: Anal size 12 text font; 1.5 spacing; 6 pages (no more) Purpose Development of survey instrument Administration processes Data Analysis Key Findings Appendices (Survey Monkey graphical representation of results)

Assignment Submission

This file must be submitted as a PDF document to avoid any technical issues that from incorrect file format upload. Uploaded files with a virus will not be considered as a submission. Turnitin will notify you if there is any issue with the submitted file. In this must contact your lecturer via email and provide a brief description of the issue and a s of the Tumitin error message.

You are also encouraged to submit your work well in advance of the deadline to avoid possible delay with the Tumitin similarity report or any other technical difficulties.

Late assignment submission penalties

Penalties will be imposed on late assignment submissions in accordance with Kaplan I

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