MIS770 Annual Survey of Supermarket Performance Assignment-Deakin Business School Australia

Instruction to students: This is an individual assignment.

Marks: 30%

Word Limit: 2000

Task: MIS770 Annual Survey of Supermarket Performance Assignment

MIS770 Annual Survey of Supermarket


FOOD plus is one of Australia’s leading supermarket chains. There are 750 stores in the chain. Originating from a family based chain of general stores, FOODplus now has supermarkets all over Australia, with the first one being established 27 years ago. In terms of operation, each state capital has a company office and these have significant autonomy in the state’s operations. Further, individual store management has wide-ranging powers about the day-to-day operations of individual stores. However, broad company planning and direction take place in the company Head Office in Melbourne. Included in the Head Office, is the Research and Analysis Department. A principal role of the department is to provide advice on matters affecting the company. This advice ranges from market research, new product development, advertising strategies, quality control, warehouse management, inventory control, product distribution, and new store design.

Paul Anderson, the General Manager, has asked you, Emma Thomson, a business analyst with the company, to analyze some data obtained from the annual survey of FOODplus’s supermarkets. The data relates to a random sample of 150 supermarkets in the FOODplus chain. The survey is conducted every year to gather information that is not readily available from the central sources. The memo from Paul is reproduced below:

MIS770_Annual Survey of Supermarket

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Requirements: MIS770 Annual Survey of Supermarket Performance Assignment-Deakin Business School Australia

  • Your report should be no longer than 2000 words and there is no need to include Charts and Tables, or Appendices in the report
  • Your Charts/Graphics and Tables are only to be placed in the Data Analysis file i.e. the Excel spreadsheet
  • The report is to be written as a stand-alone document (assume Paul will only read your report). Thus, you should not have any references in the report to your data analysis output. Eg. “According to Table 1 in the analysis…”
  • Your report must have an informative title
  • Your report must contain an executive summary that explains in plain language what the report is for and summarises the main findings. The executive summary should be no more than 2/3 page
  • The body of your report must be set out in the same order as in the originating memorandum from Paul Anderson, with each section (question) clearly marked

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