How Australian Students Can Use The Internet To Earn An Income

Going through college can be quite expensive. It even gets worse if you do not have a scholarship as you have to juggle paying tuition fees, accommodation, upkeep, and you still need to have a good time. Many students end up burdened by loans that they have to serve for the rest of their lives.

Is going to college worth it if you are going to face all these challenges? The answer is yes. The value you get from college will help you craft the lifestyle that you desire. How do you overcome money problems?

Let us explore different ways to use the internet to earn an income:


You can start a blog on something that you are passionate and knowledgeable about. For instance, if you love tech, you can review products or get endorsements and earn an income. You must host your blog if you intend to monetize it and earn a living. Understanding the best web hosting companies in Australia will help you choose a company that suits your needs. Create valuable and original content if you want to create a big following. You can as well apply for ad platforms such as AdSense to complement the income you get from the blog.

Become a virtual assistant

Business owners are always looking for ways to lower their operating costs. However, administrative duties such as answering calls, replying to emails, making bookings, and creating appointments and research, need an extra pair of hands. Such organizations can now hire you as an independent contractor to work on such tasks. The beauty of such a role is that you can work remotely and still deliver. The hiring company escapes incurring costs such as medical insurance and other benefits and still gets the work done. You just need a computer and an internet connection to get started.

Become an online consultant

There are thousands of people that can benefit from your skills. For instance, if you are good at digital marketing, then you can help firms create digital marketing plans at a fee. You can also advise business owners on the best logo designs and themes if you are a web designer. You can also offer academic consultancy on areas such as how to write a thesis. Positioning yourself as an expert is the hard part. You can start by creating a website where you will show your portfolio. You can as well use social media for marketing your services. There are also job boards where you can create a profile and connect with potential clients.

Vlog on YouTube

There are millions of channels on YouTube that cover different topics. You can get money through ads, endorsements, and adverts that you ran on your channel. Choose a niche such as entertainment, lifestyle, technology, fashion, beauty, or sports. You can combine a few niches but ensure that you do not overstretch. Create valuable content as it is the only way to keep viewers glued to the channel. You can then apply for monetization once you hit 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers. Use other social platforms to promote your videos and drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

Create an online course

Do you have something that you are really good at? Then you can create a course and earn a passive income from it. For instance, if you are a graphic designer, you can create an online course to share your knowledge. There are different approaches you can use to promote your online course. The first approach is developing a website where you will post your content. You can then use social media to promote that course. The second approach is where you create a profile on platforms such as Udemy, where you can post your online course.

Become an affiliate marketer

Marketing is one of the best avenues to get that extra income. However, you do not have to own products to sell. You can still market other people’s products and get a commission for every sale made. The commission can be anything from 1-50% of the value of the product. You can use various online tools to track the sales made from your links. You can create a website and sign up for a program such as Amazon affiliates as a start. Keyword research and content planning are the first steps in this journey. You can also place targeted ads on various platforms all over the internet and drive traffic to your site. You can as well market these products on your social media platforms and still make a killing.

Engage in data entry

The only thing you need is a computer and an average typing speed to get started. Most of the clients will train you if the tasks are technical. Data entry jobs can vary from one client to another, depending on the industry and task. The pay will also vary depending on the technicalities of the tasks.

Dropship products

It is a business set up where you sell but never handle the said products physically. The only thing you need to do is create an online shop with a platform such as Shopify, search for suppliers, post their products, and then promote your store. Customers will place orders on your store, and then you will forward the details to your suppliers. The supplier then ships the products directly to the consumer, and you get your margin.

Complete online surveys

It is not the best approach to earn an income, but it can supplement what you have. Sign up on genuine survey sites, complete your profile, and then wait for offers based on your information. The surveys can seek your opinion on different topics such as lifestyle, education, politics, and fashion.

Even though you can still work in physical locations while studying, the internet space provides a stream of opportunities that allow you to earn a living in your home’s comfort. Be on the lookout for new opportunities, and also learn how to avoid scams on the internet. Invest in continuous development because the internet and technological spaces are ever-changing.