How To Work While You Studying In Australia?

Are you one of those students who aspires to pursue the studies in Australian colleges and universities while looking for a little financial assistance? Well, there is nothing wrong with the idea of earning while you Studying In Australia. In fact, this is a good initiative that any student can take up for his/her own benefit in the long run. It helps you with managing the extra & over the edge expenses that come in the way of your studies. It enables you to efficiently meet all the financial requirements like the cost of accommodation, travelling and also the overall living costs in general while you are staying in Australia. Working while you are studying in this country helps you bridge the gap between your living experience & the study essentials. The reason for working while studying differs from one student to another. Some might decide on this to meet their growing expenses while for some this decision of working part time can be for gaining mere expertise & experience in the chosen field of study.

Work while study in Australia

Generally, student visa’s allow students to work for about 40 hours in every 2 weeks during the course session until it gets completed. The students are allowed to work for unrestricted hours while they are on a particular scheduled break from the studies. The most important thing is that as a student, you need to make sure that your visa permits you to take up a paid work while you are studying in Australia.

What is the kind of paid work that can be done while you are studying in Australia?

Talking of a country like Australia, it has a wide range of Industries and Business Companies which might offer you with productive part time work opportunities. These include:

  • Retail Jobs like in Supermarkets, Departmental Stores & also at Clothing Showrooms.
  • Hospitality Jobs in Cafes, Bars & in Restaurants.
  • Tourism Industry Jobs in Hotels as well as in Motels.
  • Agricultural Jobs like Farming & Fruit-Picking.
  • Lucrative job opportunities in the Sales & Telemarketing Industry.
  • Administration & Clerical Jobs in different Companies.
  • You can also seek part time jobs in the Tutoring Industry which can fetch you that extra income required.

On the basis of the professional qualification acquired by you, you can also continue with attractive paid jobs while you are studying. You can also consider paid or unpaid Internships as a great way of getting exposure to the professional, Financial or the creative industries. You can also take part as an active volunteer for charitable trusts or non-government organizations. This is an excellent way of gaining deeper knowledge into the subject matter of your chooice. You get to interact with new friends & also attain hands on work experience while you contribute towards the well being of the community.

There are certain Rights that should be enjoyed by you while you work in Australia:

Every individual working in Australia & also the International Students or even those who are on working holiday visa’s, are subjected to some basic rights at work. Through these rights, you are entitled to:

  • A minimum wage & superannuation.
  • You can challenge in case of unfair dismissal from a particular job.
  • Any issue related to Leaves, Breaks & Rest Periods while on work.
  • The right to get a healthy & safe working environment.

Ideally, every employer in Australia is covered under the “Award” which fixes the minimum wage & certain conditions for a specific type of job in the corresponding industry.

When it comes to searching for a job in Australia, there are many ways which can help. Amongst the most common one’s you have;

  • Turn towards the Newspapers & also the online job portals which have numerous listings of employment opportunities from which you can select the one that matches your qualification and area of interest.
  • You can also take help from some Institutions that offer job notice boards on their respective campuses & also through their online websites. These notify you about emerging and beneficial job offers. You can also get in contact with the International Student Support Staff of your institution to guide you further with the process of attaining relevant job offers.
  • Another helpful option is of getting your details registered with a specific reputed recruitment firm. Its professional skills and expertise will help you get the job that compliments your skill sets in the most appropriate ways.

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