Implement And Monitor Work Health And Safety Practices : Hospitality Operations Management Assignment

Topic for Hospitality Operations Management Assignment: Manage operational plan Establish and maintain a work health and safety system Implement And Monitor Work Health And Safety Practices

1. Week 3 case study brief:

According to this Hospitality Operations Management Assignment study Melinda was an employee of KFC aged 21 years. She is employed for 5 weeks but still she is unaware of the raw materials used for cooking. A major accident occurred by the inexperienced of her, and caused a severe burn to her body. She poured hot oil in the hot water and that caused the explosion. In addition, there was lack of supervision of the store that forced her to store the oil in the bain-marie.

1.1. Action strategies chart

Action Steps


Responsibilities of the task Timeline



A. Resources Available

B. Resources Needed

Potential barriers Communication plan
Step 1:

Recruitment of mature employees

The HR managers should recruit. 1- 2 A. Newspaper, website advertisement.

B. Advertisement cost, Human resource delivery.

A. New people are inexperience of practical field.

B. Proper training and supervision is required.

HR and supply chain managers should select the candidates as per the requirements stated in the advertisement.
Step 2:

Proper training

HR and Supply chain managers 2-3 A. Past data, skilled employees and experience sharing

B. Data sheet and employee experience sharing.

A. lack of timing and job demand

B. proper scheduling of time

Sharing of knowledge.
Step 3:

Resource handling

Supply chain and store managers 1 A. raw materials of the organisation

B. Area for storing the materials

A. Lack of extension

B. increasing the area of store

Let the employees know about the raw material storage.
Step 4:

Claim management

Finance manager 1 A. liquid money

B. more availability of cash

A. non profit  

B. more reserve for this type of situations

Legal mode of communication
Step 5:

Employee demands

HR manager 1 A. required raw materials.

B. proper appraisal

A. lack of coordination

B. effective feedback collection



Evidence of Success: the benchmark for the action success will be the safe structure for work and worker safety.

Evaluation process: employee feedback and efficiency of production will help in determining the success of the action plans.

2. Portfolio assessment task brief:

2.1. Risk matrix for the four incidents:

Hospitality Operations Management Assignment

2.2. Risk and remedies:

Incident Remedies
A staff member burning themselves on a coffee machine The staff members should b trained to operate the coffee machines.
A staff member slipping over on a patch of oil Proper cleaning and supervision needs to be done.
A staff member straining his/her back manually lifting 40kg bags of potatoes Implement more technologies and automated machines to reduce the manual lifts and carriage.
Exposure to electrical wires that are inadequately insulated This type of incident can cause the life risks of the tasks to improve the situations of Hospitality Operations Management Assignment. Also they increase the possibilities high claim of insurance or compensations. The organisations need to employ proper supervision of the electricity and the wirings.