A Cross Cultural Management Case Study : Management Assignment

Topic for Management Assignment: A Cross Cultural Management Case Study, “Japanese Companies In Germany”


In the modern world, there are many Management Assignment based on A Cross-Cultural Management Case Study Japanese companies which are operating in the European country, Germany. These Japanese companies are competitive in nature and their main motive is to seek profit in Germany. Both this countries-Germany as well as Japan are having their different working cultures. Both the two nations are having different organisational designs as well as shapes. The cross-cultural Management Case Study effects of these two countries are the most effective, relevant and vital as well as important topics to discuss (Allen, 2010).

Activity 1:

1.1 Distinction between company’s culture as well as the culture of corporate sector:

There are distinctions in public relations management assignment between the work culture of Japan as well as Germany exists now also on the basis of talking habits with one another, collaboration habits between Japan as well as Germany, the model of integrity as well as honesty between Japan as well as Germany. The Japanese persons working in the companies of Germany are having different working cultures than the German working persons (Apte, 2009). The working culture of Germany is different and varies from Japan. The working culture varies and differs in Japan as well as in Germany on the basis of modes of undertaking responsibilities in the organizations of Germany, language matters, development of growing personalities  among management assignment and the working persons of both Japan as well as Germany, working persons of Germany as well as Japan should behave properly as well as politely with each other in Germany. The working conditions in Germany should develop as well as grow depending on the work cultures, communication, understandings as well as proper behaviours between the working persons of Germany as well as Japan. The effect on cross traditional and effect on cross-cultural bonding are very much required, important,effective,efficient,fruitful,necessary, needful and should exist to set up proper , efficient as well as effective companies in Germany (Bodnar and Gentry 2010). The effects as well as impact of organizations of Japan to north Germany are based upon rules as well as regulations of Germany, administrators of Germany and unions of Germany. The performance of the Japanese companies is comparatively better and effective as the German companies. In everyday life, the work cultures of Japan as well as Germany differ in the organizations and distinctions arises. The managerial works and management assignment activities in the organisational behaviour of Germany are varying based on the working conditions in Germany and depending on the working persons of Japan as well as Germany (Allay et al. 2009).

1.2 Barriers of Germany as well as Japan. In what ways Japanese people are benefitted as well as what problems the people of Germany faces?

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One of the companies of Japan related with steel as well as trading are tied up with company of Germany have proved barriers in Germany. The hotels, bars, restaurants etc. in Germany is providing proper, good and better fooding facilities to the Japanese people staying in Germany or people of Japan went for a tour in Germany. The tour may be office tour. The hotels in Germany provide proper clothes, house materials to the people of not only Japan but also to the people of whole world. Thus, a barrier occurs. In the management assignment, the managers of Japan along with the clubs as well as the wives of the managers provide useful networks to their family members, friends and their known persons (Davis et al. 2011). The cultural programmes of the Japanese in Germany like the facilities of music system, proper, effective as well as efficient arrangement of the flowers, the occasions of tea as well as effective availability of tea facilities etc. proves a real boost for their staying in Germany. The societies of Germany are providing better facilities to the Japanese persons working in the organisations of Germany. Many persons learn from their experiences in Germany while in a tour. The persons working the companies of Germany are learning more from their experiences of staying and working there. There are many negatives too. Many barriers occur. The people and authorities of Germany are suspecting the working persons as well as the people Japan to be snobby as well as secluded. The Japanese groups working in a well established the management assignment as well as in a reputed company in Germany has been able to save themselves from the harassment of German teams as well.

1.3 English as a medium of Communication. How should the managers of Japan rectify English?

There should not be any problem regarding speaking of English among the Japanese working persons working in the small as well as big organizations in Germany. Most of the Japanese people living in Germany usually and generally speak moderate as well as medium sized English. In the modern world, English should be the medium of communication mainly in the management assignment and workplaces and also in the countries (Copeland and Murrin, 2009).  Speaking English in the workplaces in Germany is the most effective, essential, important, fruitful, needful, necessary and vital not only for the working persons of Japan and Germany but one should improve and develop their communication skills in English in all over the world. The working persons of Japan mainly emphasize on English due to the following factors- Many Japanese industries are in many countries of Europe as well as in North America. Several working persons that are working in the private organizations of Germany are not German in nature nor are Japanese in nature. Many Japanese persons staying as well as working in the big and small companies in Germany are college educated as well has done proper training in English. Most students are a university learners. The English speaking person of Japan speaks medium sized English. The various problems arise in various parts of Germany regarding proper and effective speaking of English. The barriers in the communication of speaking English takes place in Germany (Dumas and Solnik, 2009). The management assignment and manager of Japan should improve speaking in English working in the organizations of Germany and staying at Germany. The managers of Japan should develop as well as grow proper, efficient and effective communication skills in English to run the organizations, to co-ordinate, control, supervise and motivate the employees working in the organizations of Germany.

1.4 What effect the concept on politeness should have on the organisations?

Politeness proves an efficient, important, effective, vital, necessary, needful and one of the vital factors. Extreme politeness should be build up among the Japanese persons as well as among the working persons staying in Germany. The passage of time is confusing the concept of politeness among the Japanese persons living in different parts of Germany. There are no questions to ignore the concept of politeness among the Japanese working persons living as well as working in Germany. There are always a distinction of politeness arises between the working persons of Germany as well as Japan. Vagueness arises among the languages of Japan (Bodnar and Gentry 2010). Japanese researchers should try to overcome the vagueness of language. The conflicts between the Japanese should not take place. The confrontations among the Japanese persons as well the German persons should not take place in the near future. The people of Germany as well the working persons of Germany should not be arrogant as well as should not be irritable at any point of time in their lifetimes. Both the persons of Germany as well as of Japan utilize the concepts of ‘politeness’ but they do not use the term ‘politeness’ in a manner as the Americans do. There should not be any institutional conflicts in the culture as well as in the societies of Japan (Copeland and Murrin, 2009). The companies of Germany are getting very much benefitted by the use of the term as well as concept- Politeness. The working persons working in the big as well as small organisations of Germany are very much benefitted by the proper, better and effective use of the English term ‘politeness’ as they have achieved proper as well as effective successes in the companies.

Management Assignment

 Figure 1: Companies of Japan in Germany.

(Source: Allen, 2010 pp-112).

1.5 Non-cultural reasons of the companies as given in the case study:

The Japanese companies of Germany have undergone several tours in the European soil as well as in the other countries including U.S.A too. The rank of Germany in the whole world is high and emerging higher. Sometimes the Japanese companies in Germany excel as well as rank well in the skills than Germany (Chung and Liu, 2010). Examples- Communication skills, verbal skills,p roper,better as well as effective working skills,g ood,better and proper productivity skills, good efficiency skills, proper and effective manpower requirements etc.The decision making capabilities of Japan is at the bottom levels whereas decision taking capabilities of Germany is at the topmost level. The discussions of Japanese companies in Germany incur patience and these companies prefer mainly face to face controversies as well as discussions (Copeland and Joshi, 2010).


The Japanese organisational behaviour in Germany has been so far have proved effective, efficient, fruitful and one of the best. The quality of the products of the Japanese companies in Germany is superior, good and better with proper costs involved. The working persons working in various firms of Japan are putting their efforts properly for the growth, development and upliftment of these private firms. The Japanese companies are performing better in the competitive markets. The Japanese employees and managers working in the organizations in Germany should develop proper English communication skills among themselves.

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