How To Write Paragraphs

Writing Paragraphs Is Easier Than You Think!

 Write Paragraphs

This guide will give you a correct insight on how to write paragraphs. You will learn –

  • What is a paragraph
  • The parts of a paragraph
  • The different types of paragraph

You will often find a paragraph to be a stand-alone text of sentences however in a wider form it is also part of a long piece of writing like an essay or an assignment. A paragraph is not just a few sentences placed together- it is in fact a group of sentences that are about a similar point or a common idea. Paragraphs generally divide long pieces of writing into small bits. Each of these small bits revolve around a main point or the main point that is being discussed may be broken down into several paragraphs that revolve round a central theme. While every paragraph in an essay has its own point of discussion, they are also connected to the other paragraphs that speak about the topic. This provides logical structure and sequencing to the essay to ensure that the content makes complete sense and is not just a series of sentences that are disconnected and thrown together.

Some paragraphs may comprise of a single sentence however this is a rare case.  In fact, there are no set rules when it comes to a number of sentences that should be placed in a paragraph. However, to do their job, paragraphs must have at least two sentences to make sense. Generally, you need a single sentence to introduce the reader to the main point that is to be discussed and you need another sentence to explain or expand the main point that is being discussed.

Parts of a paragraph

A paragraph generally has three parts- the first part is a topic sentence- this introduces the reader to the main topic that is to be discussed, the second part comprises of two or three sentences that develops the main topic or idea that is being discussed and the third part is the summary sentence- this summarises the information that has been discussed in the paragraph.

The topic sentence

A good paragraph will introduce the reader to the topic or the main idea. The topic sentence is that sentence that connects the paragraph to the introduction or to the previous paragraph.


After you have written the topic sentence, the next few set of sentences relates to the topic sentence and explains the main idea that you wish to discuss. These sentences can provide support to the topic sentence in the form of arguments, evidence and examples. However, when you are providing arguments and evidence, it is important for you to cite the sources appropriately.

Summary sentence

The summary sentence can be said to be an extra sentence that is optional for you. If you use it, the sentence summaries the sentences that have been used for the development of the main point and they link back to the topic sentence.

Different types of paragraphs

University essays have three basic types of paragraphs- they are introductory paragraphs, body paragraphs and concluding paragraphs. There are minute differences between the three paragraphs primarily because they have different tasks to perform.

Introduction paragraph

The introduction paragraph gives you orientation to the topic. It tells the reader what is going to take place in the essay and tell you what the essay is about. The introduction generally has three to four parts major sub parts. The key terms are also defined in the introduction paragraph. This gives the reader the idea of your position of the topic. It is also known as the thesis statement. For example, if you are arguing about a topic, you would write for or against it or be neutral towards the topic.

After this, the introduction paragraph should list the main points against the topic. The discussion about them will take place in the subsequent paragraphs.


Each paragraph of the body in your assignment or essay will revolve around the main point or be part of the main point. The body paragraph should connect to the introduction or back to the previous paragraph.


The conclusion will tell the reader what the essay or the assignment has been about. It summarises the topic that you have written about and reinforces the reader to the salient points of the essay.  It bonds the essay together and links it to both the introduction and the conclusion.