Guidelines To A Model Essay Structure

This is a guide to the model basic essay structure that will help you with your school/college and university assignments.

Essay Writing- The Basic Structure (Model Essay Structure)

Model Essay Structure

If you take a look at essay writing today, you will find that there is no “standard” structure for students to write an essay. However, there is a common model that may be used by students for structuring any kind of essay on all subjects. This is a very good starting point for students and may be used for all kinds of academic assignments. With the passage of time when you get used to this essay writing model, you will master the skills and make appropriate variations as and when required.

The basic structure of an essay comprises of 3 parts- the introduction, body and conclusion. They may look like words to you but in reality, they are the sections of an essay  Structure that you should keep in mind while writing. The following is an outline to the above 3 sections that will help you immensely when you write an essay for an academic assignment:

  • Introduction- This is a very important section of the essay writing model. It acts as a plan and map of the essay. Remember that your essay should never be mysterious to the reader and it is not a detective story. You should write in the introduction what your essay is about and what points it will cover. In short, you will tell the reader what you will be talking about instead of making him or her guess what the essay will be about. It should give the reader orientation to the topic and key terms should be used in the topic. It will also inform the reader about your position in the topic and can also be referred to as the “thesis statement
  • Body- This is the section of the essay that will take up most of the word count. Here, you will take up the main points that have been described in the introduction of the essay and write a paragraph on each point. These points should be supported with reading and research. The objective here is to expand on all these points till you have ran out of points. The sources that you are using in the essay must also be cited correctly. The body paragraphs should have a logic sequence.
  • Conclusion- This is the end section of the essay and it will inform the reader what the essay is about. It is like a summary of the points that has been discussed in the essay. It summarizes the points that you have searched, discovered and concluded. The introduction of the essay gives the reader a prediction as to what is to come and the conclusion reinforces the reader to the main points of the essay. The conclusion is the rope that ties both the introduction and the conclusion.

Therefore, for writing a good essay Structure, you must ensure that your assignment covers the above 3 important components- introduction, body and conclusion. For more valuable tips and information on essay writing and its salient components, you may refer to the following link Essay Writing Service.