SBM3206 Project Management Fundamentals & Practices Group Assignment-Asia Pacific International College AU

Case Study

SMART Construction is a reliable company in building construction projects in Sydney. It has been active in construction for the last 20 years. The main aim of the company is to provide high quality and luxurious construction buildings that fulfil the needs of the customers.
Recently the company signed a contract for constructing a building for Asia Pacific International College (APIC), Sydney.

BUILDING SPECIFICATIONS : SBM3206 Project Management Fundamentals & Practices Group Assignment

The building area is 700 square meters with basement, ground level and first level. This building is mainly designed for administration, dean office, and staff offices. The basement includes the car parks, storage rooms and building facilities room, the ground level includes the administration office, reception room, and three meeting rooms. The first level includes the dean room and the staff rooms.


Working hours 8am to 12pm, 1pm to 5pm

Working days seven days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

Working on Christmas time (no holidays over Christmas)


1. The building will be built to the specifications and design of the original blueprints provided by the customer (APIC).

2. Owner responsible for landscaping.

3. Refrigerator is not included among kitchen appliances.

4. Air conditioning is not included but prewiring is included.

5. Contractor reserves the right to contract out services.

6. Contractor responsible for subcontracted work.

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Table 1: COST PLAN

SBM3206 Project Management Fundamentals


SBM3206 Project Management Fundamentals & Practices Assignment Help


SBM3206 Project Management Fundamentals Assignment

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Unit Project A

Required tasks to be accomplished:

1- Develop Project Charter

Hint: For the project charter, use the template presented in the class and create similar one for your project. List and describe each element and create graph or table illustrates the project charter

2- Establish Work Breakdown Structure WBS (consider table 3, the main building deliverables and activities) (do it in cardboard)

Hint: APIC-A Approval is main deliverable, the tasks under are the activities (work packages)

Hint: do not include Milestone in your WBS

3- Establish initial cost estimating

Hint: For the initial cost estimating, use the cost plan table attached in your assignment, follow what you have learned in the class, and calculate the total cost Remember total cost equals all costs (direct that is labourer, machines, materials…etc. and direct overhead cost such as project manager…etc. and the indirect cost such as general administration for example marketing, advertisements…etc.)

Unit Project B

4- Integrate WBS and organisational breakdown structure OBS (see the OBS)

Hint: use the names in the OBS as main people when integrating WBS with OBS

Question: What is the closing date of the project (Early start)?

5- Develop Network Plan (do it on cardboard)

Hint: use only the work packages in WBS
Hint: only show the milestone, but remember it does not have duration, see the example bellow

Question: Which path is the critical path? identify activities on this path.

6- Establish and calculate detailed cost estimation for each main deliverable and activity in the WBS

Hint: Use the total cost that you calculated from table 1, and then use
cost percentages in table 2.

7- For the main deliverable Walls and Roof, develop schedule resource plan considering that only three labourers are available each day staring from the first day the first activity (C10) under this main deliverable until the end of the last activity (C40) under this main deliverable finishes.

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