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SWOT Analysis of presentation Skills

SWOT analysis is a useful way that helps Portfolio Management one to analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that influence and affect the progress of the concerned issue. It is primarily a strategic management tool that enables one to plan efficiently regarding the four aspects described above with respect to a project or a business venture.

Portfolio Management

Self-analysis plays a significant part in the personal progress but is often the most complicated process to accomplish. The difficulty in conducting a self-analysis lies in the fact that one hardly tries to find faults with oneself. However, with the proper identification of the strengths and weaknesses that are internal in nature, it has been observed that one becomes able to perform better and combat the threats and overcome the weaknesses using the strengths one has and efficient utilisation of the opportunities one can avail. The basic to better performance thus lies in the fact lies in the identification of one’s strengths, weaknesses and threats and opportunities in Portfolio Management.


·         Confident and Creative

·         Good use of visual aids and slides to

Support the presentation

·         Sound understanding of the content

 that needs to be delivered

·         Committed to the comprehensive

the capability of the audience


·         Stage phobia/fear

·         Stammer when nervous

·         Often speak too fast that makes others unable to follow

·         Phobia or fear associated to public speaking


Rigorous practice

Attending training sessions of public speaking


·         Intense competition

·         Foreign language and dealing with foreigners who don’t understand English

Table 1: Personal SWOT Analysis

(Source: created by the author)

SWOT Analysis

As shown in the table the Strengths consist of the basic attitude of the presenter in Portfolio Management. The presenter has much strength that supports his/her progress as a good and efficient corporate professional. The presenter is confident enough and makes use of creativity in his/her assigned topic or subject for presentation. These stand as the basic corporate professional skills. The presenter makes good use of the visual aids and slides available to him/her in a creative manner to enhance and support the presentation. The in-depth understanding and knowledge management of the content that is to be delivered through the presentation make him/her an efficient presenter. The presenter is further committed to finding out if the audience is able to comprehend and understand the subject fully.

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The Weaknesses that hinder the presenter are the phobia or the fear associated with public speaking or addressing the audience from a stage. The presenter often speaks too fast that makes others unable to understand or follow him/her.

The Opportunities that can be availed by the presenter to enhance the presentation skills are rigorous practice and attending public speaking classes.

The threats faced by the presenter include the hindrance of foreign language and in dealing with foreign clients who do not understand English. There is also the threat of intense competition that the presenter faces from others who are proficient in the art of giving corporate and important presentations on major issues.

The Strategies that the presenter can employ to combat the threats are that he/she can further develop the skills by attending personal grooming classes, public speaking classes besides surfing the internet to get a plethora of knowledge on delivering exquisite do my assignment presentations of Portfolio Management. Besides these, the presenter can learn the foreign languages in respect to the nationalities of the clients with whom the organisation deals in their business ventures.

Reflective Writing

The use of Social Media has become so common and pervasive nowadays and more so among the people of our generation that most of us perceive having an account or a presence in any of the social networking sites to be synonymous with being online. We log in daily and check the home page of our account to get the latest update of the recent happenings. Consequently, these sites have become the spaces where much of the social activity is echoed and reflected upon.

Experience: Social media has both positive and negative effects. It is the platform where we often come across people who are complete strangers to us that often have deadly consequences. I came across and made friends with a person on Facebook with whom I was not previously acquainted. The friendship continued for few months and then I realised that the person is misusing my photos. Immediately I had used the Un-friend option, deleted him from my friend list, and blocked the person forever.

Positive and negative aspects: The positive side of the interaction was that I was able to interact with a person from a different country. Through the interaction, I came to know about many unknown facts regarding their culture. Overall, I had a good time. The negative aspect of the interaction has however been terrible. The misuse of my pictures led me to embarrassing situations though it happened only for a short time. It caused me heartache to see my trust being taken advantage of.

Learning: I learned that easily believing people and making friends just through chatting is not proper and at all wise. Besides, there was my fault too that led to the incident. I gave him the access to my photographs that gave him the scope to misuse the same for his illegal activities.

Handling of the situation in the future: Now when I reflect on this situation, I understand my loopholes and callousness in handling the situation. At present if this incident or a similar type happens with me, at the first place, I will not entertain friend requests from unknown persons, and even if I entertain, I will be more alert and more cautious while interact\ting with the guy. I will not give him any crucial personal information. I will rather use the privacy settings of my account and make those even strict in case of filtering requests and responses from unknown people or complete strangers. Moreover, I will lock my personal snaps and use the privacy setting of the account to make them available to the people with whom I wish to share my pictures. This will make me safe.

Personal Ethical Framework

Perception of a good professional:

A person in order to be virtuous and successful enough needs to inculcate the honour, dignity and the effectiveness that comes along with being an ICT professional. It requires one to be a good citizen, follow all the rules and legislation that encompass his profession. It requires acting with full conviction, obeying the law of the nation and adhering to the social values.

Work ethic:

The professional needs to follow the code of professional conduct that lays down the regulations that a member of the ACS society needs to follow while working in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

The work ethic constitutes the six ethical values and other criteria with respect to professional conduct. The code is in accordance to the standards of the legislation related to the profession. Failure to follow the code may have legal consequences on the practice of the professional.

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Important Values

The values refer to the six core values that are to be followed by an ACS ICT member.

These values include

  • The Primacy of public Interest: It requires the placing of the interests and welfare of the public over the interests of the self, business or a particular section.
  • The Enhancement of the Quality of Life: the professional needs to enhance the quality of the life of the public and continuously strive to do so through one’s work.
  • Honesty: this simply requires the professional to be honest in the work, in dealing with the public as well as in the representation of the skills, knowledge, products and the services offered by him/her.
  • Competence: it requires working with proper diligence and competence for the stakeholders.
  • Professional Development: It entails working for the development of oneself as well as of the others.
  • Professionalism: The professional requires enhancing the integrity of the Australian Computer Society and need to enhance the mutual respect of the fellow workers.

Communicating with others:

As far as communication is concerned, the professional needs to be extremely sensitive, maintain all the regulations and inculcate the basic values so as not to hurt the sentiments of others. The professional code of conduct needs to be followed by the ICT professional in his/her dealing with others.

Work Diversity and Handling people of different cultures:

In this modern era, all countries have a considerable number of immigrants who constitute a portion of the work force. Working with people of diverse background entails one to be sensitive enough to their issues and cultural background. One should understand the basic difference and respect the diversity accordingly.

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