Empowerment Of People : Academic Management Writing Essay

The sample for Empowerment Of People: Empowerment of people includes critical awareness and participation in activities to create social and political change. Discuss the role of the nurse/midwife in this process in Academic Management Writing.

Empowerment is a big easel to hold the canvas of society it has a wide range of meaning in various perspectives in Management Writing. Many intellectual experts from different eras and areas have defined, interpreted and meant the empowerment of people differently. Sociological empowerment, psychological empowerment, and financial empowerment show always their crucial roles in the society. Women play a crucial role in the empowerment of people. A big part of women and men – not only in Australia but also around the world –works as the nurses and midwives in the health sectors since the ancient period of human civilization. They have a crucial impact on the empowerment (Suu Kyi, 2013).

Realizing Power:

In the nucleus of empowerment ‘power’ lies. The opportunity and obviousness of empowerment are related to two things. The first one is the capability of the relevant power to bring changes in the empowerment. It is possible and relevant also if the adjacent power is really capable to bring changes in the society and in the lives of relevant people. The second one is totally laid upon the general conception of power. General experiences with power and common ideas about power fall their impacts on the empowerment in Management Writing.

Management Writing

Power is frequently associated with the capability of powerful ones to make surroundings which they wish to gather apart from the interests of the wishes of surroundings. The empowerment expands itself according to the installer of the power. Sector and kind of power also decide the projected areas and consequences of the empowerment (Bacon, 2005).

Recognizing Empowerment:

Empowerment of any individual body may produce a result according to its own will. It can be good or inept for society and for the people who belong to that society. But, empowerment of common people in Management Writing has been witnessed to generate positive energies in the social matter. In maximum cases, empowerment of common people has proved its charismatic influences. Empowerment of women also receives greater importance.

The procedure of empowerment is a multi-layered society related process which assists people to achieve controlling-capabilities to spend their own livelihood and to take own decisions. It has happened in the locations of an economy, sociology, psychology etc. The process of it engages many people. The process goes up being depending on the related people and works and what kind of empowerment is expected.On the canvas of empowerment the society or community and individual ones are inter-related (Daustraliae, 2008).

The connection between Individual Beings and the Society:

In the social change and empowerment of people, individual ones matter much. Her/his initial change can summon the initiative of empowerment of people. Every individual character is considered as the linkup between community or society and rising of the empowerment. Every people is required to understand the criteria and characteristics of empowerment to empower the whole community of those people. Awareness of the needs and relevant issues of expected power makes the journey of people empowerment even. (Kopp et al. 2007).

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The concept of “People Empowering People” in Management Writing:

‘People Empowering People’ program or PEP has been defined as the connection among researchers, theories, and practices of the empowerment. Initially, it has main focus on adult education. PEP Program also aims at the strength of people giving adequate scopes and tools to accumulate proper skills and experiences. PEP has been introduced to increase the control of people on their thoughts and lives (Patel et al. 2011).

Most crucial contemporary tools of empowerment of people:

Empowerment is not a direct application to be installed in the lives of people. It is a process having some crucial tools. Proper education and knowledge hunting are granted as the most important equipment of empowerment. Realization of rights and powers is vital to be empowered to the Management Writing. Without any knowledge and strategies about those, empowerment of people slows down. Proper education helps also to recognize the importance of having control on own lives and how that can be attained (Whitehead, 2005).

The increasing entrance of the web since the last decade of the twentieth century has allowed people to access their actual empowerment. Internet singularly provides different tools to access that. WWW (World Wide Web) has become a great source to expand them for the people. Online activities in the social networking sites enable people to be empowered also. Being anonymous or not, anyone can share her/his thought and can receive also debates on that. Freedom to opine is considered as a great tool of empowerment. The women, who were not so comfortable in the factors of society, are also nowadays free enough to snatch their rights and power focus on Management Writing. Blogging and e-learning are also playing pivotal roles in the empowerment of people. Those provide liberty to know and express many techniques to control own life (Scullion et al. 2013).

Role of Empowerment of People in the Social and Political Change:

Social and political change is something about the involvement of the society in its own controlling of livelihood and empowering. In the dome of a power battle or class struggle community of people plays a vital role. Empowerment of People relates to social empowerment or community empowerment. In a society, apt empowerment of people is possible only if the existing powerful characters share their underlying power with the whole community. Social empowerment goes for cultural development also along with the promotion of politics, community and economic conditions (Narayan-Parker, 2005).

In a certain community related to Management Writing,  if the people are being empowered, it is obvious that society, politics and socio-political scenario of that community are going to be enhanced. Empowerment of people can help people to omit the differences and discriminations among the people. It has been generally seen since the ancient age that only powerful people enjoy the advantages of the community and also dominate others to attain their fancies. Empowerment will allow those dominators to reduce their extra evil power and the dominated ones to gain some controls to spend lives with comfort at their own conditions. Politics is inter-related with power and using of power in the society.

The arena of the politics lie into the grips of rulers and administrators of the community and often powerful people enjoy the posts of the rulers and administrators of Management Writing. Empowerment of people will help the mass to reach at their own rights and belongingness to Management Writing. Therefore, rulers will not impose any pressure on them illegally. Politics will be more flexible and positive. Empowerment of people can let people take their own decisions and deeds at their own lawful will. But, one thing is relevant here to mention that distribution of power must be supervised and logical. Otherwise, it can create chaos in the community. As nowadays the global yard is considered as a single society, empowerment of people is essential and also to be optimistically handled (civilsociety.org.au, 2014).

Women Empowerment:

A woman is a big segment of the society. Empowerment of women has a great function in the change in society and politics.“United Nations Development Program” or UNDP which is an international improvement network of “United Nations” works also for the empowerment of the women since long time around the Management Writing in the world. In Australia empowerment of Women has become crucial to increase their human resource in the socio-political sector. Providing and improvement of leadership quality is an objective of women empowerment. Women empowerment also aims at generating opportunities, techniques and knowledge sharing and also at the universality of womanhood. In the economy of a community, empowerment of women has great influence to generate financial enhancement (humanrights.gov.au, 2014).

Role of nurses in the social and political change in the perspective of empowerment of people:

Every people in every sector – irrespectively men and women –influence the changes in society and politics if s/he is positively empowered. In the sectors of health-oriented policies and services, empowerment is nurtured with great care in recent days. It attributes the relation between nurses or midwives and clients to the Management Writing. The nurses, who are willing to overcast empowerment on the patients, make out often the intricacy of this procedure. There is an intricacy because if the utmost control of nurses on the patients fails, it can turn into any consequence. Nurses are expected to realize primarily the needs of an individual and then control or empower her/him (Patel et al. 2011).

Empowerment of nurses or midwives has many other effects other than their working sectors. Many female and male nurses/midwives also come from the mediocre families of the societies. In many cases, they are the first generation who works in the health sector or any workplace. So, they are totally unaware of the practice fields. Many male and female nurses also come from such families where they have never experienced before the true controlling of own livelihoods (Suu Kyi, 2013). So, empowerment is practically a brand new and unfamiliar thing for them. The people who are not aware of ownership rights, often are not truly capable to utilize power. Therefore, in Management Writing displaying and applying to power many times cause effective results in society. They are expected to tackle their power along with the responsibility, liability, and modesty. In this context, it is always important to depict that empowerment of a nurse/midwife can be good because a nurse/midwife has a pivotal function not only in the health sectors but also in the society. They are large in number, their intellectual opinion can change political scenario also (Patel et al. 2011).

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Through this Management Writing essay, the matters and factors of the empowerment of people are cultured. It has been studied that there are many tools and need of those in the procedure of empowerment. Nurse/midwife segment of the human society puts impact greatly on the social and political changes.