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Task for Hospitality Assignment Help : Document a detailed diversity management plan for your workplace.

1. Diversity Management Plan

In the Hospitality Assignment Help sector, the term diversity refers to significant differences among the people in respect to age, gender, qualification, ethnicity, and cultural differences and religions sentiments.  Diversity in the hospitality industry is an important factor in facilitating a positive work environment in the global market (Ely and Roberts, 2008). Advent of globalization has increased the need for diverse work force in the hospitality industry as clients from multi-ethnic backgrounds need to be served.

In the hotel industry, maintaining sustainability by balancing expectations of the clients/guests with good green sense is the one of the objectives of our hotel. But due to increasing diversity in our hospitality industry and Hospitality Assignment Help, facing various challenges to increase its sustainability. As a member of the human resources management team, my duty is to prepare a diversity management plan in order to remove workforce diversity problem as well as diversity among the customer.

Useful resource to completion of diversity management plan in hospitality industry:

Hospitality Assignment Help

Figure 1 in Hospitality Assignment Help: Various resources for completion of diversity management plan

(Source: Ellebracht et al. 2009, pp-665)

Scan and Understand: In our planning process, first we have to understand aims and objectives of our resources of Hospitality Assignment Help and according to that need to include right workforce to get there. Also we have to understand relationship with our agency with the external people of our organization. Scanning internal and external factor helps to analyze current and future requirement of our organization. Well understanding of strategic management goals is crucial in forming diversity management plan.

Analyze and important: Collecting and analyzing the colleting the data regarding the customer and employee coming from diverse background (http://www.asaub.edu.bd, 2014). This review can be extent by addressing the current sector wide and addressing various problem that a organization has to face due to agency specific workforce and customer’s issue. In this planning also needs to include demand and supply of their service in relate to the diversity problem among the customer and employees.

Develop and Implement: A successful diversity plan includes a whole agency approach who takes the responsibility to implement the plan. Without a proper responsibility from the human resource assignment help branch, a diversity plan never implemented successfully. Thus, hotel industry needs to assign a responsible workforce officer of Hospitality Assignment Help who act as the performance indicator and encourage employees to share their thoughts to ensure success of their plan.

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Monitor and Evaluate: Another important factor that ensure success of the implemented diversity plan is monitoring and evaluating of the strategies. This will provide the diversity plan to continue each and every process in a cyclical way and assist to monitor the implemented plan in Hospitality Assignment Help.

  1. Several processes to involve staff in the process of documenting the diversity management plan:

For involving our staff in the diversity management plan, the management team may assimilate new employees those are coming from different background. Leaders motivate them to participate in the more challengeable aspect of the organization. Several internship program also can be formed for example, targeted development plan, evaluation of the skill program, for succession of the implemented planning (Steers et al. 2004). Another process to involve employees coming from diversified background in the diversity management assignment help planning is to form a link between diversity and work life activities. If the organization offers healthy living program of Hospitality Assignment Help at free of cost to the all employees, all participants can understand effectiveness of this plan and importance to recognize diverse needs of the workforce. Further, affinity group also may be introduced to collect feedback regarding diversity issue in the workplace.

  1. How open communication and discussion about the diversity issue helps to complete your diversity plan:

In the work environment, open communication refers giving equal opportunities to the all staff members to reveal their ideas and share information. Open communication is a source of energy and creativity. Open communication helps to create a work environment where all members can effectively understand what they need to do to achieve organizational goals and objectives. Open communication reduce information gaps and identify the problems faced by the organization in absence of diverse work force (Niemes, 2002).

Discussing extensively about the needs and benefits of diversity with the staff members will help to get their views, share best practices and clarify their doubts. Any conflicting interests or resistance to change can be tracked immediately and further steps can be taken to control such resistance.

Open communication allows all managers as well as all employees to participate in the decision-making process and allow everyone to know what they and doing and the reason behind diversity management. This will also ensure creativity and active involvement from all the staff members can be achieved to make the diversity plan a success.

  1. Process to fit EEO principle into the diversity management plan:

EEO (Equal Employment Opportunities) is all about eliminating unethical discrimination in the workplace related to the diversity issue and ensure creating equal employment opportunities independent of age, race, culture and background of the people. This law also empowers the workforce by promoting constructive conflict management so that current workforce participates in their jobs with full potential (Gardner and Cogliser, 2009).

Process to fit EEO principle into the diversity management plan:

Stage 1: Implement a effective EEO administrator who process program in order to resolve the diversity problem in the work place

For this, issue and distribute an updated EEO policy signed by Administrator of the hotel among all the employees and customer so that they can understand what type of punishment they may have to face in case of crating diverse cultural issue. For this, providing Workforce Harassment training and EECO compliance training is mandatory for the employee.

 Stage 2: Provide effective accessibility to the employee so that people with disability also can enjoy full access to equal employment opportunities:

The HR management team of the Hospitality sector needs to provide special care on the fact that employees with some form of disability can enjoy equal opportunities and no discrimination can be made with them in the working environment.

Stage 3: Develop and straighten internal tracing system and introduce some programs and performance measure programs in the work place:

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Introduce Federal automated in order to record all EEO complements coming from the employees group and store all the relevant data stored in the automated store tracking system (Yukl, 2010).

  1. Implementation of the diversity management plan:

Implementation of the diversity management plan in the hospitality sector includes some vital elements in order to build capacity and sustainability in all the departments. Implementation of the plan includes steps by steps approach.

Essential Elements Departmental Action
Leadership List several diversity and inclusion standing factors that affects meeting the organizational agenda. Using open communication method address people who provide positive effort
Policy Review


Identify several policies that are owned by the department and review the policies to check their priorities in integrating diversity issue in the workplace.
Integrating into the business plan Apply the diversity management plan into the workplace and address the possible challenges in implementing the new plan.
Performance and evaluation Monitor and report the effectiveness of the implemented plan and identify what actions needs to be taken for meeting the agendas.

Part B

Task 1: Demographic Profile

  1. Process to obtain information about the customer/ staff:

The manager of local restaurant in Sydney named Hilton, was contacted and a request was made to allow carrying out a primary research. The purpose of the research was clearly explained that data regarding the demographic profile of customers and staff members were needed. Permission was granted to conduct a survey in the form or questionnaire distribution in the evening hours when the restaurant was not very busy. The following questionnaires were prepared separately for staffs and customers —

Demographic profile of the customer

Q1) How old are the visiting customers? ·         20 or younger
·         21- 40
·         41- 65
·         65 or older
Q2) Which gender mainly visit the restaurant ? ·         Male
·         Female
·         Others
Q3) What type of community does your targeted customer live? ·         Rural areas
·         Town
·         City
·         Mega City
Q4) What are ethnic backgrounds of customers who mainly visit the restaurant ·         British
·         Africans
·         Black Caribbean
·         Asians
·         Others
Q5) Does they face any issue related to their diverse cultural background? ·         Yes
·         No
·         Can’t Say

Demographic profile for the staff:

Q1) What is the date of employment?
Q2) What are the gender of the employees? ·         Male
·         Female
·         Others
Q3) What age group do the employees belong to?


·         18-25
·         26-30
·         31-40
·         Above 40
Q4) What is the income level of the employee? ·         Less than $20,000
·         $20,000 – $49,000
·         $50,000- $89,000
·         More than $90,000
Q5) What type of disability status of the employee? Yes
Q6) Does they face any issue related to their diverse cultural background? ·         Yes
·         No
·         Can’t Say
Q7) What type of community the staff members belong to? ·         British
·         Africans
·         Black Caribbean
·         Asians
·         Others

In order to collect information regarding customer and staff, the management team of the company can introduce internal and external survey (Vecchio et al. 2008). Through internal survey, hotel industry may collect feedbacks from their employee for understanding what type of problem they has to face in the present working environment and what process they needs to follow to remove these issue from the workplace as well as strengthen the working culture. On the other hand, to do my assignment and understand customer’s needs and requirement the company can collect the quantitative data from the customer. Information may be collected from the customer by distributing survey questionnaire among the customer that contain the above mentioned all the questions. The management team also may take feedback from the customer by addressing the valuable insights that the service provider can use for improving their guest experience.

  1. How the collected information used to enhance organizational performance:

The information obtained from the survey provided the demographic profile of employees and the customers. This helped to understand whether the organization had a good mix of employees from diverse background to serve the customers coming from diverse global locations.  The number of members from each ethnic community along with differences in age, gender, cultural background etc helped to design separate teams (Lussier and Achua, 2009). For each team a mix of individuals (employees) was chosen who could serve customers in a better manner.

The current business environment has become more competitive and thus it is necessary for an organization to adopt strategies that can positively strengthen its performance (https://alis.alberta.ca, 2014). By analyzing and interpreting the quantitative data, the management team of the organization can understand the effectiveness of their current policies and practices. It also helped to understand whether the current workforce helped to comply with the human resource policies relating to equal opportunity and no discrimination work environment.

Any deficit in the diverse mix helps to redesign recruitment procedure to hire individuals from diverse cultural background. Thus, the collected information are the part of their strategic decision making process. Delivering service according to the customer’s needs, may provide a key to the organization for long-term sustain.

  1. Several processes that might be applied to help the staff to see the benefits of diversity management plan:

The staff members will be counseled and the importance of promoting diverse workplace culture, work place tolerance, and managing cross cultural issues will be explained (Marquis and Huston, 2011). Open forums and group discussions can be organized to trained employees to trained them and understand several benefits of diversity management planning.

Cross cultural training –

In the hospitality sector, developing cultural competency is one of the challengeable facts as people are coming from the diverse background. It is necessary for a manger a good collaboration pattern so that free flow of accurate information can reach to their employee and helps people to explained their experienced regarding their jobs. Due to diverse workplace in most of the time people find it difficult to manage their emotional stress when they deal with the people from the diverse background. Cross cultural training helps to new values and norms that are very difficult to marginalize. This counseling will help to minimize anxiety among the employee and thus they will start to form interaction conversation among them irrespective of cultural or some other form of differences. After making them emotionally strong with the help of cross cultural training, it is also necessary to provide training in the frame of cognitive approach to deal with the cultural differences. Thus, the strategy must be first affective and then follow cognitive approach.

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