Participate In Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices: Environmental Sustainability Assignment

The impact of hospitality industry on the environment:

The hospitality industry is most effective part of Environmental Sustainability Assignment. Hospitality industries are globally distributed. It has many branches such as hotel and resort, motel, pubs, bar etc. These types of business are affecting the environment. The three key environmental impacts are water, energy and waste (Wagner, 2013).
Environmental Sustainability Assignment

                                           Fig 1: Environmental Resources

                                                Source: (Wagner, 2013, pp. 448)


Visitors and tourists require a clean supply of water from traditional hospitality services such as hotels. They can meet the requirements for their customer. In many hotels such as three stars, five star hotel they can create the big swimming pool to fulfil their customer needs. This type of swimming pool cleaned by extracting the water every day. As result a large amount of water can be spoiled. Also water is spoiled due to presence of landscape garden and golf courses. Fro example, Hilton hotel is a globally renowned organization. In 2012 73.8 gallons water is using for their customer (, 2014).

Energy: Excessive energy use is extremely costly. Energy comes from Environmental Sustainability Assignment resources such as fossils fuel. Hospitality industry very much uses energy for their customer satisfaction (Hill and Gale, 2009). Many organisations in the hospitality industry such as the bars provide too much of extra facilities for Environmental Sustainability Assignment and the customers who regularly visits the bars, where a huge extra energy is spoiled by the bars to fulfill the requirements of the clients.


In hospitality services wastage is the most common word. Wastage of food, wastage of water, wastage of energy, wastage of many type of things to fulfill the customer requirements. In hospitality industry such as restaurants. They can provides food according to the order of customer .However oftorganisationion fails to fulfill the customer requirements. It leads to wastage of food.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hospitality Business:

Hospitality industry for Environmental Sustainability Assignment is most popular industry the in world. This sector includes tourism, tour, various types of hospitality services such as hotels and resorts, motels and many other hospitality services. This type of industry totally depends on customer satisfaction service (Peters and Romi, 2013). This type of industry has several advantages. However activities in hospitality industry impacts negatively.

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The hospitality business has several type of advantages. If any of the hospitality industry create their business resort area such as sea beach, hill beach etc. But those place economical condition are not well. So, many people get job in this industry.

The several disadvantages of hospitality business that they provide the 24 hour service to their customer. For example, many hotels are providing 24 hour service. Staffs are needed to work shifts and extended hours for their customer satisfaction. So, hotels are providing the service for their customer at all time. For this reason, many resources of the environment are destroyed such as water, energy consuming etc.

In restaurant if any customer cannot satisfy with the foods of the restaurant. Then the staffs of restaurant provide the other same dish for the customers. As result many foods are spoiled for this cause.

Identification of environmental resource

In order to success the business in hospitality in this present scenario of competitive market organization has to use solar system in their business. From the last few years it was seen that mane organization in hospitality industry faces different challenges to maintain their product cost and profit (Christa, 2010). Due to the raise of electric bill organization in hospitality industry unable to find the way of success and make more profit for the company. Solar system helps the firm to reduce their electric bill. As the system is natural the pollution also is removed in air by the use of solar system. Water is also uses in the hospitality industry.

Using solar thermal energy is measure the solar system in hospitality industry (Jackson et al, 2014). For measuring the solar panel Kilo Watt Hours helps to measure the energy. For example 1 kilo watt system of solar energy generates 1000 kilo watt hour and it may be double in the sunny climates. Rather than PV system is also helps to measure the solar energy.

Identification of techniques

Different techniques are used to collect solar energy in hospitality industry. For collecting heat and energy and lightweight the organization in hospitality industry uses solar panel. It is possible for hospitality to constant their electricity within the organization (Roxas and Coetzer, 2012). Using cheaper power from the sun the hospitality industry utilized their system. Also in hospitality industry using layout and building concept increases the heat and lightweight to power.

It is actually the passive technology from the sun to employing energy. The organization in hospitality industry uses photovoltaic enthusiastic technology to categorize the solar energy within their organization. Rays transformation of the sun via photovoltaic enthusiastic solar panel to the solar power is the methods of technique of solar energy. Moreover the technique that are used to solar energy in hospitality industry is Hydronic heating.

Identification the efficiency of this resource for future

In UK the organization face lots of challenges to run their business. The people in UK want to get service in low price. But excessive cost of electric bill unable to maintain the low price service in their product ( Choi and Ng, 2011). It helps the firm in hospitality industry to lowdown their electric bill and also maintains 24 hour electricity in their business. Reducing the cost of electric bill helps to maintain their low fare rate in their service. It helps the firm in their future development.

Environmental Hazards:

Environmental hazards are basically two types fire hazards and hot environment hazards.

 Environmental Sustainability Assignment

                                               Fig 2: Environmental Hazards

                                                (Source:  Kretz, 2013, pp. 932)

Fire Hazards:

It is a significant risk of fire in the hospitality industry such as food industry. In food industry basically in kitchen purpose. Basically the employees work in food industry, they are affected by fire hazards due to use of naked flames, hot oils, gas etc. These are the most important fire hazards. Environment can affected by these type of hazards. It is reduced by all electric equipment checked regularly ( Kretz, 2013). Employee should be joined in fire safety training.

Hot work Environment:

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Staffs in the hospitality industry are at risk of stressed cause by heat due to unloading supplies. Basically in hotel kitchen staffs are working many hours. In kitchen the temperature is very high. Basically in summer the staffs’ conditions were very bad. To protect air treatment is very necessary.  Induction cooking process is very necessary in the kitchen room. Then staffs are doing their job comfortably.

Environmental hazards in hospitality industry

Nature of hazards Impacts  on staffs
Fire Hazards  Employees working in food industry are mostly affected.
Hot Work Environment Staffs in the hospitality have been suffering bad condition due to temperature.

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