401177 Environmental Epidemiology Assignment

Instruction: This is an individual exercise.

Task: 401177 Environmental Epidemiology Assignment

You are required to undertake an environmental health risk assessment (EHRA) for an environmental pollutant (of your choice) associated with a health outcome for a specified population using the following sub-headings:

  1. Research question (identify the PICO elements as appropriate)
  2. Background information (including literature review) and justification for the environmental pollutant–health outcome relationship.

Important information:

  • This assignment has a word limit of 2500 words (plus 10% maximum)
  • Your assignment should be submitted via Turnitin
  • Be as specific as possible in your responses, and use the number of marks allocated (given as a percentage, marking criteria below).
  • References: Vancouver or APA style. The reference list is not included in the word limit.

Marking Criteria: 401177 Environmental Epidemiology Assignment

401177_Environmental Epidemiology

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