Corporate Sustainability Management – A Case Study On New Belgium Brewery

Introduction to Case Study On New Belgium Brewery

Corporate Sustainability Management is adopted by many businesses in order to gain the best business environment that benefits both the society and the company. Corporate Sustainability Management helps the society by developing and marinating the situation under which the people and naturally evolve that can lead to harmony in productivity and achieving the requirements of social, business economic and environmental aspects (Norton, 2012). Therefore, sustainability is important for the future and present generations. In the particular case study, New Belgium Brewery has been considered in developing a business on the basis of sustainability.

Corporate Sustainability Management

Ethical Issues in New Belgium Brewery

New Belgium Brewery is a company that provides different types of permanent Corporate Sustainability Management and seasonal Ales and Pilsners. The company offers two kinds of beer the signature Fat Tire Amber Ale and the darker Abbey Dubbel. The company markets Tobacco and Brew that is injurious to the society and the environment. The tobacco contains dangerous materials such as nicotine, arsenic, cyanide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and ammonia bromide that seriously affect the natural environment (Della-Badia, 2013). On the other hand, the alcohol that is supplied badly affect the human lives in terms of blood cancer, liver cancer, and other diseases. Therefore, the business of New Belgium Brewery is totally unethical that are affecting the society and the environment.

Having the commitment to environmental sustainability

The environmental and Corporate Sustainability Management is considered as taking a decision for shielding the natural world that can support the life of a human being. Therefore, NBB has been focusing on decreasing the negative impact of the business on the environment. The owners of NBB have planned to use 100 percent renewable energy and carbon-free wind sources for gaining the electricity. The extensive energy conservation program has been adopted by the NBB and the company has focused on implementing the natural draft cooling system for the refrigeration of beers.  NBB has joined hands with The Climate Conservancy for knowing the level of greenhouse gases that emits from the production of Fat Tire Amber Ale. Therefore, the company is able to check and control the gases effectively. The company has been putting their best effort in reducing the transportation emissions by sourcing their production of bottle locally and also focusing on decreasing the input materials and recycling the waste in order to enhance their business and environment (, 2014).

The company, NBB has been effectively using the water for production of beer. Therefore, the company has invested in on-site water treatment in order to reduce the wastage of water. Thus, the conscious effort is made by the company in using the right quantity of water for the beer production.

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The Merlin Brew Kettle has been used by the company for conserving the natural gas that is helping in reducing the waste. The companies like The Boston Beer Company and Anheuser Busch Company is following the policy of NBB for attaining the environmental sustainability of their business (Turner et al. 2013). The former company has adopted an energy conservative plan of NBB for better electricity consumption while the latter company has followed the water consumption policy of NBB.

Purchasing product from a company having a strong commitment to sustainability

Most of the customers around the world look for the company that follows the environmental norms. Thus, the customers largely prefer the products of the company that are committed towards Corporate Sustainability Management of the environment. As per Forbes, 36% percent of the people favors the company that carries their business in accordance to sustainability that can be related to social, Business economics and the environment. As per Kolk et al. (2010), the customers can get the improved quality product as the company that is focused towards sustainability can be working to reduce the waste, reducing material inputs and energy efficiency  that can help the company in decreasing the excess cost and producing the quality goods and services that can effectively for well being of the people and their health. The adoption of sustainability in the business practice can help the company in improving the customer sales and gaining loyalty and company can be engaged in strengthening relationships with the community and it also indicates that the company is more contributed towards environment development (Bell & Morse, 2008).

NBB is using the bottle bill for recycling the beer bottle. The company collects the refundable deposits from the customers and pays the deposit back to customers when the customers return the beer bottle for recycling. Therefore, NBB is taking serious steps in enhancing the quality of the environment. Thus, the customers are influenced to consume the beer of NBB as the NBB is supplying the high-quality beer with deep concern with environmental and social that helps in enhancing the lives of the people. Therefore, it can be analyzed that the customers have a trust in the company that works for the betterment of the society and environment. Thus, the customers can be safe from environmental pollution that can improve the health structure of the customers.

The policy that has been adopted by the company, New Belgium Brewery for reducing the waste, renewable energy, water consumption, controlling emissions of greenhouse gases, its helped the company in producing the quality beer that attracts the customers for healthy consumption of beer.

Greater Commitment of NBB

The environmental sustainability makes the business to think over long-term gains that can enhance the quality of the natural world. The environmental sustainability can be gained by freeing the environment from pollution, taking care of the agricultural and cultivated land, etc can help in gaining better environment for the present and future society. The company NBB is taking strong steps for achieving the sustainability of the environment that can increase the health condition of the people. Therefore, creating a sustainable environment, the company can effectively reduce their costs, improved products can be produced, customers can be attracted, the reputation of the company can be enhanced and employees can feel free to perform their duties (Chan et al. 2010). Thus, the company can be sale their beer products effectively to the customers that can increase the revenue and income of the company.

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The NBB uses cans for storing the beer and selling the can beers to the customers. The company has sold beer in a lightweight Aluminium Cans since 2008 that has a weight of 12 ounces of Fat Tire Amber Ale. The company has decided to go for cans as it has a less weight than the weight of the bottle. Therefore, the company was able to transport the beer products in cans effectively to different locations in the country. The company, New Belgium Brewery has adopted the can as it emits fewer greenhouse gases in comparison to bottle. The management of the company has observed that while transporting the beer in bottle releases 20% greenhouse gases that seriously affect the environment. Therefore, the company has decided on the application of cans for transporting and storage of beer. Moreover, the company discovered that the drinking cans can be effectively recycled which was not possible for the recycling of bottles. As per Burkard (2012), the consumers have a conception that the taste of beer in cans is not same as in the bottles. Therefore, having known the perception about the cans from the customers, the company has to follow its decision of using cans as it helps in attaining the sustainable environment that can ultimately enhance the environment and the health of the people.

The company, NBB has taken the decision to framing logo and watercolor labels that can affect the characteristics of New Belgium Brewery by shifting towards cans. Therefore, the company can find it difficult for attracting customers for supplying the products out of cans. In the terms of Vezzoli & Manzini (2008), in spite of acting as a craft brewer and using the cans, the company, NBB can effectively maintain the quality of the beverages of implementation of the latest technology and coating that can significantly help in increasing the sale of the drinking cans of the company. Therefore, it can be concluded that the application of cans is beneficial for the sustainability of the environment and for the company as cans can be easily dumped. Thus, the company has to go forward with their decision of using cans and be craft brewers.

New Belgium Brewing’s Core Values and Beliefs sustainable

The New Belgium Brewing Company has been effectively following their core values and beliefs, standards that have resulted in gaining recognition for the company. The company has been awarded Business Ethics Award for their effective role towards the environment and was also honored at the Great American Beer Festival as the best brewing company that motivated the company in supplying better quality product to the customers. Kolk et al. (2010) mentioned that company was given medal in Belgium for their best brews such as Abbey Belgian Style Ale, Blue Paddle Pilsner, and LaFolie Specialty Ale. Therefore, it can be analyzed that company has been successful in developing a positive image in the market and in the public that consumes beer. The company is effectively promoting the beer culture for making a beneficial contribution to the society. Therefore, the company has designed Worthy Glass that helps in holding foam, attractive visual presentation and discharge aroma for the customers that drink responsibly.

The company is effectively involved in enhancing the lives of the people via providing sponsorship, corporate giving and NBB has donated in the communities to the amount of 1.6 million dollars for the development of society and also invested in philanthropic causes for the growth of the society. The company is comprehensively focusing on the cost-effective energy saving in order to reduce the effect of the energy on the environment so that the business can be carried in a harmonious way. The employee and owners of NBB have taken a combined decision for making an investment in the wind turbine in order to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that generated from the coal power which was used by the workers for the production of beer. The company has installed a steam condenser for capturing and reprocessing the hot water for brewing (, 2014).

The company has developed a strategy for recycling the waste such as cardboard boxes, keg caps, office materials and amber glass applied in bottling. The alternative transportation has been implemented by the employees of the NBB in order make a decrease in the air pollution. The company has been focusing on reduce, reuse and recycle in order to attain the environmental sustainability. Therefore, the company is effectively transforming waste materials into useful products such as spent grain is successfully transformed to cattle feed.

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As per Turner et al. (2013), the company, NBB also takes care their employees by providing health and dental insurance benefits and also retirement plans. The company comprehensively made an investment for the employees for studying the beer culture in order to produce a better quality beer that can match up with the taste of the customers. The company follows the open book management that helps the employees in knowing the financial costs and performance of the company. Therefore, it can be analysed that the company New Belgium Brewery effectively following their core values and beliefs that help in the growth of the company and gaining a customer base.


Corporate sustainability management is essential for the growth of the company that can help the company in building reputation socially economically and environmentally. The company, New Belgium Brewery effectively adopts the sustainability indicators such as economic, social and environment for attaining the sustainability of the present and future generations. The company is effectively meeting their core values and beliefs in order to survive in the market and provide the best quality beverages that can enhance the quality of health of the people. Therefore, ethical issues in Corporate Sustainability Management have been taken care by the company so that they can perform their activities effectively in the society. The customers are willing to purchase the product of that company that is strongly committed to sustainability. Thus, the company, NBB is effectively performing their business that is helping them to satisfy the customers and enhancing the environmental sustainability.