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Mainly the current study the allocation of strategies and the techniques of the in text analysis is done in terms of the selected text and current case study help is about the contemporary issues of The Refugee and Humanitarian Issues, Australia’s response. The report will include detailed reading and the textual analysis in terms of the testing ability of the reader. How far the text is easy to understand and the capability of obtaining the meaning of the topic is easy for the readers are explained or judged (Jenner & Titscher, 2000). The language used in the passage or the topic text is also detailed out with the acceptance and ability to understand. The reader or the researcher must detail out the understanding the text of the refugee issues and the humanitarian issues are going to provide. Moreover, the detailed understanding of the writer’s ideas and the point of theories are demonstrated (, 2014).

Case Study Help

1.1. Understanding:

mainly the writer of this case study help pointed out the various areas of The Refugee and Humanitarian Issues, Australia’s best assignment help response. Firstly, the text must detail out the proper understanding of the terms of the refugee and the humanity.

The United Nations best provides the meaning of the term Refugee in the year 1951. They arranged the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees for the allocation of the rules and regulation. The Refugees Convention detailed out the norms and the support requirement of the legal authority of the country. Convention termed the refugees in terms of the people who are living outside the country or the nationality they are belonging from the birth (Wierzbicka, 2002).  Also for some different issues, they are unable or unwilling to get back to the native country. The reasons can occur due to the fear of harassment regarding the differentiation of the race, the religion they belong, nationality or the immigration problem, political turmoil or the social group belongings. Mainly the United Nations are maintaining a key document that was proposed during the convention. The document out lined certain the obligations that are processed in the international lawsuits that are maintained by the member’s countries of the United Nations. Rather the document is signed a proposal that was accepted in the Convention by all the members  (Bourke & White, 2001).

The Refugees Convention detailed out the refugee condition as per the year 1951. Mainly the condition firstly depended on the situation of the European countries related immigration and refugee humanities issues. The United Nations proposed the Protocol in the year 1967  to maintain the problems and issues well. The ‘1967 Protocol’ eradicated the limitation regarding the European countries and covered the issues spread all over the world and the problems faced by all the developed and the developing countries (Graesser et al. 2004).

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Assignment Help Australia is one of the developed countries that accepted the rule provided by the United Nations.  They became the sixth country that too get the allocation of the factors of the refugee issues met (Blake, 1987). They sanctioned several support related action to meet the favourable factors of the Refugees Convention and the welfare of the refugees in the country. 1967 Protocol was sanctioned by the government of the Australia in the year 1973 to make the development of the refugees and the country economy also. The domestic law of the country developed a lot to meet the effective rate of the discipline factors and the development of the economy (Donker, 2011).

1.2. Analysis:

The United Nations provided some lawsuits and the action of the coordination regarding the international condition of the various refugee-related problems of the world. They set up a set of action criteria that will help in protecting the welfare of the refugees around the world. Meanwhile, the refugee problems in Study Help in Australia are also avoided with the worldwide famous protocol of the UN.  The United Nations General Assembly provided the set of guideline for the countries like the Australia which are rather quite developed (Peters et al. 2009).

In the December 1950, the UN reported the establishment of the lawsuits. Almost the 50 million refugee people are able to rebuild the lifestyle and the economic conditions regarding the allocation of the various development strategies. United Nations are having the HCR offices covering the refugees of the 110 countries all around the world including the Australia also. The UN is having more than 6300 staff working for the welfare of the refugees (Dixon, 2002).

Australia adopting the various legislative issues of the UN HCR to maintain international protection of refugees as per the already provided set of legislative and the other control.

Australia acted as the member country of the United Nations Advisory Committee on Refugees (1951–1954) and maintained the protection support. They helped the donations in the United Nations Refugee Fund (UNREF) as the member of the Executive Committee during the tenure 1955–1958. the country has joined UNHCR’s Executive Committee after the set up in 1958 (Read-Heimerdinger, 2002).

The writer has pointed out the major refugee problems in the various sections of the world they are also set up certain rate of the strategic management and issues of the immigration. The reader can point out the issues regarding the Afghan refugees who are spread in the Iran and Pakistan countries and the countries development certainly falls short of the various factors of the preventive and the safety strategy of the allocation of the control framework of the strategy. Many refugees from Burma also started living in the Bangladesh and Australia (Fumera et al. 2006).

1.3. Evaluation:

The writer adopted the proper technique to meet the proper defining issues to get the proper understanding and conveyed of the meaning of the terms in this case study help the like refugee and the humanitarian issues. The best assignment writer adopted well-structured rate of the strategies to develop the recommendation of the issues. Moreover, the writer allocated well-identified rate of the framework that helps in terms of the allocation of the most apprehensive rate of the structure of the UN HNS strategies and controls. Though the text is having a certain rate of the effective rate of the allocation the text is too old and the dealing with the factors of the 1950 to 1970 data therefore the text will not provide appropriate rate of the strategies to get the contemporary understanding. Moreover the rate of the non-government strategies of case study help controlling and allocating the refugee and the humanities issues are not outlined in the text (Koch, 2000).

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2. Sentence structure:

The concerned text should be having the proper sentence structure so that the reader can be able of getting the meaningful information of the contemporary issues of the allocation of the various control and preventive measures of the refugee issues (Palmer, 2009).

2.1. Punctuation:

There are several punctuation related facts of the sentence that the writer has maintained. Dash (-) is used in case of the informative sentence in respective of the brackets. Mainly the information regarding the refugee and the statistics of the allocation of the strategies of the refugees related problems. Colon (: ) denoted or separated the list of information and the quotation regarding the issues; moreover, a summary of the work or the sentence is provided. The writer of this case study help used the Semicolon (;) in terms of linking inter related ideas in to one so that the best possible rate of the idea can be obtained (Dixon, 2002).

Inverted commas (“”) are used by the writer to maintain the legal norms, quotations and the particular legal section. The writer denoted the accurate set of the structure for the United Nations 1967 Protocol “1967 Protocol”. Moreover many other section of the laws are denoted the rate of the allocation of the various factors of the allocation of the strategies like Refugees Convention in the year the 1967 Protocol which actually implemented in 1973 year (Meakins & Nordlinger, 2013).

In terms of the explaining, the Refugee Experience the writer adopted the Exclamation mark (!) that is expressing the excitement or the urgency in case of the emotion.

The writer also used the Capital letters in order to express the proper nouns. Acronyms are also capitalised as per the importance of the term. UN HNS, United Nations Advisory Committee on Refugees, United Nations Refugee Fund (UNREF) and United Nations are major capitalised words the writer adopted. Moreover the writer was able to show the importance of sentence structure and the all (Liang et al. 2005).

2.2. The length of sentence:

The writer used the short sentences to emphasis the topic or the allocation of the different issues regarding the refugees. In addition, the short sentence was used to correlate the long sentences for making the best possible impact of the results of the issues of the refugees. This type of the sentence also provides the standout idea obtained from the passage (Subasic & Huettner, 2001).

2.3. Sentence type:

Mainly the sentences are of four types like the Statement, Command, Rhetorical question and the Exclamation.

The writer adopted or used the Statements to identify or provide the facts regarding the humanity or the refugee-related issues. This type of the statements will enable the rate of knowledge of the readers from the text.  They reader will get all the dimension of the writer’s point of view knowledge readily (, 2014).

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On the other hand, the writer used the Commands to provide the legal obligation and the instructions. The controlling authority will be getting the allocation of the controls and the allocation of the various strategies and control of the refugee factors.

Rhetorical questions are mainly a type of questions that are not requiring of answered. The concerned writer used the rhetorical question for providing the effects of the refugee problems in the economic development of Australia. The answers of these types of questions are provided in the latter on text. The writer provokes the reader to think critically about the topic.

Moreover, Exclamations are used in terms of indicating the urgency or excitement about the topic or the issues that the country is facing.

2.4. Patterns:

Lists are one of the most common pattern that the writer used to put the effective impression of the concerned issues of the immigration and refugee on the readers mind. This type of structure will provide a lots of information of the issues to the concerned readers and the long term knowledge build up (Dixon, 2002).

3. The context of Culture:

This concerned text is having the concerned written language that will enable the rate of the informative facts of the rate of refugees and the allocation of the various factors of the control and welfare of the refugee issues in the Australian point of view. Informative culture will increase the rate of the information the reader will get.

4. The context of Situation:

The text is detailing out the situation or position of the different type immigration and refugee problems. The details of the story are described well but the allocation of the various factors of the welfare and the control of the issues. The whole text is depending on the information regarding the refugees and welfare issues but the statistics and the information are too old therefore the feasibility of the information of the contemporary issues will hamper (Koch, 2000).

The major purpose of the text is to convey the common people with the information regarding the factors immigration and the positive and negative effects on the economy. The message and meaning of text is concerned about the allocation of the strategies that the United Nations adopted to eradicate the issues with the welfare cause. The report is well structured as the lexical, grammatical, information are very well communicated so that the reader is able to fetch the information (Palmer, 2009).


By the text the reader is able to describe and discuss the reasons of the various factors of the choice and the allocation of meta-language structure to develop the skills of the text analysis.   Mainly the skills are learned from the textbook theories and the Journal knowledge.

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