Administrative System Project For Expanding Business

1. Identify the workplace

A Henry grocery store is looking to bring change within the management because the store is not performing well in current market scenario of Administrative System Project. Company is looking to expand its market by launching venture online grocery stores. One of the major problems of the company is tough competition within the market of grocery stores in Australia (Benjamin, 2008). With help of new integrated administrative system, Henry grocery stores will be able to control the waste of funds and reduce the idle time of supply chain (Cole, 2008). In order to bring change within the organisations at least 10 weeks will be necessary.

2. Plan Administrative System Project OR review the system

2a. Identify the requirements of

One of the major problems within the Henry stores is lack of proper accounting system package and proper supply chain management of Administrative System Project. In order to bring change within the organisation Henry stores should look to implement TQM and WMS within the organisations (Keeling & Odgers, 2009). TQM and WMS will helps to gain the company goal which is to run profitable operations in order to increase the revenue while limiting the cost. TQM and WMS (warehouse management system) will enhance the supply chain and bring quality within the grocery items (McBride et al. 2006). Current supply chain process must be required to change via implementation of WMS and TQM. Budget for the company is $150,000.

2b.Obtain quotations

According to the Financial reporting and purchasing policy the supplier quotation must have:

  • Details of time, cots and delivery ($150,000, 10weeks from given date of signing the contract) (McLaughlin, 2008).
  • Request must be in form of written verbal and formal (contract is made in written form)
  • Suppliers have more than 30 days to enquire about the quotations (, 2014).

3c.Selecting supplier and developers

Supplier must be evaluated on the basis of past records of products quality and production workforce. IBM will be chosen as the supplier of WMS and TQM software in order to maintain the overall strategy of supply chain execution within the firm for better quality and enhance the profitability by 15% (Benjamin, 2008).

3. Implement the system

3a. Develop implementation strategies

  • Determining the time horizon for the project
  • Educating and giving proper training to service providers (Cole, 2008)
  • Roles and responsibility must be given in detailed manner (Keeling & Odgers, 2009)

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3b.Obtain staff participation

Staff must be trained and benchmark is set for each and every task for employees. Staff participation is related to employee participation in decision making (McLaughlin, 2008). Employee like engineer, technician and site manager will help to make the project of implementation of software very much possible at right time.

3c.Define and communicate procedures

Step Action
1. Arranging conference for implementation of new technology with the organisations
2. Scheduling of meeting time and agenda of meeting
3. Invite the members and represent time and place for meeting
4. Arranging audio visual technology in order to understand the reason for change and benefit of WMS and TQM (McBride et al. 2006).


3d.Provide training and support

After implementation of new technology, the staff member and employee must be trained in order to run the engineering assignment know-how of the company. Staff must be aware of the application of technology via training and support (,2014). Trainer and engineer must be hired to train the employee related to new implemented technology.

4. Dealing with contingencies

Always make alternate Plan called plan B which helps to assess the risk and change according to the future uncertainty.

  • Using SWOT analysis to assess the risk and identify the risks
  • Hiring safety officer and electrical technician to control the contingency (Benjamin, 2008).
  • Hiring contingency workers by hiring additional workers in order to reduce the issues (Cole, 2008).


5. Ongoing maintenance of the system outline

5a.Monitoring the system

  • The major target of monitoring is to maximise the consistency and accessibility (Benjamin, 2008).
  • Monitoring of system will help to assess the technology is user friendly or not
  • Monitoring system will helps to collect the data from the entire system which helps to keep track of feedback of the current implemented system (Cole, 2008).

Administrative System Project

Graph 1: Monitoring the system

(Source: McBride et al. 2006, pp-87)

5b.Continually improve

With the help of monitoring, there will be continuous improvement within the system. Apart from that implementation of TQM will help to reduce the wastage and control the quality and reduce the expenses (, 2014). TQM will help to give the continuous improvement to enhance the products.

5c.Address training needs in Administrative System Project

  • Training will helps to control the safety at working place.
  • Equipment is used in best possible way (McBride et al. 2006).
  • Training will help to understand the process and procedures of the new technology.
  • Enhance the skills and educate the workforce more about the WMS and TQM (Benjamin, 2008).

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