Question BUS 707 – Applied Business Research Assignment Help

Assessment 3 – BUS 707    Applied Business Research Assignment Help.

                                                         Individual Assessment. 

Written Proposal –  3500 words +/- 10%

Presentation – 10 slides –  5 minutes

Task: Write a Research Proposal BUS 707 Applied Business Research Assignment Help

This assessment requires students to choose one business researched in Assessment 2 then to choose and justify the most appropriate research design, clearly explaining WHY the chosen design will best answer the research question and is the most appropriate.  Students should clearly justify their recommended research and analysis methods of research.

Assessment 3 - BUS 707 Applied Business Research Assignment Help

Assessment – BUS 707 Applied Business Research Assignment Help:

Choose one business affected by the fluctuations in the Australian dollar that you researched in Assessment 2.  You are now going to write a research proposal for this business to gather further information.

Your research proposal should contain the following information.

  1. Title page: Include a short title plus your name and student number.
  2. Abstract: A brief summary or overview of the research proposal explaining precisely what the research is about.  It must be clear, succinct and understandable to all readers.
  3. The Research problem: This section discusses the problem or question the research project seeks to answer and how the research contributes to its clarification. This section should include a hypothesis and 6 questions.
  4. Background: This section clarifies the significance of the research and describes the broader historical, economic and social background (refer to Assessment 2 for information)
  5. Ethical considerations: Relevant ethical considerations should be included.
  6. Literary Review: A direct search of published works including periodicals and books that discuss and present results relevant to your business problem.  (The literary review is used to determine whether or not others have dealt with the same research problem and to identify any gaps in your research).
  7. Aims/Objectives of the Research: A formal statement on the research objectives. This statement identifies the types of research that are needed and what information may result to provide assistance in making management decisions.
  8. Research design.(methodology/methods) Describe the research methodology and method/s that are proposed and fully justify their use. It will include data collection and analysis proposed.
  9. Reference List: Formatted using Harvard (Anglia) style.
  10. Appendices: Include a consent form if relevant (optional)

Proposal Format BUS 707 Applied Business Research Assignment Help

The report must be professionally written using:

Headings and subheadings

Ariel 10 point or Times Roman 12 point plus single spacing

Harvard (Anglia) style reference 

Plagiarism and Referencing

All sources used in your assessment must be suitably referenced.  Failure to acknowledge a source is plagiarism and is a serious academic issue.

The following percentage of plagiarism is acceptable in your report:

10% from text or slides         )         these must be referenced

15% from other sources       )                                                 Total 25%

If your plagiarism figure shown in Turnitin is about 25% you will receive a mark of 0 (Zero) for your assessment.

You must submit your own work.  Do not copy other student’s work as this is a form of Plagiarism. If it is shown on Turnitin that you have copied another student’s work, both students will be given a mark of 0 (Zero).


Oral Presentation
Students must present their proposal to the class as if the audience had the authority to grant approval for the research to ‘go ahead’.

The presentation should contain 10 slides.  The timing of each presentation is 5 minutes including questions.

Each slide should have no more than 5 points

All presentations should be supported by visuals.

Students must not read sections of their proposal – students reading rather than presenting will find it difficult to pass this section of the assessment.


Marking guide

Marks for the Research Proposal out of 40 will be based on the following:

  • Addressing each of the elements of the proposal
  • Providing evidence of knowledge and skills specific to the research question
  • Discussing and justifying the decisions made in the choice of research and analysis methods
  • Organising information coherently and communicating ideas accurately
  • Using appropriate theoretical support to the research proposal
  • Presenting the information in a professional manner with correct referencing.


Marks for the Presentation out of 10 will be based on the following:

  • Relevance, quality, and organisation of the information in the presentation
  • Clear and effective communication – verbal and non-verbal skills
  • Professional presentation skills
  • Design and use of visuals to support the presentation
  • Audience involvement
  • Response to questions


Written Proposal –  Weight:  30%

Presentation –          Weight:  20%

                                                                                                            Total       50%

 As this is the Final Assessment – there are no extensions.

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