Question PRM701 – Preliminary Project Charter And Management Plan

This assessment PRM701 – Preliminary Project Charter And Management Plan task requires you to progress from your preliminary project charter (and the feedback received) to now extend this project into a revised charter and preliminary (project) management plan.

Develop and present a preliminary project charter based on the case study around Elon Musk’s pledge in early 2017 to fix the electricity problems in South Australia (SA).

Two of the initial press releases published around this project has been reproduced below

Tesla boss Elon Musk pledges to fix SA’s electricity woes in 100 days ‘or free’

Billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has joined the throng of entrepreneurs pitching potential solutions to South Australia’s power woes.But the boss of Tesla and Space X has made an intriguing pitch — declaring his company could install a battery farm capable of “fixing” the system within 100 days or else do it for free.

South Australia suffered a statewide blackout last September, while during a recent heatwave, customers were intentionally blacked out because there was not enough power to meet demand. Mr. Musk backed up a suggestion by his vice president for energy products, Lyndon Reve, that they could help prevent increasingly regular blackouts in South Australia.

“Storage can solve the immediate problem within the next 100 days,” he told ABC News.Tesla has been spruiking its Powerwall 2 and Powerpack 2 battery products in Australia this week.

Mr. Reve said Tesla had recently completed a similar challenge in California after a methane leakage at a gas peaking plant.”From start to finish, we installed an 80MWh battery pack at one of the substations in Southern California,” he said.”We can do the exact same thing in South Australia. Storage is the technology, and it can solve the problem within the next 100 days or so.”

Elon Musk’s Tesla to build world’s biggest lithium-ion battery to secure power for South Australia

South Australia will be home to the world’s largest lithium-ion battery thanks to a historic agreement between Tesla and the State Government.

And Tesla boss Elon Musk is promising to build it in 100 days, or it’s free.Tesla will build the 100-megawatt battery which will store energy from French renewable company Neogen’s Hornsdale Wind Farm near Jamestown, which is still under construction.

The project will be in place before summer.

Question PRM701 – Preliminary Project Charter And Management Plan

Key points

  • A 100-megawatt (129-megawatt hour) battery is to be in place before summer
  • It will provide energy stability for SA and also be emergency back-up for shortfalls
  • Elon Musk is sticking by a “100 days or free” promise for SA taxpayers

Case study scenario

You are employed by the Department of Energy Resources in your state and work as part of a small project team reviewing and evaluating the different energy initiatives implemented by other state governments across Australia.

Your manager has been closely following the Tesla battery project in South Australia and has now approved your preliminary (and incomplete) project charter.

You have now been authorized to refine the charter with additional information and develop a management plan that again would reflect the type of project management methodology, information, and documentation that would have been jointly developed by the SA government and Tesla in planning their project.

Case study requirements

Specifically, you have been tasked with

  • Review the feedback received from both your lecturer and peers following your presentation and action the required changes.
  • Update the project charter with further headings and content based on the additional research you have conducted (and the project management body of knowledge content from your lectures).
  • Design and develop a commercially viable (project)management plan template that reflects both the project management body of knowledge (PMBOK) and contemporary academic research supporting your design.
  • Complete a preliminary draft of the (project)management plan based on the historical information you locate, all assumptions made by your project team along with any other technical/non-technical information you elect to ‘create’that is appropriate for this case study.
  • Your (project) management plan will demonstrate your project team leadership and/or roles, along with your advanced understanding and application of the project management body of knowledge and recent developments.

The intent of the revisiting the project charter and then developing a (project) management plan presentation is to again demonstrate your understanding and justification of the information captured, and to influence, if not persuade your manager to approve the plan (which will in turn trigger the later delivery of the Tesla project).Clearly you are not being asked to become energy experts for this assessment task.

Rather, you need to research and review the SA project and develop the plan around what you find, what you might know and what you can assume.While there is considerable discretion in the amount of meaningful information you can ‘create’ in completing this assessment task (scope, time, cost, resources, quality, risk, communications, stakeholders, procurement and integration) there must be evidence of both commercial and academic research in completing and presenting the plan.

You have complete freedom of the design of the updated charter and the (project) management. The target audience is still senior managers within your government which may well include state and federal politicians, government ministers, industry groups and of course Elon Musk so a highly polished and professional charter and (project) management plan is expected. Please consult Blackboard for further information regarding this assessment task, your lecturer and/or tutor where required.

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