Question NUR329 Pictorial Representation – Health Promotion Project Plan

Purpose : NUR329 Pictorial Representation – Health Promotion Project Plan

As a registered nurse you will have many opportunities to provide education, promote healthy behaviours and choices with the clients and communities you work.  How you go about this will need to depend on your target groups health literacy levels and the type of messages you are aiming to share. Pictorials are a well-known and respected resource to convey health messages and require sound consideration to ensure they are attention getting and relay an appropriate message.

Assignment Criteria – NUR329 Pictorial Representation – Health Promotion Project Plan in assignment 2

Put together a pictorial representation for your health promotion project outlined in Assignment 2.This can be in the form of a poster, flyer, newspaper advertisement, information brochure or you may negotiate a different type of presentation with the unit coordinator.

You pictorial should include the health message/logo outlined in your health promotion plan in assessment 2.


  • Review your public health promotion project conducted in Assignment 2 and consider what would be visually appealing for your target group or effectively represent your health promotion.

Review the NUR329 Assessment 3 YouTube, there is a link in Learnline or you can access the NUR329 YouTube channel here:

  • Prepare either a poster, flyer, newspaper advertisement, information brochure representative of your health promotion. Jpeg, pdf, Power Point, Word or other formats are acceptable for this submission.
  • Resources and examples have been provided in the assignment 3 information outline to assist with the development of your pictorial.
  • Please contact the unit coordinator if you are unsure of how to get started.


  • The word limit is listed as between 5-1000 words depending on the type of pictorial representation. For example a poster may have very few words and a brochure will have more.
  • Include a reference list using APA style, this should include references for text, images or pictures you have used.
  • Please note you can submit your reference list as a separate word document to your pictorial if required and you do not have to include references on your pictorial if it will affect the quality of the presentation.


  • Submit your Pictorial via the assignment link provided in Learnline.
  • The submission point for assessment 3 will allow more than 1 submission.  This means you can submit a separate reference list.

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