CXA221 Health Presentation Assignment-University of Tasmania Australia

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Task: CXA221 Health Presentation Assignment

CXA221 Health Presentation

Task Description:

CXA221_Health Presentation

Instructions: CXA221 Health Presentation Assignment-University of Tasmania Australia

Part 1: Introduction to the chosen community (150 words approximately)

Chose a community population in Australia that interests you. Identify where this community is located, such as an isolated rural town or a marginalized city suburb and the specific population group you are targeting. This can be an invented community or based on a real town or city.

• Introduce us to your chosen community and set the scene for where they live (urban, rural, isolated), their age bracket, cultural identity and social situation.

• Choose one major health challenge that your community faces and discuss why you have
chosen this particular topic. Why is it of interest to you?

• Examples of communities: Choose one
adults with disabilities, young people with mental illness, elderly males living alone, new refugees in regional areas, homeless people in inner cities, aboriginal people in isolated communities, children in impoverished suburbs, rural farmers, teenage mothers etc…

• Examples of health challenges: Choose one
Addictions, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, depression & anxiety, respiratory disease, food security, physical activity, educational opportunities, build environment, social situation and support, health literacy, poverty, isolation, communicable diseases, access to services, dementia and ageing, grief and loss …

Note: you do not have to choose a topic from the list above and can focus on any community and health issue that is relevant to you and your career interests.

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Part 2: Identified determinants that influence and shape life experiences
(400 words approximately)

Now go into more depth and describe the socio, health and economic determinants that shape and determine the health and wellbeing of your chosen community.

• This can include:
Living conditions, social context, cultural origins, languages spoken, quality of built
environment, transport, recreation, family and social situations, educational opportunities, general health status, access to health services and healthy foods, employment opportunities, stressors, addictions, or any other important influences on health and wellbeing.

Part 3: Specific risk factors related to this community (300 words approximately)

From the determinants above now discuss the specific risk factors this community faces due to their living situation and experiences.

• First describe the health challenge you have identified and state why you believe this is an
important one to address.

• Then discuss other risk factors that are present in this situation or could arise in the  future. What other conditions or social issues might arise in the health of this community is not improved?

• For instance, an ageing population in a small country town might be at risk of obesity and
cardiovascular events; but also faces a range of other risk factors due to access to services
and economic status.

Part 4: Public health policy that supports and challenges health and wellbeing
(400 words approximately)

• Drawing on resources from the unit, discuss public policy initiatives that could (or do)
currently support your or community, to promote and protect their health. Remember to
consider a range of policies (housing/educational/legal/transport etc.), not just those
directly related to health.

• Now look at other facets of health care and social services in the current Australian system and identify policies and situations that might be challenging or create access and equity issues for your chosen community.

Part 5: Health policy and promotion ideas and activities to enhance health and
reduce risk factors (600 words approximately)

Choose or create a health policy and promotion idea (choose one only)

• Using the unit resources design an activity or policy you feel would be of benefit and work
towards reducing or eliminating the health related challenge you have identified.

• Explain how your idea could be put into action and identify people, policies, resources or
legislation that would enable this strategy to be undertaken.

• What would be needed from the community in order for this activity to be accepted and
successful? Who should be ‘in charge’ of the process?

• How will you measure the outcome and establish whether it is successful? What would
sustain your idea in the long term?

• Ideas for health policy and promotion activities could include:
Changes to medical service delivery, cultural safety ideas, family strengths models, resilience and community building ideas, gardens, sporting, and outdoor activities, social support models, chronic condition self- management, motivational interviewing, educational initiatives, Social inclusion, healthy built environments, food and diet ideas, yoga and distressing activities etc. …

Part 6: Reflection and personal response (150 words approx.)

Sum up how you think your idea would work for your individual or community and why it is important to put into place. Consider the ethical challenges that exist in providing ethical public and community health policies for all Australians.

Identify how you would like to work in the future to redress social imbalances and build a fairer and more inclusive society in Australia.
– Ensure you use the headings provided and academic references throughout both in-text and in a reference list at the end. A template is available in word format.

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