NURS6620 Health Assessment Report Assignment-Newcastle University Australia

Instruction to students: This is an individual assignment.

Length:  2000 Words

Submission Method: Online – To be submitted via Turnitin

Task: NURS6620 Health Assessment Report Assignment

NURS6620 Health Assessment Report

Assessment Type:  Written Assessment – What steps would be taken in a problem solving approach.

Description Choose a typical patient/women/consumer from your current clinical practice that you have been clinically involved with, including the assessment, intervention and management. You may choose to continue with the patient/women/consumer that was presented at residential.

This assessment requires the following:

A.Full history:

  • Reason for patient/women/consumer presenting;
  • Present the previous medical history, social history,  medications, allergies, relevant lifestyle factors and psychosocial issues (including domestic violence, smoking, illicit drug and alcohol history);
  • For those aspects of the history of the presenting illness not given spontaneously, please explain what questions you asked and reasoning/rationale behind these questions (provide references).
  • Conclude with a list of initial differential diagnoses based on the cues from this part of the assessment.

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B.Physical examination:

  • Describe the physical examination, including basic observations and the reasons for undertaking the physical examination you performed, i.e. neurological/cervical / abdominal
  • Relate the examination cues to the differential diagnoses identified.
  • In order of likeliness provide critical thinking to accept or reject your differential diagnoses, based on the cues obtained from the history, physical examination, evidence, i.e. use a table.

C.Investigations required / ordered:

  • Considering your findings; list the investigations ordered and reason you have chosen/ordered each test and rejected other tests i.e. you may also discuss the reasoning to order investigations sequentially over time.


Provide the final diagnosis or diagnoses with a discussion on your rationale for the final diagnoses. Include how your assessment and critical thinking supported a diagnosis.

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