NUR241 Health Alteration Case Study-Sunshine Coast University Assignment



This case study assignment is based on the theory and principles covered in lectures, tutorials and associated resources. It is designed to aid you to identify an awareness of the implications for individuals experiencing health alterations when access to healthcare is suboptimal or compromised, and the role of the registered nurse in encouraging access to, and participation in, healthcare

Assessment requirements: NUR241 Health Alteration Case Study

NUR241 Health Alteration Case Study

Formatting: Format using 1.5 line spacing and font size 12.

Word Count: 1,500 words – word count includes in text references but not the reference list.

Marking Criteria: All questions must be completed according to the marking criteria in order to achieve a satisfactory grade.

References: Please use academic sources of information such as the texts used in this course and peer reviewed journal articles. Other trustworthy sites include Government-operated websites ( Harvard reference style is required.

Completion Guidelines

• There is no requirement for an introduction or conclusion.

• The case study assignment is a group assessment item. Groups are to be no bigger than 3 students. Please put your Names and Student IDs on the assignment.

• You are required to work collaboratively with others students in your group to understand concepts in this course based on your collective research, interpretation and application of the materials.

• Answers that show evidence of deliberate copying from other groups work will be considered as collusion. Answers that show evidence of deliberate copying from authors will be considered plagiarism, investigated, and academic penalties apply.

For more information see the Bb+ assessment area and course outline re: Student Academic Misconduct.

• ***Remember to save a copy of your work on an external drive or USB.



You are a registered nurse working in a small town in regional Queensland. The clinic you work in has one general practitioner (GP) and your role is to conduct initial assessments to gather baseline data prior to review by the GP and provide some after care management.

The nearest hospital is 200 kilometers away and the is no diabetic educator in the hospital.

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A 52-year-old woman, Susan, with obesity and a 6-month history of type 2 diabetes presents with complaints of fatigue, difficulty losing weight, and no motivation. She denies polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia, blurred vision, or vaginal infections. She was diagnosed 6 months earlier and is taking oral medication to control her diabetes. Her husband, Paul, has accompanied her and appears concerned. They have just moved to the community to be closer to their son who is a farmer, and his family. You are completing an initial assessment and during your assessment you note the following;

She notes a marked decrease in her energy level, particularly in the afternoons. She is tearful and states that she was diagnosed with depression and prescribed an antidepressant that she chose not
to take.

She states that she has gained an enormous amount of weight since being placed on insulin 6 months ago. Her weight has continued to increase over the past year, and she is presently at the highest weight she has ever been. She states that every time she tries to cut down on her eating she has symptoms of shakiness, diaphoresis, and increased hunger. She does not follow any specific diet and has been so fearful of hypoglycaemia that she often eats extra snacks.

On physical exam, her height is 160cms and her weight is 110 kgs. Her blood pressure is 160/88 mmHg. The remainder of the physical exam is unremarkable.

Her blood glucose values on capillary blood glucose testing have been 9.4 –11.1 mmol/l before breakfast. Before supper and bedtime values range from 8.3 to >16.6 mmol/l.

Your overall impression is that her diabetes is poorly controlled and she and her husband have inadequate knowledge to properly understand diabetes, glucose control and possible complications of diabetes.

Question 1. What are the implications for the patient, Susan, and her husband regarding symptom
management and access to care given their relative isolation and diminished access to health care? (20%)

Question 2. Identify the actions the Registered Nurse may take to encouraging individual or group access to, and participation in, healthcare to manage the needs of the person and their family
requiring healthcare. (30%)

Question 3. Which elements of the social justice framework and professional ethical and practice standards for the Registered Nurse would support the actions of the Registered Nurse identified in
Question 2 and why? (30%)

Referencing and quality of communication

• Quality of communication including grammar and spelling (10%)

• Accuracy of citation and referencing using the Harvard referencing system (10%)

Final Grade – Peer Review

• Please refer to the marking rubric and the group work contract for further details.

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