MKT00075 – Marketing Principles Assignment Help

Form: Individual

Length: 1500 words, excludes Executive summary, Current situation (from Ass2), tables, figures, List of References and Appendices.

Weighting: 55%

Topic: Marketing plan for sustainable market offering in Ass2

MKT00075 - Marketing Principles Assignment Help

Follow on from your group’s Ass2 and individually develop a marketing plan for the
sustainable offering OR for one of the ideas generated in your group.

This will address the final CPS step of Implementation:

Study the relevant Study Guide (SG) topics (as indicated in the brief) before/while writing
the assignment.

Set-out your work using the headings below.

Aim to undertake a ‘client-based’ approach – real or imagined. Make any necessary
assumptions about the organisation behind the market offering (e.g. strategy, size, structure, culture) to ensure that you can proceed to planning the commercialisation step, of which your marketing plan is an important part. Undertake appropriate desk research, e.g. using SCU Library databases, such as Proquest for article searches, and reference correctly.

Opportunity for 5% BONUS (1.75 additional points): Evaluate your final assignment using
the Ass3 rubric provided. Each group member needs to submit a properly completed rubric online to the ‘Assignment’ area in the Blackboard by the Ass2 due date to be awarded the bonus.

Executive summary (Ass3 overview page) : MKT00075 – Marketing Principles Assignment Help

This is a synopsis of the overall marketing plan. On about one page, outline the major content areas (using embedded links) and recommendations covered in your plan. Although this is the first thing that will be read, it is best written last.

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1. Current situation (refer to Ass2 wiki; provide any critical additions and/or
 Background to sustainable offering
 Environmental analysis
 Market and customer analysis.

2. Objectives (draw on Topics 2 and 7)
State and justify the financial, marketing and other stakeholder objectives you would like the sustainable marketing offering to achieve during the plan’s term (1, 3 or 5 years). They need to be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound). These are the outcomes required from the marketing plan. Objectives need to be consistent with an
organisation’s mission (in case you have identified one).

Provide: MKT00075 – Marketing Principles Assignment Help

  •  financial objectives (e.g. sales, net profits p.a., ROI)
  • marketing objectives (e.g. market share, consumer awareness, number of dealers)
    other stakeholder objectives, e.g. ecological (waste reduction), community (awareness of or participation in sustainability projects).

3. Target market (draw on Topic 6)
Build on the market and customer description in your Ass2 situation analysis. For your target market: Describe the general characteristics (e.g. demographic, psychographic) and needs of the target market(s). Identify whether they are present users, users of competitive products, or non-users of the product category. Support your recommendation for selecting this particular segment, i.e. why does it have the biggest potential? Identify any further information needs to be filled and outline the marketing research (secondary, primary) required to do so.

4. Marketing strategies
This section outlines the broad marketing logic by which the organisational unit hopes to
achieve its marketing objectives for your sustainable market offering.

Marking criteria

1. Intellectual rigour: Critical thinking and analysis of situations (80%):
a. Current situation – link to Ass2 (revised, if necessary)
b. Marketing objectives (10%)c. Target market (10%)
d. Marketing strategies:
i. Positioning and product/service (15%)
ii. Price (10%)
iii. Place/distribution (10%)
iv. Promotion (10%)
e. Marketing implementation (5%)
f. Budget (5%)
g. Evaluation and control (5%).

2. Creativity: Demonstrated commitment to achieving imaginative and appropriate
marketing strategies for the proposed sustainable market offering (10%).

3. Written communication (10%): Effective organisation, so that the report is easily
understood, coherent, consistent and visually appealing. Visuals need to be relevant
and explained in the text.

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