MGT723 Research Project Assignment-Sunshine Coast University Australia

MGT723Task 1 Research Proposal Marking Rubric

Assignment: MGT723 Research Project Assignment

MGT723 Research Project

The plan and breakdown of the marks is as follows:

  • Literature Review – Summary: A summary (maximum 1 page) of the theoretical argument leading to the conceptual model with theoretical constructs clearly identified.   /20
  • Conceptual Model: Theoretical constructs are identified and the relationships between them clearly shown in a diagram.    /20 
  • Hypotheses: include your hypotheses
  • Theoretical constructs operationalised:
    • Identification of three additional proxy measures relevant to your theoretical constructs. Be sure to identify measures that you will be able to collect for your assigned companies. /20
    • Choice of proxies from the data supplied and your additional measures: complete the table showing the proxy, the related theoretical construct, and whether it is a dependent (DV), independent (IV), or control variable (CV). /15
  • Research Method: describe the research method that you will employ to test your hypothesis. /15
  • Spelling, Grammar and Referencing: Correct and consistent referencing and flawless spelling and grammar /10
Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Excellent
Literature Summary The argument is unconvincing or poorly supported with appropriate references      0-9 The argument is convincing and has references to support the assertions. 10-15 The logic of the argument is convincing and flawless   16-20
Conceptual Model Model is not provided or is unclear   0-9 The relationships between some theoretical constructs are shown 10-15 The relationships between all key theoretical constructs are clearly shown   16-20
Operational Constructs


Constructs are not identified or not relevant based on the literature review or conceptual model  0-9 Relevant constructs are identified  10-15 Measurable, relevant constructs that measure important theoretical constructs are clearly specified 16-20
Operational Constructs


Missing or incorrect classification of proxies   0-6 Complete classification of proxies but some errors    7-10 Complete and correct classification of all proxy measures  11-15
Hypotheses Hypotheses based on the literature review are provided (to be assessed in ACC620 assignment)
Research Method Not mentioned   0-6 Mentioned and appropriate    7-10 Clearly appropriate based on the research question.   11-15
Spelling, Grammar and Referencing Many mistakes, difficult to understand, inconsistencies in referencing style   0-3 Few mistakes, easy to understand, consistent referencing style applied   4-6 No mistakes, clear and convincing expression  7-10

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