EDGZ921 Research Proposal Assignment-University of Wollongong Australia

Instructions to students: This is an individual assignment.

Word Limit: 2000

Task: EDGZ921 Research Proposal Assignment

EDGZ921 Research Proposal

For this assignment, you will need to write a research proposal for a project you would like to carry out (you will not have to actually conduct the study but develop a research proposal). Choose a topic of your interest relevant to your specialisation (topics can include special education, TESOL, literacy, adult education etc.). At the beginning of your proposal provide a brief literature review identifying key findings in the area, leading into a gap in our current understanding that your research studies seek to address. This should then lead into a research proposal.


In this proposal you will need to:

  • Articulate and justify the aim that address the identified gap in knowledge;
  •  Clearly describe and justify the research design that is best suited to the question;
  •  Outline specific research sub-questions or hypotheses, as appropriate to your research design
  • Identify the specific methods that will be used to gather data (e.g., participants, research site, data collection methods/instruments, types of data generated and a brief statement on how the data will be analysed) and justify how these will help address your research question and sub-questions/hypotheses;
  •  Briefly discuss the ethical considerations that are specific to your research study. For this proposal you are required to use at least 7 scholarly (e.g., credible and reliable) references.
  •  Use 12 point font size and 1.5 space for your assignment

CRITERIA: EDGZ921 Research Proposal Assignment-University of Wollongong Australia

 Clear and concise presentation, demonstrating preparation and understanding of the topic
 Concise overview of the literature with key findings 13 | EDGZ921 SUBJECT OUTLINE
 Identification of a gap in the literature
 Articulation and justification of a research question
 Description and justification of research design
 Description and explanation of methods used
 Discussion of ethical considerations
 Use of a minimum of 8 scholarly references
 Use of academic language
 Use of APA referencing

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