HK2042 Retail Management Assignment-Holmes Colleges Sydney Australia

Instruction to students: This is an individual task.

Length: 2000 words

Task: HK2042 Retail Management Assignment

HK2042 Retail Management

The changing face of retailing: How department stores and discount stores are evolving. This report should cover the historical development of department stores and discount stores in any country of choice. Obviously you would start by defining both of these types of retail institutions and then describe what merchandise they carry and how they market to distinct types or market segments of retail customers. You may like to discuss mergers, diversification and downsizing in your assignment , as well as cost containment and value driven retailing being driving forces  behind the evolution of these institutions into the retail outlets of tomorrow. Do you think retailing will be different in 5 years time, or in 10 years time? Why – what do you think will make this type of stores different?  Do you think there will be other types of stores that will open up in different markets? Use examples wherever possible to substantiate your opinions in the report. In your answer you also need to refer to the wheel of retailing concept, and the retail life cycle. You will also discuss ways in which shops assemble their merchandise for consumers such as scrambled merchandising.

Assessment Criteria: HK2042 Retail Management Assignment-Holmes Colleges Sydney Australia

  • Report structure, format, presentation and layout (3 marks)
  • Application of knowledge and course concepts (4marks)
  • Critical analysis and research demonstrated in country retailing trends (6marks)
  • Overall conclusion and strength of arguments/recommendations (4marks) 
  • Research quality and referencing (3marks)

Total weighting: 20%

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