BBMM507 International Business Management-Cambridge International College Australia.

The following is the basis for your assignment. This Assignment constitutes 40% of your overall grade for the Unit.

  • The Oral Presentation takes place in Class 6.2.
  • You are required to work in groups of two only.
  • The written assignment will be 3000 words. This is 1500 words for each group member.
  • A marking rubric will be provided to guide you in your answers.

Assignment Information : BBMM507 International Business Management Assignment

BBMM507 International Business Management

You are the Project Manager for the International division of an Australian based Small to Medium Enterprise. Your company currently produces wine and beverage products. It would like to export these to Middle Eastern and Asian countries.

Your CEO has asked you to prepare a report for the board of directors in which you select a country from Asia or the Middle East and explain why it is a good idea to expand your company into that country. Identify which type of product you would export to which country, and why you would do it.

To select the best country for your expansion you are to provide a written external environment analysis (political, economic, social, technological, environmental, ethical and legal environment) of the selected international market (country) and region (Asia) for the companies’ products.

The factors needed for undertaking the analysis are broadly set out in Weeks 1 to 4. You will need to make this a Work in progress throughout the first four weeks of term.

Your report should be broken down as follows:

1. Introduction / CountryOverview

a) The country’s economic political situation and risks (if any)
b) The country’s current economic situation, opportunities, challenges andrisks.
c) Whether the country represents a good opportunity for your products. And, do you recommend entering or not entering that market?

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2. Political environment analysis:

a) Political system and structure
b) Stability of government
c) Future political risks, if any
d) Bribery and corruption risk/index

3. Economic and business environment analysis:

a) Demographics: Population, growth rate, distribution of population (age groups), rural vs. urban, cities vs. villages
b) Per capita income levels, wealth distribution
c) Major exports and trading partners
d) Business environment: Government attitude to foreign investment and trends, ease of doing
business, trade regulations
e) Inflation levels, currency exchange rate; risks of devaluation versus thedollar
f) Education and literacy levels, availability of skilled labor, labor costs

4. Market for product

a) Market prospects
b) Current product usage habits
c) Competitive products on the market in that country
d) Retail distribution channels
e) Major advertising media used in the country
f) Total size of the market and market potential for yourproduct
g) Target market and demographics for your product

5. Recommendation

a) Go or no go decision? Why?

You should provide appropriate evaluation of all relevant investment considerations given the current economic and market conditions.

Justifications for the recommended course of actions and decision must be presented. You must use the latest available economic, industry and company information to complete your analysis. Please note that it is to be written in a business report style that is appropriate for senior management.

That is, you need to think carefully about the structure of the report. It needs to be interesting, informative and persuasive as the aim is to highlight key external environmental international business challenges that the company is likely to face in the selected foreign market over the next few years. Graphs and pictures can be used to aid your reports delivery.


A Marking Rubric will be made available by the end of Week 1.
Individual Weightings are as follows:

Understanding of Case (20%)
Quality of Research (20%)
Quality of the Analysis and Recommendations (20%)

Quality of the Argument – Coherence & Consistency (20%)
Class Presentation (10%)
Referencing, Structure, Grammar, (10%)


You should consider using the following sources for your research:
• Academic Journals
• ‘Grey Research’ (CIA World Factbook et al)
• Market Research Reports and Companies
• Relevant country’s bureau of statistics – both Australian and other.
• Any other relevant realistic sources that maybesuitable


Plagiarism is not tolerated at Cambridge International College. Please read the Unit Outline for reference to plagiarism. If you are unsure please consult with your lecturer or a learning advisor on Level4.

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