FIAC214 Financial Accounting Assignment-Kent Institute Australia

Instruction to students: This is a group assignment.

Total Marks: 40 Marks 

Weighting: 40%

Task: FIAC214 Financial Accounting Assignment

FIAC214 Financial Accounting

Learning Outcomes: 

a) Demonstrate an understanding of the accounting environment.
b)Show an ability to apply accounting vocabulary, principles and concepts.
c) Analyse transactions and prepare journals, ledgers and worksheets, and a trial balance.
d) Prepare general purpose financial statements.
e) Analyse , record and report current and non-current assets.
f) Distinguish between current and non-current liabilities, provisions and contingencies.
g) Analyse and interpret financial statements.

Assessment Purpose:  The assignment is designed to enhance student’s skills in the preparation of simple financial statements, business transaction journalising as well as the implementation of an internal control system in a business, standards of ethical conduct is also presented to facilitate student’s discussions.

Assessment Description: Students are required to work in a group of2 -4 students in the performance of this assignment.

Assessment Submissions: This assessment is a group activity and students are required to work with their respective groups. No individual submissions will be accepted.

Marking Rubric: FIAC214 Financial Accounting Assignment-Kent Institute Australia

FIAC214_Financial Accounting

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