ACCT6001 Accounting Information Systems Assignment-Laureate International University Australia

Instruction to students: This is a group assignment.

Length: 2000 words +/- 10%

Weighting : 25%

Total Marks:  100 marks

Learning Outcomes:
a) Analyse and articulate business processes and recognize the role of accounting information systems in enhancing business process design.
b) Communicate with IT professionals, stakeholders and user groups of information systems.

This assessment is designed to develop student’s understanding of business processes; analyse existing organisation’s processes; and suggests ways to improve the organisation’s current business process inefficiencies using Information Technology.

Task: ACCT6001 Accounting Information Systems Assignment

ACCT6001 Accounting Information Systems

GAAM is an international company that manufactures mainly hydraulic systems, building systems, and metal products. Specifically, it makes hydraulic equipment such as gear pumps and motors, telescopic cylinders, and control valves. Used in heavy-duty vehicles such as  cranes, these products are sold to domestic (US) and foreign original equipment manufacturers. The company’s headquarters are located in the South Australia. Employing nearly 3,800 employees around the  world, it operates 27 facilities in seven countries.

GAAM decided to conduct a process re engineering project with the objective of improving its global competitive position. Your team was formed to conduct a thorough investigation of the departments in the company. You are expected to come up with a Business Process Re-engineering recommendation for improvement. The following are the overviews of the major departments that needs major changes:

The purchasing department is mainly responsible for the procurement of hydraulic pump inventory. Maintenance, repair, and operating supplies (MRO) are also purchased through this department. This includes any equipment that needs tooling, supplemental materials such as foundry sand, various ingredients used for pouring castings, and any other non-production related products or services. The department is comprised of a purchasing manager, two buyers and one  secretary/clerk. It purchases an average of AU$15 million in inventory items, or approximately 3,000 parts each year. An additional AU$6 million in purchases in MRO per year is also made.

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In groups of 2 or 3, analyse the organisation brief provided. For the business process described in the organisation’s brief:

1. identify:
a. participants
b. inputs
c. outputs

2. Develop the current business process model.

3. Identify and describe current strengths and inefficiencies that are present in the current system.

Suggested document content (you can add more sections if needed):

  • Introduction – background of the case study
  •  Purpose –. A clear answer to why we work through this process will guide your analysis.
  •  Participants, Inputs and Outputs to the current system
  •  Process Flow or Activity Descriptions –a list of the steps  completed by people in certain roles.This is the primary or most common path through the business process.
  •  Exceptions – In addition to the primary path, you want to include variations. What happens if information on a form is illegible, a required piece of information is not provided, or a special
    condition is met?
  •  Business Process Model –visual model showing the primary activity steps and exceptions.When multiple roles are involved, a swim lane diagram is a good choice
  •  Process strengths – what were the strengths of the current business process
  •  Process inefficiencies – what were the problems with the current processes
  •  Use of Information Technology – proposed IT solutions
  • Business Process Re-engineering – how process can be improved through process re-engineering and through the use of IT. Discuss suggested technologies and how it can be used.
  • Proposed Workflow Diagram – visual model of the new proposed business process
  • References

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  •  Understanding of the business processes in the organisation
  •  Problem analysis
  •  Process improvement and use of IT
  •  Team Work skills

Learning Rubrics: ACCT6001 Accounting Information Systems Assignment-Laureate International University Australia

ACCT6001_Accounting Information Systems

ACCT6001_Accounting_Information Systems


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