Types Of Essay Writing

Essay writing is considered to be fun. But this is only when you possess really good writing skills. People who aren’t that good at forming content and writing skills find essay writing challenging. For them “essay writing” brings a feeling of anxiety and stress. Students often feel this way. Not everyone is born with the flair and excellence for writing! You will be able to write the best essay or at least be good at it only when you are well versed in the types of essay writing. Without this knowledge, you will not be able to deliver what is asked and therefore your essay will not stand above the rest.

Types Of Essay Writing

In order to write good essays, it is very important for one to know and understand the types of essay writing.

  1. Narrative Essays: This type of essay is a storyteller. In this type of essay writing, you have to make use of personal narratives in the first person “I” context. You have to convey the purpose and idea of your story in the opening paragraph only to the readers. As it is a storytelling kind of essay writing style, the content has to flow in order. You need to go from 1st step to the 2nd systematically. The writer can make the essay more interactive by adding dialogues and conversations. This helps the reader connect with the characters in the essay. Use details of situations which would make the reader live in the picture you are writing.
  2. Descriptive Essays: Known as putting life into a picture and painting it. This type of essay writing is quite similar to narrative essays. Here the essay has to be written in a logical flow. As the name suggests, while writing a descriptive essay you have to be descriptive about everything that you write. This should be seen on the topic that you choose. In descriptive essay writing, you can be creative and make a remarkable impression on the reader.
  3. Expository Essays: This type of essay writing involves stating facts. The most important aspect of these essays is that they are written in the third party context. Do not use words like “I” and “You”. You have to include your thesis in the introduction. You have to state facts but not your opinions on them. While writing new paragraphs try to keep it different than the previous one. Always conclude this type of essay by repeating your thesis.
  4. Persuasive Essays: This essay aims at convincing the reader. Choose a topic wisely. It should be something of your interest and which you believe can be persuaded. For this first, you have to study the opinion and views of the specific group of readers on the topic. You need to back up your opinions with relevant reasonings. Highlight the most convincing key points throughout the essay.

Even after getting all the above clarities on types of essay writing, students face difficulties to write essays. This is because of lack of writing and formatting skills. Or sometimes just because they need an expert guidance to help them acquire better results. Online essay writing help services make this possible.

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