Argumentative Essay

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An argumentative essay requires the student to research and investigate the given topic in depth. They have to collect, generate and at the same evaluate the evidence. This type of essay needs the writer to establish an individual position on a topic in a very concise manner. The primary objective of argumentative essay is to show that you have a valid argument on the topic. The reader has the choice to agree or disagree with it.

Argumentative Essay

In argumentative essays, the writer puts forward conclusions which are based on facts and not on his personal opinions and preferences. All of this starts with choosing the topic. The topic should be two sided as this gives you the scope of writing an argument. Selecting a topic based on knowledge and the interests of readers works well.

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Ideal structure of argumentative essay

  1. Create a title that is original and creative at the same time. This will help to keep readers engrossed in your essay. A good title acts as a preview of your paper.
  2. Thesis statement should be a concise idea of your overall view of the topic. This generally is put at the ending of the first paragraph of introduction. It must clearly convey to the reader the objective of your essay. Our writers do not follow the basic 3 part thesis statement format. It limits your scope to shape your ideas in words.
  3. Writing the introduction in a precise manner. It should briefly explain the entire essay topic to the readers. The introduction part ends with the thesis statement.
  4. Forming the body of the paper. This must be done carefully. You do not want to miss out on any vital information. It should present support to the argument as well as to the opposition. You can write the body of the essay in many ways. But the most important part is of covering all the aspects of and surrounding the topic. You have to include counterarguments also. You have to convince the reader why your individual viewpoint is more accurate and logical than the others.
  5. Conclusion of the essay must reassert your argument and persuade the reader to support your opinion and viewpoint. This can be done once you connect with your readers through your writing.

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