Analytical Essay

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Analytical Essay

Firstly, an analytical essay is not a summary. It has a much narrower approach. It is a kind of academic essay writing which separates all the facts so that the reader can understand them more easily. It also discusses what do the facts actually imply and mean. The analytical essay usually reaches the conclusion which is based on the facts discussed. It tries to persuade the reader to agree with the given conclusion.

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Writing an analytical essay takes place in 3 steps.

The first one is the Introduction. The purpose of writing the introduction is to arise a interest in the reader towards the essay. This is why, the introduction is written including 3 things; the thesis, describing how you will prove it and then a hook to keep the reader engrossed in your essay. The hook refers to the part in the paragraph which draws the attention of the reader. It has to be surprising and interesting at the same time.

The second one is the main body of your analytical essay. This is where the main content lies. A strong topic sentence in developed. The outline should tell the reader very clearly what the section is all about. You have to provide evidence related to the claim made. And this evidence is tied up in the topic sentence.

Finally, the third part is the conclusion. After completing the main body paragraphs, the conclusion is placed. It is a brief restatement of all the main points mentioned in the essay.

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