BUSM1272 Project Design for Quality Assignment RMIT University Australia

Develop a Quality Management Plan for a project

In contrast to the Quality Improvement Plan, this exercise is intended to provide you with an opportunity to apply your understanding of quality to a project management scenario.

The exercise requires that you develop a quality management plan for a proposed project.

BUSM1272 Project Design for Quality

While designed as a group exercise for THREE students, you may undertake the exercise as a group of two or as an individual. Assessment criteria remain the same in all cases.

Formation of groups of 3 

From week 7 you will be able to enrol into a group on Blackboard. To enrol, click the link to the sign-up sheet in the Assessment Tasks area of blackboard. Please complete this task by week 8 so you can start work on selecting a topic. Students unable to find a group by the end of the
week 8 lecture will be assumed to be undertaking the task as an INDIVIDUAL.

Group ground rules

Once your group is formed you MUST complete a set of ‘Group Ground rules’ (students undertaking as an individual are exempt from this). This will form part of your submission and is  assessed. The template will be discussed in class.

Selection of Group Topics

Once groups of three have been formed project topics will be selected by each group. Project topics have been posted on Blackboard, under the Assessment Tasks section. There are eight to choose from. If you have a different project (based on public tender documents) that you would like
to undertake instead of those provided, then this can be discussed with the lecturer.

Once all students have formed groups and nominated topics (must be complete by end of Week 10), work can commence. Don’t forget to post your chosen topic on your group homepage on blackboard.

Scenario : BUSM1272 Project Design for Quality Assignment RMIT University Australia 

You are part of a medium sized company that is based in Melbourne. The company undertakes work that it wins by responding to publicly listed requests for tender. Your company also has a strong reputation for delivering high quality projects. The CEO who started the company 20 years ago, believes it is the company’s key source of business advantage. Quality is therefore at the centre of most project planning processes rather than merely being an afterthought.

A new request for tender (RFT) has just been posted online [your selected project topic] and your CEO has decided to develop a response. A small project team has been assembled to develop a response to the RFT.

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Within the project team, your group has been charged with the responsibility of developing a quality plan for the tender. In order to undertake this task you are also going to have to spend some time developing a set of project assumptions around which your plan will revolve.

Your task : BUSM1272 Project Design for Quality Assignment

Your group’s task is to develop a plan that will ensure that the project deliver’s a high quality outcome. This quality plan will be submitted with the rest of the tender documents (which you don’t have to worry about, because another team is working on these).

Developing project assumptions

A challenge of the exercise will be to develop a set of assumptions about how your company will deliver the proposed project. Although essential to your plan, these assumptions should not become your sole focus. The project team needs you to focus on substantive actions that will ensure a high quality outcome.

It is expected that your assumptions regarding how the project will be delivered will absorb no more than 2 pages of your report. A template for developing assumptions is provided (below).

Submission guidance

Project quality management plans can take many different forms. A brief survey online will reveal that there is a wide range of possible approaches. In general, the best quality plans clearly describe what quality means and instil confidence that it will be achieved. Confidence comes from knowing how quality initiatives will impact upon project quality and why those initiatives have been selected. Your reasoning is very important, so make sure you include it.

Suggested approach

1) Read the tender documentation (don’t get bogged down in details that are not relevant)

2) Develop your project assumptions

3) Develop a Project Quality Management Plan outline (review this with the lecturer if you are unsure)


5) Submit on blackboard by the due date.

The plan should be approximately 20 pages in length.


Your plan will be assessed in accordance with the assessment matrix below (Figure 1). It is worth a total of 40 marks.

BUSM1272 Project Design for Quality assignment

Academic Integrity

Students are reminded that cheating, whether by fabrication, falsification of data, or plagiarism, is an offence subject to University disciplinary procedures. Plagiarism in written submissions is not acceptable. It is also an offence for students to allow their work to be plagiarised by another student or to include names of colleagues/team members who did not contribute to the project.


This task is to be submitted AS A SINGLE PDF DOCUMENT electronically using the ‘Assessment Tasks’ section of blackboard by the due date. Only one member of the group need submit the report.

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