BUS2002/BUS202 – Managing Operations Report Assignment.

Assessment Type Report
Assessment Number 3
Assessment Name Individual Written Assignment
Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed Students will be tested their knowledge on the following Learning Outcomes (LO):

1. Conceptualize operations management principles and techniques so as to be able to apply this knowledge in practice

2. Identify inefficiency and ineffectiveness in business operations and propose adequate minor changes or major redesigns to improve the process.

3. Demonstrate an awareness of the importance of facility layouts & inventory control

4. Describe what a supply chain is, and the key decision factors that impact supply chain performance.

5. Explain the importance of forecasting

6. Analyse and critically address complex issues in contemporary operations and quality management practice

7. Work collaboratively with other team members to prepare a group project report and deliver a professional presentation based around selected case study.

BUS2002/BUS202 –Managing Operations Report Assignment.

Weighting 20%
Assessment Description  This is an individual effort.  The basis for this paper will be either a case assigned by your lecturer, or a servicecompany chosen by yourself and discussed about with the lecturer. The case should be treated as a problem presented by your company’s top management for analysis and a recommended course of action.

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The purpose of this project is for students to analyse and improve real-world business operations by applying the knowledge learned in this unit. This project exposes students to important managing operations issues. Student will need to

1) Investigate a real-world Servicebusiness operation,

2) Measure the performance of existing business operations

3) Identify the corresponding business layout, location and flow of information,

4) Describe its supply chain strategy

5) Scrutinize the business quality aspects

5) Suggest alternative managing operations aspects, and

6) Evaluate the improvement of the newly suggested aspects.

Detailed Submission Requirements The written report must be typed and of 2.500 words. Detailed instructions will be given during the lecturer. The assignments should be submitted by handing a printed copy to the lecturer during the lecture in the relevant week (10). Also, electronic submission should be made via Moodle in week 10 (deadline)

Results will be uploaded onto Moodle after marking.

Managing Operations Report Assignment

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