21741 Process Analysis Managing Operations within Supply Chains Assignment- Sydney

Instruction  to students: This is an individual assignment.

21741 Process Analysis Managing Operations within Supply Chains Assignment

21741 Process Analysis Managing Operations

Intent: The purpose of this assignment is to enable students investigate, analyse and critique an operational process that produces specific outcomes.

Task: You need to finish Module 1‐6 online and write a 1500 words of critical assessment of the 6 modules of MH Practice Operations simulation game in an essay format. You need to complete Modules 1‐6 of the McGraw Hill Practice Operations simulation game and write a critical assessment of it.

Through these two tasks you are required to demonstrate how this assessment contributes specifically to the following program learning objectives:

1. Use relevant information and data to critically analyse complex issues in strategic  supply chain management practices(2.1)

2. Formulate creative and innovative solutions to complex strategic supply chain  management issues(2.2)

 Thinking about each module list at least 5 question or decision per module that you  were required to answer or consider.

 Discuss the key operations management (or supply chain management) topic that  each of the questions related to.

 Discuss what you did and justify your reasons for taking the course of action you took.

 In hindsight, that is after completing all of the modules, think about whether you  would now make a different decision or take an alternate path. If so state what that would be.

Marking Criteria: 21741 Process Analysis Managing Operations within Supply Chains Assignment-University Of Technology Sydney

21741_Process Analysis Managing Operations

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