Writing the perfect essay using PEEL paragraph.

The most challenging part of getting a task done is its start. It is very relatable when it comes to writing, be it articles, essays, and any other formal type of book. If only it were as easy as updating a personal journal or diary! Because of this universally experienced difficulty, someone sat down and came up with a PEEL paragraph.

For those who haven’t heard about it, a PEEL paragraph is a cheat sheet to acing essay writing and effortlessly so. Read on to learn more about it.

Definition PEEL Paragraph

PEEL Paragraph

PEEL is an acronym for Point Evidence to Explain Link. These are the pillars that make up a good paragraph and a permanently substantial essay at the end of your writing. Let’s look at the components of a PEEL paragraph more precisely.


It comes at the very start of your Essay. In this part, you required to introduce the audience that you are going to talk about throughout the article.

It has to be intriguing yet not too detailed, giving away all the information. It has to make the reader want to keep on reading to find out what happens next.


Once you have the reader’s attention, you have to keep them interested in your Essay. It is where you provide them something tangible to support your point above. When you are smart about it, this paragraph can be a walk in the park.

A little historical (background) research, the information you got on the topic from a different data source (journals, magazine, and blogs), a quotation, etc. can be of great assistance in proving your point.


Now that you have your position and its evidence put across, you need to tell your audience what you are speaking. Narrate to them what you are trying to convey to them. Get them to understand what your Essay is really. Give them facts, use figurative terms to help them get the picture of what you are telling.

It is the part where you get your audience to be on the same page as you in your writing. Get the point home.


It is an essential part of a PEEL paragraph. Just like a link in a chained fence, it keeps the Essay interconnected. Linking sections keeps the readers on track concerning the main point and keeps you from straying away from the main topic. If there is no link between chapters, the reader is bound to lose focus and interest in your Essay.

You ensure there is a connection between the paragraphs for the swift-flowing of ideas and sticking to the points. You could use two sentences for linking, one concluding the current paragraph while the other introduces the next one.

Why you should employ it’s methodology in your next Essay

  • For the simple reason of capturing attention and maintaining your readers’ interest to read until the very end.
  • To keep you focused on the main agenda of your writing.
  • To ensure well laid out points and a whole piece of writing.

How to Use to Write the Perfect Essay

When writing an essay, you have to be very careful not to make the most common mistakes like:

  1. Writing the Essay in the reference of the first or second person, that is ‘you,’ ‘we,’ etc.
  2. Unnecessary use of shortened forms, words, and phrases.
  3. Writing points in an informal manner as if you were having a casual conversation with someone.

Having written all that, I hope this article has been useful, and you will try the PEEL paragraph style the next time you are writing an essay.

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