Best Article On Types of Assignment

Best Article On Types of Assignment

At a university level, the students must be prepared to work on various different type of assignment. There is a long list of these assignment types but here an effort is made to include the most common types amongst them.

  • Essays
  • Reviews
  • Case study
  • Project report
  • Page by Page journals
  • Bibliography

What each of these Types of Assignment entails

  • Essay: They are written on a particular subject, topic or an issue. Most of the essays are used by peers or the academic community. The essay mostly follows a pattern where there are an introduction, body, and conclusion. The major part of an essay is in the body where the main points being made in the introduction are discussed by providing supporting evidence and explanations.
  • Reviews: This is mainly a critical evaluation of anything like a publication, project, literature etc which is made using research methods. Mostly peers and people from the profession take interest in them. The review is majorly focused on what the purpose of something was and that it was achieved or not. There is majorly no particular flow and the whole writing looks like a summary. There is no new addition made is review and only the topic is discussed.
  • Case Study: This is related to problem and solution and people from various different parts are interested in the case study. It is an in-depth-investigation which is done over a period of time. The case study follows a strict format and goes through many phases. The case study identifies a problems and then work on finding a solution. Most case studies form the basis of debates and discussions in college.
  • Project report: Most of the reports are written on analysis of issues including maximum information possible. Most of the reports are used for making decisions and people outside the organizations are also interested in the content. Most of the reports are about the future which helps to make critical decisions but there are research reports as well which are done on existing information and what the outcome was.
  • Page by Page journals: This is majorly used by self and often used by higher institutes to develop a habit. It includes the person understanding of the topic and what they have learned. Since it is for self-use there is no strict pattern. The professors may, however, suggest some format which will help in building other projects and keeping the train of thought in place.
  • Bibliography: This is nothing but a very useful list of resources. The various articles on a related topic or resources are listed down. They are followed by a summary of relevance to the main topic. This is mostly useful for fellow researchers, professionals, and academicians. There is no set pattern but bibliography always follows alphabetical order and a summary of the topic.

There are a few other types of assignments’ which are given to the students or researchers but in all major institutes, one can expect to face the aforesaid ones.