What Are The Support Services For International Student In Australia?

When you are studying in Australia, there are different Support Services For International Student. These include many consumer protection as well as other support services which are available for the benefit of the students. Some of these services are offered directly by the institutions while there are some services which are given by a range of states, territories or the Federal Government Departments.

Support Services For International Student

When we talk of Consumer Protection, Australia has a strong framework that protects the rights of all the Australian Consumers. This includes the International Students studying & residing in Australia as well. Under the Australian Consumer Law, you have the national law that guarantees consumer rights whenever you are buying any goods or services. You can contact the authority or the relevant government of your particular state or territory when;

You want more information relating to the consumer rights that you as an individual student of Australia are entitled to.

  • You have an issue with the consumer goods or services bought or even those which you are considering of purchasing in the near future.
  • You need to understand and know about the formalities and obligations by which a particular business is required to behave under the law.
  • You wish to make an complaint about a particular business company.

Another important support service for a student in Australia is the Overseas Students Ombudsman. This investigates all the complaints relating to the problems and issues faced by the overseas students in regard to their experience with the Australian Education or Training Institute. This service is free of charge, Independent and also Impartial in nature of operation.

The Tuition Protection Service is a great initiative of the Australian Government with the objective of assisting you when the institution fails to deliver the course of study as promised or subjected. It also helps the student in cases when the course is withdrawn or not commenced. At such situations, the student is liable to get a refund of the entire tuition fees paid to the institution. This support service makes sure that you are able to complete your studies from any other better institution. It also assists you in recieving a refund of the unspent tuition fees as incurred by the student.

Other Support Services are as follows:

The Institution Support Services form a huge part of the Australia’s education system. These include:

  • Langauge & Academic Support
  • Advisers designated for the International Students
  • Orientation programs and on-arrival reception of the students
  • Student accommodation
  • Counselings & healthcare
  • Productive Employment Services
  • Shopping and banking outlets

Most of the Australian education institutions play the role of mini communities for students. They not only learn but also form & become an integral part of social groups and clubs. It improves your mental abilities and also upgrades your proficiency in general.

Certain Student Associations like The Council Of International Students Australia and The Australian Federation Of International Studnets help you with the needful assistance and guidance.

Other support services include the follwoing:

  • Assistance to students who are facing certain disability or any other chronic medical conditions with helpful solutions in the form of voice recognition software, hearing aids and also note taking services.
  • Institutions make every effort towards accomodating every single student with any disability on a priority basis.
  • Larger Institutions offer childcare facilities through trained staff. They provide financial assistance from the government in the form of scholarships & other monetary help.
  • Emergency Services enable the safety of students & individuals at times of unfortunate scenario’s.
  • Local police assistance helps in cases when things happen beyond the boundaries of law.
  • International Students in Australia can seek lawful help whenever they feel that their rights as citizens or individuals are being violated by anyone.

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