What Is The Student Living Costs In Australia?

Australia is known to have a high standard of living globally. The complete Student Living Costs In Australia along with the tuition fees are considerably very low than those in the United States as well as in United Kingdom. This is why Australia comes on the top of the list of almost every student pursuing International Studies. These students can also access part time work options to gain additional financial support during their study period in the country. This helps them in meeting their expenses with no compromise on the results of their study.

Student Living Costs In Australia

Working while you study in Australia:

International students continuing their study in Australia, can ask for the permission of working part time while you concentrate on studying. For this, the student visa’s in Australia allow the students for working while they study. All the visa information is held by the Australian Department of Immigration (DIAC) which can be accessed at any given period of time by using the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) System.

The Living costs in Australia:

After analyzing the average Student living Costs In Australia, you get an estimate regarding the approximate living cost which should be arranged. You can take a look at the following costs which are associated with the purpose of living and studying in Australia for any student.

The first thing that is of topmost priority is;


The place you choose to stay in while you are at Australia to study, decides the amount of finance which you need to invest. For better understanding, we have given an extimate below:

  • Hostels & Guesthouses cost between 90 dollars to 150 dollars for a single week.
  • Shared Rental’s cost you around 85 dollars to 215 dollars per week.
  • On campus accomodation costs 90 dollars to 280 dollars for a week depending on the facilities offered.
  • Homestays will cost you anywhere around 235 dollars to 325 dollars a week.
  • Other rental options would range between 165 dollars to 440 dollars a week.
  • Boarding Schools will cost you 11,000 dollars to 22,000 dollars for a whole year.

Apart from Accomodation, the other expenses which require your attention are;

  • The cost of groceries and dining out which comes to about 80 to 280 dollars a week.
  • Gas and Electricity costs you 35 dollars to 140 dollars per week.
  • The cost of using phone and internet can be between 20 dollars to 55 dollars for a single week.
  • Accessing the Public Transport can cost you 15 dollars to 55 dollars a week.
  • Entertainment comes at a cost of 80 dollars to about 150 dollars per week.

So, If you are wondering about the minimum costs of living In Australia which you might have to incur during your stay in Australia, then the following information might be of help.

As per the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, there are few financial requirements which you need to fulfill if you wish to receive the Australian Student Visa. From 1st July 2016, the living cost for a single year is:

Single (You) 19,830 dollars

Double (Spouse or Partner) 6,940 dollars

Child 2,970 dollars

You can also seek financial advice from the Australian Government in order to manage your finances efficiently. There are various online assistance portals as well that guide you with managing your living costs in Australia.

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