Apply To Study In Australia? These Are The Entry Requirements.

There are certain pre-requisite requirements which are a must when it comes to pursuing your study in Australia. As a student aspirant, you need to fulfil a set of defined entry requirements which are a must to be fulfilled. Every country has its own eligibility requirements when it comes to allowing students for completing their studies in the country.

English Language Requirements:

This one comes as the topmost in the list. There are some cases when the student requires to provide the results of an English Langauge Proficiency results to the authority. You need to be alert to the fact that English Language skill levels which are required by the institution of your choice can vary from the level of skills as required during the student visa application. But you need to check the student visa information carefully so that you do not miss out on any important piece of relevant information.

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The Academic Requirements:

Talking about the Academic Requirements that are necessary for continuing your studies in Australia completely differ and vary on the basis of the level of education required to be pursued by the student. Every Institute can have a different set of framed academic requirements which might be opposite to that of others. On general grounds, the following gives you a clearer idea of the different levels of study required:

  • English Langauge requirements vary from one institute to another & also on the levels of the course selected by the student.
  • Schools requirements also differ between state and territories under which the student in studying. The academic performance is considered only during the application process.
  • The vocational education and training requirements are different when it comes to certain entrance exams for VET institutions. Similarly, there are some courses which require certain pre-defined work experience or subjects requirements.
  • Higher Education Undergraduate entry requirements need you to have an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education. Or you can also have a specific pre-requisite fulfilment depending on the subject of study.
  • Higher Education Postgraduates entry requirements take the research ability or the relevant work experience into consideration.

Important Tip: If you wish to meet the academic requirements of the Australian high school qualification, then you should consider pursuing a Foundation Course instead. This is also known as bridging study which means it is an intensive course that helps you in meeting all the entry requirements. This is usually a year-long process and is mainly offered by the higher education institutions only.

Moving one step ahead, you have to also cater to the fulfilment of the Visa Requirements as laid down by the Australian Authority. This also depends on the chosen field of study and the course.

The International / Overseas students are subjected to the Australian special system of Health cover which helps them meet the medical expenses and hospital care bills while they are studying in Australia. It contributes majorly towards meeting the cost of prescription medications as well as that of emergency ambulance service also. When you are a student studying in Australia, you will need OSHC for yourself along with for any family members travelling with you. This is a general requirement of the student visa which requires you to maintain the OSHC for as long as the duration of the course or the student visa in Australia.

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