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Writing Thesis Statement

What is a Thesis statement?

In simple words, a good thesis statement relates to a sentence which contains the main idea of writing the paper and helps in keeping the idea within the thesis paper itself. One cannot call this just a statement. A Thesis statement is referred to be a reflection of the writer’s opinions and judgments. This is the reason why many times it is advised to write personal views also in a thesis paper.

Tips for Writing Thesis Statement

  • A well-written Thesis statement is responsible for directing the paper in the right direction. It also helps you set a limit of what is required to be written.
  • Write Thesis statement with the help of proof. Never make it look like just a statement of fact. Always support your thesis statement with relevant evidence and source.
  • You can make the thesis personal in nature by adding your views and points in it.
  • The correct placement of a thesis statement is at the end of your introduction paragraph. This will help you to lead your main body of the thesis.

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