THEO2470 Foundations of Catholic Moral Theology Essay-The University of Notre Dame Australia

Instruction to students: This is an individual piece of work.

THEO2470 Foundations of Catholic Moral Theology Essay

THEO2470 Foundations of Catholic Moral Theology

A research essay [2,500 words] in which you will have to choose one of the following foundational concepts in Catholic moral theology: ‘conscience’, ‘commandments’, ‘natural law’, ‘sin’, ‘virtue’, ‘love’, ‘freedom’, ‘life in Christ’.

In the essay you will have to address the following issues:

 In what ways is this foundation for moral theology and moral life? Define what moral theology is and how moral acts are the basis for moral life. Give examples of moral acts.

 What do the Scriptures, the Catholic tradition and the contemporary magistrate say to this matter?what does the bible, pope and contemporary magistrate say about moral acts.

Your essay will be graded on the following criteria

1. Ability to answer the question, including being able to define and discuss correctly key terms.

2. Essay structure: your essay must contain a logical structure, including an introduction and conclusion. Each paragraph should relate clearly to the topic you are addressing.

3. Content and argument: your essay is a piece of research and therefore, must contain content gathered from good sources. This research must be at the service of your  argument/answer. In other words, the research must support your essay and not vice versa. Your essay should not be a series of long quotations or a list of the thoughts of others. Your argument should be clear and in-depth.

Style: your essay will also be assessed in terms of its style – grammar, spelling, consistent referencing, suitably notated bibliography, expression, etc.

Referencing Style: For this course, the referencing style to use is:
The Chicago Manual of Style 17 th edition (Chicago) for footnoting style

Submission of Assignments: THEO2470 Foundations of Catholic Moral Theology Essay-The University of Notre Dame Australia

The following formatting/presentation specifications must be followed for assignment submissions:

 12 point, Times New Roman

 Double spaced on A4 paper

 Single sided with margins wide enough for comments

 Text justified on both sides

 Pages need to be numbered

 Word count may only be 10% over or under the specified word limit to fall within the requirements of the task

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